Importance of Color in the Interiors of your Brittany Home

Importance of interior colors

Color is one of the most important variables in interior designing. You can bring different shades of feelings using different color combinations in your home: relaxing, fun romantic, or even dramatic at times. There are mainly two types of colors: Warm and Cool. Warm colors like red can instantly energize a space and will give you an adrenaline rush; whereas cool colors like blue instill a calming and relaxing atmosphere within the space.

Choosing the right shade is important. When distinct aspects such as hue, lightness, and saturation are altered, color behaves differently. Lighter colors are airy and can make a space feel spacious while dark tones give the room a more sophisticated atmosphere.

Take a look at how you can apply these colors on your Brittany home:

1.Brown – with the brown color, you can induce a feeling of naturalness and comfort to your home. In interior arrangements, brown can add depth and warmth. The neutral color schemes can add a bit of brown to make them more welcoming.

Furniture finishes and a beautiful parquet floor or natural colors can be very fine and good taste. Or, if you use unpolished wood or wool textiles in natural shades of brown create a pleasant rustic effect.

2. White – white creates an airy, quiet and pure appearance. If you don’t want to have a very colorful room but no excess white, you can use white in combination with other neutral colors. Black, brown or gray with white fit very well.

3. Gray – gray interiors give a formality that is subtle elegance without being too conservative. A beautiful shade of gray, in combination with not very bright white color, can create a clean and refreshing appearance. But too many gray areas will create a boring environment.

4. Black – if black is put on a light or neutral background color, everything will stand out. Black is ideal to bring out certain things in a room. Do not use too much black, but only to highlight certain things like picture frames, small tables, etc.

5. Yellow – a pale yellow applied on walls or ceiling can bring a little sunshine in your home, while a darker yellow may be damper after a while. Yellow is also great for making things stand out. You can use smaller amounts of yellow accessories, flowers or pictures.

6. Red – use red to give a resonant and stimulating aspect for your rooms. A room with much red can increase the level of passion. Like orange, red is known to increase appetite and thus is widely used in kitchens.

7. Pink – creates a fresh and fine atmosphere in the house. It is soothing and comfortable. Some pink shades are very refreshing and sweet.

8. Purple – creates a luxurious and expensive environment to your home. If it has a bluish shade, it can be serene and calm and gives an air of mystery. Purple color has a long reputation of royalty and power.

9. Blue – creates a cool and clear look. You can use blue to create an atmosphere of work and meditation. A very light shade of blue can be used to enlarge the room. If used in the kitchen, paint, furniture or dishes, the blue color is said to decrease appetite and you can lose weight.

10. Green – is for a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Similar to blue, green is perceived as calm and clear. The color is associated with nature, growth, and renewal. Green helps to restore and rejuvenate depleted energy in nature. It presents a refuge from the stresses of a busy urban or contemporary life. The color restores a sense of natural well-being with its essence of stability. The best way to use green is to combine it with several colors.

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