Interior Decorating Tips for European-Inspired Homes

Brittany Corporation is the company that has built an unequaled reputation in offering luxury home to Filipinos. Their exclusive housing enclaves in the different parts of the country offer luxury, opulence, and quality that are at par with the best housing projects in the U.S. and in Europe. Most of their houses are inspired by western, mostly European, designs and are constructed in areas where the atmosphere and ambience are similar to western settings.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a haven, almost close to being a heaven too, in the highest points of picturesque Tagaytay City, just south of metropolitan Manila. It is a recreation of the world-famous chalets on the Swiss Alps done on the tropical but wind-swept highlands of Cavite. The four district enclaves comprising Crosswinds sit on the lush terrain that is planted with over 20,000 pine trees that provide the sweet scent that is typical of European forests. Just like the Swiss chalet on the slope of the Alps, the luxury home of Crosswinds offers a breath-taking view that can only be enjoyed by homes on a mountain slope.

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Swiss-Inspired Homes
For people who are passionate about Europe, these Tagaytay homes with Swiss-inspired architecture could easily be turned into a real European house with the proper decorations and facelift. Purchasing European-themed furniture and lighting fixtures will be perfect complement to the architecture. Decorating the house with your choice of European motif will create a luxurious and timeless look. Ornate detailing and using classic colors will exude the Old-World charm that is characteristic of European homes.

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Color Scheme
Decorating with a European theme can be done with a variety of colors. If you opt for a brighter look, the use of olive green, dark brown, deep red, blue, or orange will exude the traditional colors of Tuscany. English country and French country themes feature soft tones such as white, yellow, blue, and green with a lot of floral wallpaper and decors. To create the elegance of a French provincial house, the recommended colors are white, gray, ice blue, and brown.

To create a Spanish or Mediterranean feel of the house, warm tones of taupe, burnt orange, brown, deep peach, yellow, green, blue, and red must be used. The home must also feature a lot of stucco and stone to create a real Spanish theme.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is traditionally American and is not recommended for a European-themed home. Hardwood is commonly use in European homes, with marbles or tiles in some parts such as the entryways and the bathrooms. For Mediterranean or Italian themed homes, ornate tiles will definitely bring an elegant look. Placing large area rugs on top of the hardwood or ornate tiles floors will add comfort and added color to your European inspired luxury home.