2021 Fashion Trends That Need to Stay


This year taught people about the value of fashion. Going out of the house became scarce for a lot of people, because of COVID-19 restrictions, so people tend to wear their best clothes on the rare occasions when they get to go out and meet other people. They also tend to be fashionably competitive when it comes to attending online meetings, showing up in presentable tops (most likely paired with lounge shorts or underwear) looking like they are ready to go back to the office again. 

dark haired woman wearing a chanel facemask | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Going out safe and fashionable is the best way to travel. | Photo from Fortune

2021 was a challenging year for fashion, as a lot of things had to change to better reflect the hurdles and the needs of the year. A lot of clothing trends and accessories went out of style or simply ignored, like chokers, skinny jeans, and plain leggings. A lot of trends also came in for many reasons, like necessity, celebrity influence, and functionality, among others. 

2022 is going to be a different year and people are looking forward to it, hoping it will be different in a good way, so drastic changes are expected. However, there is nothing wrong with retaining certain habits and ways that simply just work, such as 2021 fashion trends that are hits. In this article, the best of 2021 fashion trends will be discussed and why they should stay. People still have not seen enough of them and there are still a lot of things that can be mixed and matched with them. It would take a while to get over these trends, so they would not look out of season if you happen to be experimenting with them in the coming months. 

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Fashionable Face Masks

three women wear high fashion luxury face masks | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Face masks do not have to make one look sick. | Photo from The Glossary: The London Style Guide

People have come up with creative ways to wear their face masks. At first, this seemingly unfashionable clothing item posed to be a challenge to fashion, since its need was never planned and was never made to match outfits except for hospital scrub suits and surgical caps. There were debates on whether to wear one or not, how to wear it for maximum protection, how to make it more comfortable, etc. Now that the effectiveness of face masks has already been proven, the question is how do people incorporate them into daily fashion?

Well, there are a lot of ways! Since they do come by really cheap, one can own a lot and just pick one that goes with his outfit well. An easy way to stand out is by simply matching or contrasting the color of his face mask with his outfit. It does not have to be a fancy face mask. It can be plain with no prints, but given the right color, it can look more like a fashion accessory rather than a requirement. 

One can also go with face masks with daring prints and designer logos, although wearing face masks should not really be expensive. He can also personalize his face masks with adornments, such as zippers, beads, and sequins. One can get very creative with this unassuming article. 

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woman wearing nice clothes while doing work at home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Wearing a headdress is a great way to bring some excitement up there. | Photo by Bigstock via Sass Magazine

Another need that arose during the pandemic is to make quarantine hair look tamed and healthy, especially in men. People do not have much of a need for this now that restrictions are not very strict anymore, but being hair-conscious is here to stay. Staying at home looking at their own bodies more than they usually do made people learn more about themselves, such as how to best present themselves. One of the 2021 fashion trends that help achieve this is wearing headdresses

Much of how one’s hair looks is already predetermined by genetics, so there is nothing much left to do to improve the way it naturally looks after hair care. One way to make one’s hair look more exciting is wearing headdresses to bring some color and texture up there. 

People can wear hats, ties, and even headphones that match the overall appeal. Online meetings do not allow for much creativity in fashion, so one has to make up for this by going all-out on the parts that are seen on video. Attending online meetings with some fancy headgear can make one look like she lives in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. Consider Brittany Corporation for the most expensive houses in the Philippines. They offer luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, mansions in the Philippines, and luxury homes for sale. 

Hoodies Under Blazers or Jackets

woman wearing a red coat over simple clothes and ripped jeans | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Trying to stay warm and cozy can also look fabulous. | Photo from The Vou

Hoodies became popular among the younger generations, like Gen Z, who often wear simple and unpretentious clothing. They wear plain hoodies and plain tees with jeans, looking like they are really good with computers and Rubik’s cubes. One way to combat looking like a nerd in a plain hoodie is to wear it with a twist – wear it under a blazer or a jacket. Not only will it make it even warmer for the wearer, but it can also transform a simple article of clothing into a statement.

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man wearing leather jacket over a hoodies | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A guy can look warm and cool at the same time. | Photo from Mens Fashion Magazine


Not a lot of things can be worn fashionably with hoodies and people normally either just end up wearing hoodies as they are, or not wear them at all. Blazers and jackets are a great complement to make one’s outfit look more daring and colorful. Also, with blazers, one can go from soccer mom to rich mom, dorky guy to cool guy. One just has to find the right jacket. This applies to both men and women, and to any generation. 


knitted poncho and leather boots on red haired woman | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Look like no one else with handmade articles. | Photo from Vogue

One of the most popular skills that people learned during the restrictive quarantine is knitting. Not only is this very artistic, but it is also functional. People who spend a lot of money buying things that they can make themselves are no longer admired. Handmade crafts are the new “in” thing. Imagine going to one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines and seeing some fancy coasters and table runners when you are having tea with the host, and then discovering that she made these herself! Not only does this tell you that she is highly skilled, but this will also explain how these pieces look like they complement everything else in the home – because they were conceptualized and personally made by an artist. 

The excitement with handcrafted goods does not end when they are finished. The ultimate goal is actually using them. Wearing handmade stuff not only feels fulfilling, but they can also make someone the most fashionable person in the room, even if she sits beside people in designer clothing in the most expensive houses in the Philippines. Store-bought items just are not as good as handmade ones, since the latter are much more special and personalized. In a way, they feel more authentic, so you will not just look beautiful; you can even look like art. This makes knitwear one of the best 2021 fashion trends. 

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2021 was definitely a challenging year for a lot of people, but it was also a great time for fashion, since it forced people to experiment with things that they never thought of wearing, or even making, before. It is high time for combining functionality with fashion, so the 2021 fashion trends listed here are not just for aesthetics, but they are also practical. The year ending does not have to mean the demise of these trends, because they are also timeless.

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