Finding the Best Italian Tiles for Your Italian Luxury Home

Italy has a long history of making tiles as can be seen in Italian homes and buildings. Even bedroom floors of Italian homes are tiled which they covered with rugs, which is entirely different from the carpeted American bedroom floors.

Italian tile making is considered a traditional craft that is now infused with modern technology. While the old way of tile making was a labor-intensive process involving two times in the kiln, the modern way incorporates all steps into one operation that involves only time in the kiln.

Traditional Italian tiles were handcrafted using the old process, new technology allowed the transposition of digitized images onto tiles, resulting in more creativity in design.

Choosing the Best Italian Tiles

Homeowners and builders at Amore, Alabang can choose the tiles they need from the Old World design to the contemporary look. The choices and possibilities are endless, which make choosing very difficult. Any buyer of Alabang houses for sale will simply be overwhelmed when they look at the thousands of pieces on display at the different tile stores. The following steps could be helpful in selecting Italian tiles for the home or building:

● Seek the help of professionals or experts – Showroom managers, tiles salespersons, and tile installers have comparatively better knowledge of tiles. They can tell the consumer what kind of tiles are trendy and what looks good for a particular house design. They can tell the consumer a thing or two about proportion, scale, color, and balance that will result in the best tile selection.

● Make several choices – Tile buyers must not limit themselves to one or two choices. Choose as many tile design you want and check how they will look like in the area of the house those tiles will be installed. At times, a tile design that looked very good in the display room may turn either too light or too bright once laid out in the house. It is because the color and design will change depending on the lighting in the house and the color of the walls and ceilings.

● Emphasize durability – While aesthetics is the number one consideration of tile buyers, durability of the tiles to be laid out is also very important. Tile buyers must consider the amount of foot traffic, the presence of children and pets, and the weight of the furniture in choosing tiles. Tiles must last for a very long period of time because it is very expensive and inconvenient to be changing tiles in an inhabited house.

● Get professional tile installer – After spending so much time and so much money in getting the tiles that will complete the beauty of your home in Amore, Alabang, you must never entrust the installation of the tiles to just anybody who claims he can do it. Get professional installer who can do justice to the beauty and cost of the Italian tiles you purchased. Most tile retailers can recommend tile installers who can do the job right when you buy any one of these luxury Alabang houses for sale.


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