How to Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces


Do you feel tired, unmotivated, and burnout, especially after being cooped up in your home for weeks on end due to the current state of things? Does it feel as though the indoor and outdoor spaces you live in is getting older and smaller quickly and have been draining your energy to perform well at home and at work? 

This bogged-down feeling is not all too uncommon. As social beings, we are not built to stay confined for too long. We have this natural inkling, a drive, and attraction, to explore new places and experience new things. We are drawn to the glistening hues brought by the sun, the gentle sways of green grass and stark trees, and the fragrant aroma of tender flowers and plants.

Portofino Community at Vista Alabang - House and Lot for Sale - Luxury house and lot in Daang Hari - Brittany Corporation

Exploring the outdoors is a wonderful and healthy way to destress and rejuvenate.


However, for safety reasons, our journeys outside are largely limited. Leaving us in want of a place or activity that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. We can always look inward, either by practicing self-care and mindfulness, exploring ways to stay active or by sprucing up your home with European-inspired interior designs. But there is always that need to balance what is inward with what lies outward, such as traveling, dining at an expensive restaurant, or simply being outside the corners of your house. Everyone needs that fresh air and open space to take in every once in a while.


What Outdoor Spaces Mean for Your Luxury House

There are several things that immediately come to mind when we mention the word “outdoors.” We may think of sports or exercise routines like basketball or jogging. Others may think of traveling into the great “outdoors.” But probably the most common idea we may all agree on is to think of nature, whether a small personal garden or the whole forest, seas, and mountains. But let’s think small for the moment and understand the closest outdoor spaces we have.

Orange two floor house with Italian architecture, marble flower pots, bricked pillars, and a glass wall showing the interiors of a family dining area | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Antonello, one of Portofino’s luxury houses and lot for sale in Daang Hari, has spacious outdoor spaces you can maximize with gardening and landscaping.


A key feature of any luxurious house is not only an exquisite interior design and architecture, but also pristine exterior elements and spaces, specific areas such as a patio, front yard, backyard, and other function areas like a pool or outdoor spa. These spaces are meant to strike a soft balance between life inside and outside your house, to give you a holistic experience of a home where you have freedom and control over what lies within and beyond its walls.

One can think of these outdoor spaces as an extension of the indoors. A reflection, so to speak, of our lifestyle, preferences, ambitions, and needs. Of course, there is more to this. Not only are outdoor spaces a reflection of who we are but they are also functional spaces with different intended purposes, whether in terms of receiving guests, having a pleasing garden to welcome others and soften up your home’s façade or for other specific purposes such as recreation and leisure.


How to maximize outdoor space


According to the Michigan State University, outdoor spaces (or rooms) have different main functions. These functions can be classified into three categories: (1) living area, (2) public area, and (3) services area. These classifications are important in understanding how each outdoor room works with the overall layout of your house, especially with how you establish a lifestyle routine and in improving the functionality and appearance of your home.


1. Living Area

The living area is the “most important” indoor and outdoor space. It is an area designated for different household recreational activities. It is where the family spends meaningful time with each other, creating memories and building strong relational ties. Living rooms, music rooms, family rooms among others are classified as living areas indoors. Outdoor living areas could come in the form of patios, playgrounds, pools, and many more. 

Portofino outdoor spaces and luxury pool amenities - House and lot in Daang Hari - Luxury homes for sale - Brittany Corporation

A backyard pool perfect for the family to get together during a hot day.


2. Public Area

Public areas are spaces that are viewable by anyone (general public) such as the front yard, driveway (to the garage), and other similar outdoor rooms depending on the layout of the property. This does not necessarily mean, however, that they are open to the public.

3. Service Area

Lastly, service areas are intended for specific purposes whether intended for locating disposal bins, dog houses, parking spaces, etc. Gardens are classified under this kind of category as it is intended for growing vegetation and plants.

It is important to first have an inventory of your home based on these classifications. Knowing and planning where and how to design and organize your space is the first step to maximizing your outdoor rooms. 


Investing in Gardening and Landscaping

There are many ways to maximize your outdoor spaces, especially if you wish to invest in major home renovations such as a pool or spa. But an easy-go-to alternative to maximizing your outdoor spaces is to invest in building your own garden and/or landscaping your front or backyard. This, in many ways, is beneficial not only to you but also to the environment.

Gardening and landscaping for your luxury home outdoor spaces at Portofino - House and lot for sale - Brittany Corporation

Gardening is a perfect way to elevate the landscape of your outdoor spaces.


Gardening is definitely a beneficial investment for any household. Aside from giving you the opportunity to create a relaxing routine, it also helps refine your space with plants and vegetation, whether for the exclusive purpose of beautifying your home or for the practical intention of growing your own crops in your backyard. You could surround your home with incredible plants and flowers such as the tranquil white of Peace Lilies, the exuberant red of Begonias plants, and the vibrant yet gentle colors of Autumn Joy Sedum flowers.

But why limit yourself to a meek garden when you can fully landscape your outdoors to make it not only beautiful but also beneficial to you and your home. You can invest in landscaping your property with lush green grass and some trees. A simple grass lawn could significantly cool the temperature of your property making walks outside calmer and nature-rich while you sip on a good cup of coffee. This is perfect for tropical countries, particularly when you wish to beat the heat during dry seasons. 

Amore at Portofino | Outdoor spaces and Landscaping your luxury home | Vista Alabang | Brittany Corporation

A lush green landscape of grassy and mossy grounds, rocky pathways, and trees that bring about a sense of harmony between the house and nature.


Aside from turning down the temperature, landscaping your property with greeneries and vegetation also enriches the quality of water and air in your lot. Another fun fact about landscapes is that they are very useful amid tropical storms and heavy downpours of rains. According to the Grounds Guy, these landscapes help control the flow of water as runoff buffers, reducing pollution, and filtering out polluted waters. This is another useful benefit for properties in the Philippines since rainfall, at times, maybe extreme and devastating.

These are a few of the many benefits gardening and landscaping bring, especially in maximizing your outdoor spaces to benefit your family and nature itself. Generally speaking, a home well-blanketed by nature is indeed a soothing sight that is perfect for any luxury house. 

This is an opportunity that Brittany’s Vista Alabang impressively provides. Aside from being a flagship development located close to nature in the South, the thematic Italian-inspired luxury houses and lot provide enough outdoor space perfect for designing a home glossed with nature, flowers, and vegetation. 

It has also been one of the major priorities of Brittany to take steps closer to cultivating a greener community, wherein they have planted fifty (50) pine tree samplings along with Amore at Portofino’s main road.

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