The Best Luxury Mansions in Daang Hari


After your long day from work, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to comfortable, luxury mansions? In the morning, you can get to do a quick run over your community, skip a very long journey to work, go to nearby malls during the weekend, and live somewhere near to almost all you need. It’s “The Life” indeed.

Daang Hari is literally what we can call the Road of the King because it links southern metro manila to the province of Cavite and Laguna. It is a road that connects Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Laguna and Cavite. It being very serviceable, it has indeed a lot of benefits for people living along Daang Hari. It has malls for shopping and entertainment such as Evia Life style center, and SOMO Market, Event centers like Palazzo Verde. There is also an upcoming UniMed Hospital along the highway to cater to medical and emergency needs. This road is also near Cavitex which connects Cavite to Roxas Boulevard and NAIA skyway giving more convenience to people living along the road. Just within the area, there is a University Town that is currently being developed. It is a 100-hectare fully integrated development that will provide globally competitive educational institutions, along with the currently existing educational facilities nearby like De La Salle Zobel, De La Salle Dasmarinas, San Beda Alabang, Southville International School, PAREF Woodrose School, and a lot more.

EVIA Lifestyle Center near Vista Alabang luxury house and lot for sale developments | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Evia Lifestyle Center, located at Daang Hari, is the perfect place to unwind with your dearest friends and family giving you the close-to-home vacation experience near the best subdivisions in Daang Hari.


Few things that we should consider when deciding the property to buy is of course its accessibility, may it be to your work location, to big universities or lifestyle centers. It is a must that your house is near establishments and facilities that will be beneficial to your daily living. Public transportation should also be available and within the proximity for purposes of commute or if you have friends or family coming by. Aside from it being accessible, it should also be a community that gives off the elegance and sophistication we are looking for. Not only that your house should look elegant, it should also be surrounded by a lush environment. if we combine these two, it’s living in a worn-free community near urban cities but away from the bustles and the buildings. It is convenient, comfortable, and peace of mind all at once.

Portofino Alabang offers outstanding Italian-themed homes, strategic locations, and world-class facilities. Vista Land offers different kinds of property developments at the Brittany Vista Alabang such as luxury houses. They offer spacious houses and lots to pitch your dream house. It also gives its residents amenities to make use of for convenience.

Three of the most high-end subdivisions in Alabang are Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. The aim of its development plan is to give its residents convenience and access to everything you’d need.

Here are the luxury mansions of Portofino Alabang


A grand 349 square meter luxury mansion that is best fit for families with a larger count as it is very spacious. It can cater large family gatherings and the likes as it has features such as the Family Hall in addition to the already spacious living room. Considering the COVID 19 pandemic, it is also beneficial to have these for indoor activities you could do like movie marathons and birthday parties.

The veranda of a luxury house model Ghiberti | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

In addition to this are the balconies and outdoor spaces for fresh air and activities you can do while at home. It is labeled as Portofino’s Most Luxurious house. From the outside, it gives off a castle vibe because of its design. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed by an inner courtyard, living room, dining room, kitchen, den/guest room, power room, household staff rooms, lanai, laundry area, two restrooms. As you reach the second floor, you will see a master’s bedroom, a walk-in closet, two extra bedrooms, three restrooms, a balcony, and a center area overlooking the inner courtyard. It can be very easy to dress up for it already is aesthetic from its bare look. 

Ghiberti Luxury House Model | luxury homes by brittany corporation

From outside to its interior really screams luxury. With the right choice of furniture and fixtures, the house would be nothing but elegant.



Next to Ghiberti, another luxurious house offer of brittany is Rafaello Model Home. With the floor area of 292 square meters, this will also fit larger numbered families as it offers large spaces and multiple bedrooms. Its highlight is its attic which could be redesigned as a more private and personal space for either alone time or family bonding. This space is very advantageous to people with bigger numbers in their family because this could be transformed into a playroom, a multimedia room, or another bedroom.

Vista Alabang | Portofino Heights | Rafaello House Model Facade 2 | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

One more idea is an indoor greenhouse which has been a very famous hobby at this time considering the recent pandemic situation. Same as a Ghiberti model, it exhibits a very modern Italian vibe because of the castle-type exterior. From the white windowsill and stone accents, it really looks and feels fancy.



For most people who appreciate a light and airy look, this would probably be the best choice for you. The Antonello aims to provide its residents with the feeling of vacation life in the comfort of your home. This is also a relatively large house with a 300 square meter lot area and a 286 square meter floor area which gives enough spacious areas to make use of. From your long day from work, it is only right and just that you come home to a house that is not only convenient in terms of proximity but should also be pleasing both to the eyes and body.

Antonello Luxury House Model in Amore at Portofino luxury house and lot for sale in Daang Hari - Luxury homes by Brittany

From the moment you step in should feel relaxing, calm, gentle, and the likes. Antonello is the best fit for growing families who want to live in a sophisticated community.



They call this Portofino’s Most Premium Ready Home. With a 264 square meter floor area, spacious rooms, elegant exterior, vibrant interior, this definitely depicts the good life. For families that want a home that looks warm and lively, this is the one. Given the pandemic situation, it is a must to consider when trying to buy a property is if the house has spacious rooms to do indoor activities. An extra room to put all your hobbies and lifestyle equipment. One of the most popular projects of people redesigning their homes is their own home gym. To be able to keep fit during these times considering that most people work from home, the body movements also become limited. 

luxury homes by brittany corporation

This is the reason why a lot of people transform extra rooms into an area where they can do physical exercises. The Pietro unit has a family room which could definitely be transformed and redesigned for a gym room.


In every detail of its designs, Portofino emits timeless beauty that is heavily inspired by Italian designs. Aside from the exclusivity, luxury, and proximity, living in an exclusive community like Brittany gives you confidence and peace of mind because of the security it gives. With its 24/7 security personnel roaming around the area, alarms and CCTVs, you are at ease all the time.  

Considering the pandemic now, the places we can go are very limited. Transportation and establishments have curfew hours and some cities may have restrictions on who can pass through. That’s why the goal of Vista Alabang is to be the place where you can find almost everything. From sports hubs and gyms, dining options, fast food chains, retail stores, event places, churches, hospitals, and schools. One more perk of living in Portofino Alabang is that it is near the crown jewel of the south which is the Evia Lifestyle Center. This mall is very known to people residing in the South because of its aesthetic and vibe. Its interior is very sophisticated and elegant which makes it different from other malls nearby. As you stroll around it, you can hear jazz and calm music, and the overall landscape gives off a very relaxing experience to its visitors. It also has various retail stores and restaurants to choose from.

Gate of luxury exclusive Portofhino

The overall elegance of the houses, plus the state-of-the-art amenities while walking around lush environment, really is the edge of Portofino Alabang among other exclusive villages in the city.


It is without a doubt that Alabang is where luxury and city life can be associated with. It is home to the finest and fanciest mansions and establishments and most of the people with daily activities in the metro consider living in this city at the top of their list. It is no secret that most of the influential and well-off people reside here. It is the upscale city in the south of Metro Manila which is also close to provinces such as Cavite and Laguna, keeping it less industrious.


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