A Taste of Italian Living at Portofino


Choosing a luxury house is choosing the perfect life for you. Whether you’re looking as a young couple or a large family, Portofino offers the best selection of Italian-inspired thematic homes just for you. Vista Alabang is a vast 600-hectare estate south of Manila that exudes the beauty of old-world Italy and the modern chic of modern Europe. It boasts Italian architectural talent seen in the details of each house, such as cupolas, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens. Italian-living in Vista Alabang can be defined by one phrase: luxurious living and Italian living.

Portofino Heights community shot of rotunda with fountain and statue decors with vibrant greenery that complements the luxury house and lot for sale developments - Luxury Homes by Brittany

At Portofino, amenities and exquisite landscapes are top-notch and world-class.


The house and lot developments-  for sale in this estate were carefully planned with the family in mind. Amenities, location, and landscape come together in this community in one unified and detail-oriented master plan. This diverse community is a prime location close to shopping, dining, and entertainment

Vista Alabang is divided into three districts called “enclaves”.


The first one of the enclaves is Portofino Heights. Portofino Heights’ architectural details are sophisticated yet cultured. Its Italian structural traits such as cupolas, cobblestone pathways, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens draw the beauty of landscape and light. Offering charming and capacious homes for your family, Portofino Heights is the first phase of Portofino. These luxury house and lot developments are inspired by the chic style of cosmopolitan Italy so that you can enjoy a taste of Italian culture by taking an evening passeggiata (a leisurely walk or stroll) around the elegantly landscaped gardens and walkways. Homeowners at this luxury property development also get to enjoy a world-class amenity center called Monte di Portofino, which is furnished with these features: a Roman-inspired lap pool and children’s pool, function rooms convertible to a badminton court, basketball court, tennis court, grand ballroom for 300 people, fully-equipped gym, and nature jogging trails.  All of these were carefully planned for your perfect Italian living. Know more about Italian lifestyle here.

Next is Portofino South. Adjoining the Courtyards of Portofino I, Portofino South Alabang is the second enclave phase of Portofino. At its exceptional amenity center, Parco de Portofino, residents will get to enjoy the following features: a grand clubhouse with an exciting events hall, interactive swimming pool for children, activity area, basketball court, function hall, and meeting rooms, and a place for health and fitness.

The last is Amore, the newest of all Portofino enclaves. Amore at Portofino is inspired by the beauty and rustic allure of Tuscany.  In 2015, Amore was recognized as the “Best Housing Development in Manila” and the “Best Housing Development in the Philippines” during the Philippines Property Awards, certifying that a house for sale in this wonderful development is certainly worth one’s investment. At its amenity center, residents get to appreciate beautiful features such as a swimming pool, basketball court, community hall, and a meditation garden. 

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Portofino at Vista Alabang community with a grand fountain amenity area perfect for Italian living - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Grab the chance to choose the life best fit for you.


Here are the three ready-for-occupancy houses available in each enclave


Pietro Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - RFO Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

The Pietro at Portofino exudes Italian living at its finest structure and home design.

Pietro Ready Home

Start the next chapter of your life in this stunning 2-story Italian home. Pietro is a 264 square meter (floor area) luxury house model that provides grand spaces for living and quality time for the family. This makes it one of the best available homes Brittany in Vista Alabang could offer for starting families. Ideally situated at the heart of Portofino Heights, Pietro towers over the beautiful Italian-themed communities of Vista Alabang. Occupants can enjoy exclusive community amenities like a world-class amenity center called Monte di Portofino and fitness areas like swimming pools, fitness gym, indoor badminton court, grand function room, kiddie park, basketball, and tennis court. Pietro is also within proximity of Evia Lifestyle Center. 

This community offers not only a peaceful vibe and luxury living but also safety and security. The Portofino is fortified with round-the-clock security, CCTV monitoring at all entry and exit points, and a 24/7 roving patrol. Rest assured, the community is designed to preserve its scenic beauty by undergrounding all eye-sore power cables, just so that you could enjoy that Italian living.

Interior photo empty room of the Pietro Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - RFO Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

With a spacious floor area, the Pietro encourages you to maximize space according to any lifestyle you want.

Italian Living: A Masterpiece Meets Functional Design

Pietro is a ready-for-occupancy house showcasing luxury from its enticing exterior and beautiful design.  It comes with a total lot area of 225square meters or 2841.67 square feet, just enough space to make memories with loved ones. The house features a two-car garage established with an aluminum roll-up door to enjoy the functionality and that western vibe. The façade already exudes the Italian vibe with its solid panel door and pitcher handle lockset. Upon entry of the ground floor, you are welcomed by a beautifully designed living area that extends from the foyer up to the dining area. Just beside the dining area is a spacious U-shaped kitchen equipped with a peninsula countertop customized with a quartz slab. Of course, the house also has a maid’s quarters with a toilet and bath which can be accessed through the utility area. The utility area is strategically connected to the kitchen for the reason that homeowners can choose to cook there in order to prevent stubborn cooking odor from lingering in the house. It is also where you can do laundry. The last feature of the house is a welcoming guest room which is perpendicular to the toilet and bath.

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Family bonding is the central theme of this house. The second floor highlights its remodeled family living area where loved ones can bond. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet which leads to its own toilet and bath. This bedroom is the only room that has access to the balcony that overlooks the beautiful Italian community. Only a sliding door separates your room from that gorgeous view. Just across the master bedroom are the two bedrooms separated by a common toilet and bath for the whole floor. All bedrooms have windows so that you can enjoy that countryside lifestyle with fresh air. 

This house model by Brittany Corporation can be found along Daang Hari in Vista Alabang properties. It is a ready-for-occupancy luxury house in Portofino Heights Alabang, where you can find other houses and lots for sale in Alabang.


Raphael Ready Home

If you are looking for big luxury homes fit for a big family, Raphael is the perfect one. Raphael is the biggest among the available ready-for-occupancy houses in Vista Alabang. With a floor area of 292 square meters, Raphael was carefully crafted to fit the thematic lifestyle inspired by Italy. By far, this is the best Italian-inspired house in Portofino Heights as it radiates Italian architecture both inside and outside. Both a home and luxury real estate masterpiece, you can enjoy your mornings waking up in awe of the beautiful community.

Just like Pietro, homeowners of Raphael can enjoy the exclusive community amenities of Portofino Heights like a world-class amenity center named Monte di Portofino and fitness areas such as swimming pools, indoor badminton court, fitness gym, grand function room, kiddie park, basketball, and tennis court. The Italian-inspired community does not only offer Italian living but also safety and security with affixed round-the-clock security, CCTV monitoring at all entry and exit points, and a 24/7 roving patrol. The community is designed to preserve its countryside beauty by undergrounding any eye-sore communication or power cable. 

Italian living at the Raphael RFO Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

The Raphael ready home is a luxury house model that is perfect for investors who prioritize the beauty and value of exclusivity.

Going big and luxurious with Raphael

Raphael enjoys a whopping lot area of 264 square meters. The façade of the house showcases a two-car garage port equipped with an aluminum roll-up door. The garage immediately connects to the driver’s room, which can be turned into extra space for storage if unused. Entering through the porch, you can already appreciate the Italian design of the solid panel door and pitcher-like handle lockset. Immediately to the side, adjacent to the powder room and staircase, you can enter the spacious living room, which is cornered by windows to appreciate natural light. This room gives a taste of the elegant life with its grand spaces for recreation and living. Connecting the living room to the courtyard is a sliding door. Parallel to it is another sliding door connecting to the dining room. 

Raphael is an elegant home from Brittany’s classic courtyard series, which is the only house among the three ready-for-occupancy homes to feature a courtyard. This feature lets you reminisce about the Italian countryside living through a relaxing afternoon tea in the courtyard or any family bonding activity. The dining room leads to the horseshoe-shaped kitchen with a peninsula countertop customized with a quartz slab. The utility room connects to the maid’s quarters. Both the maid’s quarters and driver’s room are equipped with a toilet and bath. It is worth mentioning that only Raphael offers an extra room for the driver among the three ready-for-occupancy homes. 

Staircase Interior photo of the Raphael Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - RFO Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Every corner of the Raphael luxury house model is carefully thought of to entertain the lifestyle you want to live.


The second floor was designed with stunning structure and regal design to fit three bedrooms and one master bedroom, fit for a big family. All three spacious bedrooms are equipped with en suite bathrooms. The second floor also has a linen room suitable for storage. The Master bedroom is perfectly designed with a walk-in closet and has its own toilet and bath for its own convenience. This room also enjoys its own his and hers sink and bathtub. Just across the staircase is a small balcony where you can reminisce about the beautiful landscape in Italy.

Lastly, the stairs lead up to Raphael’s most prominent feature, which can be noticed from the outside, giving the house its old-world charm—the attic floor. This floor is called the Family Hall, which can be remodeled by the owner so that it can be used as a personal office or an entertainment room. 

Make the most of your family living with one of the biggest ready-for-occupancy luxury houses in Vista Alabang. Raphael is among the Portofino Heights houses and lots for sale by Brittany Corporation along Daang Hari. Brittany Corporation is the luxury residential arm of Vista Land projects.


Lorenzo Ready Home

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with this list’s newest house. With its eye-catching layout, Lorenzo is an amalgamation of comfort and security for its residents. This 177 square meters (floor area) home delivers artistic design from its concrete roof tiles to its stucco finish. Be enticed and enjoy serenity at Amore’s ready-for-occupancy home. This two-story house is ideal for young couples who are looking for luxury real estate in the Philippines. 

Owners of Lorenzo can enjoy the exclusive amenities in Amore like Al Fresco Lounge, a community hall, meditation garden, and other fitness facilities such as a swimming pool and a basketball court. Much like the other Italian-inspired Alabang houses, the Amore offers safety and security with round-the-clock security, CCTV monitoring at all entry and exit points, and a 24/7 roving patrol. The new enclave is designed to preserve its Italian aesthetic by undergrounding any eye-sore power cable.

Italian living at the Lorenzo RFO Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

The Lorenzo ready home is a luxury house model that complements Italian living with your lifestyles.


Cozy yet breathtaking architecture for Italian living

Lorenzo, which has 209 square meters of lot area, features a two-carport garage for homeowner vehicles. The mini porch showcases its molded solid panel door with a pitcher handle lockset perfect for that Italian living vibe. Upon entry, you are greeted with a keeping room which is beside the dining room.  Further into the house is a small den where family and guests can hang out. The dining room also leads to the lanai, which is connected by a sliding door. Here, you can enjoy the comforts of family gatherings and hosting small dinners with your friends under the roof of your beautiful Italian-inspired home. Other assets of the ground floor are the L-shaped kitchen furnished with a granite countertop, which connects to the Utility area, and the maid’s room with toilet and bath. Just across the keeping room are the powder room and staircase. 

2nd floor Interior photo of the Lorenzo Luxury house model at Portofino in Vista Alabang - RFO Luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Right on the second floor of your Lorenzo luxury home, you can discover how you want to reflect your style and the style of Italian living.


The second floor is equipped with two bedrooms, one master’s bedroom, and a spacious family area which is ideal for starting memories and bonding moments with the family. Just beside the staircase is a common toilet and bath for everyone on the floor to share. The master’s bedroom contains a walk-in closet that continues to the toilet and bath. This room is the only room that has access to the balcony. The spacious balcony is perfect for enjoying thematic living with your partner while overlooking the Italian homes of Brittany by Vista Land. 

Indeed, Lorenzo is the perfect property for sale in Brittany for starting families. If you’re looking for a house for sale in Alabang, Lorenzo can be the ideal retirement, investment, and vacation home just for you! Amore in Daang Reyna is part of Brittany Corporation’s Vista Alabang properties, which replicates the Italian aesthetic.

To know more about our luxury house and lot for sale developments in Vista Alabang, visit our official Facebook page or contact us at +63917 883 8103 or at our hotline: 55-8BRITT,  LOC 0335-36.

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