2020 Must Have Home Furniture


2020 Home Furniture Trends



4 barstool in a bar slash kitchen with wooden panelings in a luxury home | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Barstools are a great addition to any home. | Image from Pixabay


According to experts, barstools will no longer be relegated to just kitchens and watering holes; increasingly, we’ll be seeing them on the job. Benjamin Pardo, Design Director of Knoll said “As people spend more time collaborating, moving from seated to standing, working at higher tables and counters, the barstool is increasingly popular because of its inherent versatility.”

European-Detailed Design

two blue chairs in front of a fire place and marble table with a painting of a skeleton in a luxury house | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

European-styled furniture makes any house classy. | Image from Pixabay


German and Italian influences can be found in the sloping arms of couches, knife-edge welts, metal legs, and more. According to Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors, “Furniture with European-inspired detailing is trending. I am even seeing traditional furniture brands embracing the trend, offering European silhouettes and features for the first time.”

Home Furniture with a French Modern Design

French modern furniture

French modern-styled furniture is very reminiscent of the beautiful olden classics of French ingenuity. | Image from Pixabay


Rounded shapes in upholstery furniture, the use of a cane in wooden pieces, as well as off-kilter shapes in mirrors and accessories. “The furniture trend we see the most is the reemergence of French modern design. We’re seeing this in the rounded shapes in upholstery furniture, the use of a cane in wooden pieces, as well as off-kilter shapes in mirrors and accessories.” (Highland Krasnow of The Design High)

Textured Accents on Home Furniture

White bed, foot chair, and fur rug on top of it inside a white luxury room in a luxury house and lot | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Adding texture to a space is all about appealing to all five senses. | Images from Pixabay


Liz Foster, Decorist, said that “Texture is here in a big way and showing no signs of losing popularity. The texture is the new pattern when it comes to making a visual statement. Of course, textiles will be rich and full of lush and interesting texture as well.”

From the increase in caning accents, metal grills, shattered glass, brass sabot detailing on tables, and the rough-hewn woodwork saw on today’s new furniture items.

Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural Furniture

Sculptutal furniture can be called a modern classic with it being found in a lot of spaces. | Image from Pixabay


“There is a growing trend towards the use of unusual, unique pieces of furniture that I think will continue to grow in 2020. People want something unique, but they’re also mindful of product quality, eco-friendliness, and sustainability.” (Cheryl Eisen, Interior Marketing Group)

Pieces that create a sculptural moment, made from textural, organic fabrics such as boucle, boiled wool, canvas, sisals, and natural wood.

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