Pre-Selling vs. Ready-For-Occupancy Homes


When it comes to investments, real estate has long been considered a worthwhile choice for many people. Whether you are buying your first home, or plan to lease it out for rental income, real estate is the way to go as buying a condominium for sale or a house and lot for sale is not that complex as compared to other investment opportunities like stocks and businesses. As long as you have the financial capacity and the commitment, it is safe to say that there’s not a lot of risks when it comes to putting money into real estate. Choosing between pre-selling vs. ready-for-occupancy homes will be the major debate.

A wide shot of the facade and surrounding landscape of the Lawrence Model Home | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy luxury homes each come with a set of pros and cons.


And if you have a lot more money in the bank, investing in luxury real estate is a more sensible way of divesting your money. It also frees you from the mental exercise of choosing a property based on your budget. Not only do you get to buy the property at a location you want, but you can also get a luxury home that has features unique to the property and/or the location (ex. countryside views, cool climate).

On the other hand, you have to decide on what kind of luxury real estate you wanted to invest your hard-earned money into. You can invest money in any or all of these three luxury real estate types: pre-selling luxury homes, ready-for-occupancy luxury homes, and lot-only properties. For instance, Alpine Villas, which is located at the gateway of Crosswinds Tagaytay, is set to showcase six to eight-story Swiss chalet-inspired mid-rise villas amidst a picturesque backdrop and cooler climate provided by the 35,000 pine trees in the area. The well-designed, space-efficient vertical residences, which are all equipped with all the amenities and services reserved for those who demand ultra-luxury, will also be complemented by 24/7 safety protocols including a CCTV system in all the common areas, Wi-Fi, fitness gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse with function room.


Invest in a Pre-Selling Luxury Home 


Ghiberti luxury house model in Portofino Vista Alabang - Luxury Homes by Brittany

The Ghiberti model by Vista Alabang is a grand house and lot unit perfect for family gatherings and offers a breathable space for you and the whole family. This luxury house model by Brittany is available for buyers who are looking for a luxury house and lot for sale developments in Daang Hari.


A pre-selling property by definition is a piece of real estate that is sold off the plan in advance or before the actual completion of the construction and development. Pre-selling homes are quite popular for many people because although they are being built according to plans, there is room for you to inspect certain aspects of the property before it gets completed. Moreover, you have access to the pre-selling property during construction and development as if you are building your own home.

Also, pre-selling properties like condominiums and house and lot units are often marketed at lower than the average price of a ready-for-occupancy luxury home. In addition, buyers who are looking into pre-selling luxury properties are often afforded with either buyer discounts and promos to more flexible and reasonable payment schedules. 

And if you want to get more value on your investment, you can even request cosmetic adjustments to your home to your heart’s content. The slightest changes to your custom-built pre-selling home can also translate into added capital gains.

As such, pre-selling luxury homes are quite popular among retirees and empty nesters who are eager to show off the fruits of their hard work. Pre-selling luxury homes are also gaining traction in families who are looking for more living and lifestyle spaces as well. In these extraordinary times, the pandemic has shifted many preconditioned beliefs about investing in their own living spaces, and are now willing to invest in more square feet to live, work, and play comfortably at the confines of their home. And if your pre-selling luxury property happens to be located in a neighborhood or location that not only offers security but also peace, relaxation, and ease as well, then why not? 

Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation are the first to conceptualize and execute dream home communities offering pre-selling luxury properties that are rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal. Inspired by the world’s most scenic destinations, the pre-selling luxury house and lot units for sale at Brittany’s luxury communities are bespoke investments you’d also want to showcase.

For example, the pre-selling homes offered at Brittany Sta. Rosa provide exciting opportunities for home seekers looking to live a luxurious life in the south of Mega Manila but also situated in one of the most exclusive, prime real estate locations in the country. Featuring nine themed residential developments, each offers an exclusive location and only the best educational and recreational facilities nearby. It is also surrounded by Canlubang Golf and Country Club, the Sta. Elena Golf Club, and The Country Club, the top golf courses in the metro.

Allison Ready Home | Pre-selling at Brittany Sta. Rosa | Augusta | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Allison pre-selling luxury house model by Georgia Club is a Laguna luxury house and lot project that features two floors’ worth of living and lifestyle spaces.


The Georgia Club is a 15-hectare exclusive residential community that features distinctly Southern American style luxury homes with architectural details such as wrap-around porches, white picket fences, brightly-colored doors, shuttered French windows, gabled roofs, and rope swings. The pre-selling house and lot models are to be built within an exclusive nature reserve-like property.

A wide shot of the facade and surrounding landscape of the Pre-selling Lawrence Model Home | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Lawrence pre-selling luxury house and lot model sits on a spacious 803 square meter lot. This quaint English mansion is right across a romantic man-made lake and the grand obelisk fronting Promenade’s main gate.


Promenade is a master-planned residential community that is true to the image of the quaint English countryside. Hedged cobbled paths surround the cozy luxury house and lot models supported by the community’s Clubhouse, a stately English Country Manor with function halls, a basketball court, a secret garden nearby, and a grand fountain. 



Pietro Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - Pre-selling Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

The Pietro pre-selling luxury house model is a charming two-story Italian luxury home for sale in Portofino and Amore’s Italian-inspired communities.


Brittany Vista Alabang, on the other hand, is also a buyer’s favorite, thanks to the community and the thriving luxury real estate market. The 600-hectare master-planned real estate development offers private enclaves that offer pre-selling luxury houses and lots with easy access to Vista City, a prime shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. 

Alpine Villas Pre-selling Luxury Condo Studio Unit in Tagaytay

Alpine Villas offers pre-selling studio with a balcony and one-bedroom units, both offering fantastic views of the pine-laden vista of Crosswinds Tagaytay.


If you are in the market for luxury condo properties, you not only get to enjoy the pros of pre-selling property ownership, but you also can tap the viability of the property not just as a rental property, but also the benefits of owning a property in a tourist destination. 

The lush scenery of Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Lausanne at Crosswinds easily enchants property seekers with its sweeping panoramas, the exclusive resort and residential communities, the cool climate, views of Laguna de Bay, Manila Bay, and the lush hills of Tagaytay.


However, if you have only decided to take advantage of a prime location and love to take your time to realize your home in the future, you could settle down on a lot-only property. Lot properties, or sometimes known as raw lots in listing sites, are parcels of land offered up for sale. Investing in a lot located in a prime location caters to two types of buyers: those who plan to build their own custom luxury home or those who buy real estate for resale at a premium. And because the land is a finite resource, you can command a higher premium price, especially if the property is situated in a location that is unique to the place or in an exclusive neighborhood.


Invest in a Ready-For-Occupancy Luxury Home


A wide shot featuring the facade of the Elliot Model House and its surrounding landscape | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Ready for occupancy luxury properties like the Eliot luxury home model at Promenade showcase the best in luxury home design. They are also great as standalone vacation rentals for people who wanted to get away from the city but cannot travel far due to the pandemic.


The biggest allure of a ready-for-occupancy property or RFO is that you would not need to wait for months or even years to move in after you have signed the contract to sell and other documentation. RFO literally means ready for occupancy, or ready for life, so you can simply pack your belongings and move into your new home after purchase. 

Moreover, property buyers can easily put up their newly-purchased RFO luxury home for lease. And because it is a luxury property, the type of property you own caters to a specific type of renters: those who have the financial capacity to rent the luxury home at a premium rental price. If it is located at a tourist hotspot, the chances of earning rental income are high as more tourists in these extraordinary times prefer to rent an entire home or a standalone vacation rental for themselves. The rental income earned in leasing out your luxury property may not only help with the maintenance costs but can also be used to pay off the loan or property taxes for the luxury home.

The beautiful Italian luxury homes in Amore at Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Amore at Portofino is inspired by the charm and rustic appeal of Tuscany, the popular Italian region known for its vineyards and some of the most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture in the world.


Brittany also offers award-winning luxury home models that are inspired by the world’s top tourist attractions. Moreover, you can readily move into these highly-praised home models. Amore, which is the newest of all Portofino enclaves, has won Brittany Corporation accolades for the architectural achievements featured in the residential development, including Best Housing Development in Manila and the Best Housing Development in the Philippines at the Philippines Property Awards. 

Vista Alabang | La Posada | Quadrille House Model Facade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Quadrille luxury house model at La Posada is situated in a charming San Francisco-inspired community ideal for growing families or for homeowners who simply wanted to live in a luxury modern home that complements the area’s cool breezy atmosphere.


Owning an actual, fully constructed home is a crowning achievement you would want to show off. No matter how young or old or accomplished you are in life, owning a luxury home that you can actually live in instead of renting gives you a certain peace of mind and comfort that you have established roots. And if you happen to buy a home in a community that you wanted to be a part of, the better quality of life you and your family have and will have in the days to come.

On the other hand, let us not discount the benefits of owning a luxury condo that is ready for occupancy. Luxury condo units are designed together with the residential development, so it removes the problem of turning your luxury condo into an attractive rental property for renters. If the real estate development where you have bought your luxury condo is in itself a tourist attraction, you can definitely bank on the real estate development’s brand and recognition to make your luxury condo attractive to renters.

A scenic shot of the Grand Quartier at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Crosswinds Grand Quartier is an exclusive resort and condotel development located in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


For example, the Crosswinds Grand Quartier, also known as the Crosswinds Resort Suites, offers luxury condo units that are ready for occupancy located in a Swiss-inspired resort development. You can invest and treat this property as your home away from home or lease it out as a vacation rental. The Crosswinds Grand Quartier is located within the prestigious Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort community, and offers a fantastic view of the surrounding beauty of natural Tagaytay, as the property is nestled upon a high peak within the exclusive community. The Grand Quartier III houses an amenity level for residents and visitors to enjoy high-quality facilities, including the swimming pool and gym. 


Which One Should You Invest In?


Coming up with the best choice is difficult since each luxury property type has its own set of pros and cons compelling enough for you to make the decision. 

For example, if you are planning to move real soon, location and housing type are factors you normally will take into consideration. Are you looking for a house and lot with wide living spaces and is located near schools, or do you prefer a modest mansion and lot in the countryside? 

You should also consider your current situation, and more importantly, how you intend to use the luxury property that these two types can serve. If you are looking to divest your money into real estate and earn passive income, you would want to rent a luxury condo in a tourist hotspot. If you simply wanted a vacation home that you can either put up for lease or move into during summer breaks, a luxury home within proximity to tourist destinations and conveniences is a great option.  If you would like to simply expand your investment portfolio, will a pre-selling or RFO luxury home, or a parcel of land will do?

Regardless of your choice, it is extremely important to think about the aspects of the property that cannot be changed, and whether they are non-negotiable for you or not. 

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