Why Rich People Enjoy Gun Range Activities


Guns usually get a bad rap due to perceived violence connected to them. But recreational shooting done in a safe and controlled environment will be a great way to enjoy your leisure time. Gun range activities, such as target practice, can be a great way to hone different physical and mental skills. And at the very least, recreational shooting in a gun range can be a novel activity that can turn into a passion for the sport of shooting. This novel activity can be part of your elevated luxury lifestyle.

Photo of some of the gear you use in a gun range

Shooting is considered a “rich man’s game” due to the costs associated with purchasing a firearm and ammunition. Gun range activities to practice your shooting skills also add to the reputation of shooting as an upper-class recreational activity. But if you wish to try it, experience world-class gun range activities to add to your bucket list of exciting experiences.

Brittany Corporation is a trusted luxury real estate developer. As a company, they promote Brittany living, encouraging individuals to experience a world-class luxury lifestyle within the country. Brittany homes offer individuals a place to follow their dreams and passions, giving them the freedom to try something new like recreational shooting in a gun range.

What is a gun range?

A gun range is a facility built to use firearms, whether in a recreational sense or as training and practice for competitions or professional duties.

Indoor Gun Range activities

Safety is of utmost importance in a gun range

An indoor gun range will usually have several shooting booths or lanes. Each lane will have its target, either paper or cardboard. Indoor ranges operated by shooting clubs will also have amenities dedicated to lounges, cafes, private meeting rooms, or gun displays. Some gun ranges will also have a viewing deck where guests who are not shooting can safely watch as shooters practice and hit their targets.

Outdoor Gun Range

An outdoor gun range provides more variety in terrain and conditions

An outdoor gun range is often found in more rural areas with more space to ensure that shooters don’t hit anyone by accident. Gun range activities in outdoor spaces can be more varied. Shooting clay targets are an option, and depending on the range, long-distance shooting may also be allowed. Outdoor ranges can also offer shooting enthusiasts more challenging terrain where they have to consider uncontrollable elements such as wind and sunlight while they shoot.

Investing in Brittany homes in Santa Rosa or in Tagaytay can help you live a convenient distance from the best gun ranges in the area. Crosswinds Tagaytay can be your home base while you experience recreational shooting in any of the gun ranges in Tagaytay. Georgia Club and Augusta are Brittany Corporation communities inspired by the American South, which can inspire you to live your cowboy dreams by learning how to shoot.

Gun Range officer for safety

Each gun range facility employs safety supervisors who are well-trained in the handling of firearms. These range officers stay close to guests, ready to assist them or enforce safety rules as needed. First-timers and beginners are also welcome to participate in gun range activities. Most shooting ranges have an introductory seminar for beginners, teaching them about important shooting concepts such as the rules of gun safety, proper gun handling, and cleaning and maintaining one’s firearm.

Why do people enjoy recreational shooting?

Unbeknownst to many, there are benefits to participating in gun range activities, which is why many rich people enjoy recreational shooting. There is also the emotional payoff that comes with successfully hitting your targets at the gun range. Shooting is an extreme sport that can keep you active while also training your ability to clear your mind.

Gun range activities are also a way for rich people to bond with their fellow gun enthusiasts and can foster camaraderie and friendly competition as they see who is better at hitting targets. Nothing says you live an elevated luxury lifestyle like participating in an extreme sport with your friends.

Shooting from the firing line can improve hand-eye coordination

To shoot a gun and hit a target placed a great distance from the firing line requires skill. Lining up your shot while taking other factors, such as wind and recoil, into consideration is a skill one develops the more one practices at the gun range.

Target practice can keep you physically fit

Gun range activities can strengthen your arms and wrists as you control the gun during the entire duration of the shooting. It can also improve core strength and stability as you use your core to hold your gun in the optimal position. It can also promote a healthy posture because proper posture helps you hit your targets with more accuracy. Brittany living is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is why Brittany homes and communities are designed with ample space for you to engage in a more active lifestyle. Hike around the trails at Crosswinds Tagaytay and Alpine Villas, or make full use of the gym and tennis courts at the clubhouse in Portofino Heights.

Gun range activities can teach focus and discipline

The more you focus, the more you can hit your target

Before shooting at your target, you will have to think about the different factors that can affect your shot. Calculations are done quickly in the mind before the gun is even raised and positioned. Concentration and focus are also skills one develops as one learns to shoot more accurately and consistently. Clearing your mind of distracting thoughts is essential to getting a good shot, but it is also an important skill you can apply to different areas of your life.

Recreational shooting can relieve stress

Because gun range activities require people to be focused on the singular task at hand, it can be a great stress reliever. The force of a powerful weapon in your hand and the joy of getting better at hitting your mark can give you a sense of deep satisfaction, further relieving your stress.

Gun range activities can teach practical life skills

Using eye protection is part of staying safe at a gun range

In times when you need to defend yourself, knowing how to handle a gun can help ensure your personal safety. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario, but some people like having the peace of mind that comes with having a skill set you can use to protect yourself. Safety and protection is always a priority when handling guns, and no one understands that better than recreational shooting enthusiasts.

Gun range activities can teach patience

Hitting close to the center takes a lot of practice and patience

Like most sports, recreational shooting requires skill. And learning the skills to become a competent shooter takes time and patience. Missing the target a lot in the beginning can be frustrating, but as one’s skill develops, hitting your mark becomes more consistent. It also takes patience to get a feel of the situation, lining up everything precisely, and making calculations in your head, before finally pulling the trigger. Patience and perseverance will always pay off, inside the gun range and out in the world.

Gun range activities are part of Luxury living

Brittany living helps you enjoy the finer things in life, and that can include hobbies such as recreational shooting and other gun range activities. To elevate your lifestyle and experience world-class amenities right at your doorstep, you may want to invest in a luxury home by Brittany Corporation.

Brittany has designed several luxury communities inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. Promenade at Brittany Santa Rosa is a luxury community patterned after the English countryside. On the other hand, if an Italian lifestyle is more to your liking, there are Italian-inspired luxury homes at Portofino Heights and Portofino South in Vista Alabang.

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