Signs it’s Time to Relocate


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A person’s lifestyle and needs can change over time – and often, these shifts call for upgrading one’s living space or relocation. | Photo from Hiveboxx via Unsplash


The time to relocate or move into a new house is a monumental life decision. Some find it exciting, others stressful, and most feel both. Before you begin searching for the best properties for sale and find your next dream home, it is necessary to assess your current needs and overall lifestyle changes. You want to find a luxury property that will suit your preferences and not just random options. To help you decide your next move, begin with a big question: Do you need to find a new home? Here are some signs that it’s time to move your roots, according to Brittany Real Estate Professionals (BSF).


How to Know When It’s Time to Relocate to a New Luxury Home

Your Living Space Has Become Too Small for Your Needs

Are you starting to notice the growing pile of storage boxes in your room? Perhaps your children are now outgrowing their bedrooms. Or maybe, many of your family members began working from home and the house suddenly felt packed.  No matter the reason, outgrowing your living space lessens its functionality. This of course affects the quality of your everyday life. A well-spaced house provides homeowners the joy of living a rounded life: to rest, play, work, and do fun family activities in a safe and private environment. Spring cleaning and organizing your luxury house might help with all the clutter and free up some space. But for those who have a growing family (and pets), moving to a more spacious home is a more logical option. 

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The Block Has Gone Bad — Time to relocate

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How do you know if the property value around your neighborhood is sinking? | Photo from Liz Sanchez-Vegas via Unsplash


A bad neighborhood affects not only your safety and overall quality of life, but also the value of your luxury house in the market. But how can you tell if your neighborhood is on the decline? First, check the crime rates in your area. Signs of disruptive events and behaviors like burglary or assault are huge red flags of an unsafe neighborhood. Check out the curb appeal of the nearby houses and lots too. Are your neighbors maintaining their properties in good condition? One or two damaged houses might not be a concern. Still, be observant and watch out if this has become a pattern over time. No businesses or homebuyers will invest in areas with high crime rates or damaged surrounding properties. Subsequently, this will hurt the overall real estate value of your neighborhood. Other signs of neighborhood decline are frequent flooding, a rising number of foreclosed properties in the area, and major undesirable constructions (e.g. factories, warehouses, power plants, etc.)

If you catch any of these red flags in your neighborhood recently, give serious thought to relocating as soon as you can. Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of finding a home. In addition, you wouldn’t want to suffer a huge investment loss if your house’s value declines. 

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You Want More Outdoor Space in Your House

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled almost everyone to stay indoors longer than usual. As most homeowners adapted their luxury houses for work, safety, and leisure in the beginning, many realize the importance of having an outdoor space. The temporary closure of communal parks, shopping malls, and travel destinations pushed affluent homeowners to discover a newfound comfort and fresh air on their patios and backyards that may be its time to relocate. And even if things are starting to get better nowadays, pandemic-wise, a private alfresco area remains a popular feature in post-pandemic homes. If this resonates with you but your current living space does not suffice, moving to a luxury house and lots and luxury condominiums with adequate outdoor space is a good idea. 


The Commute Has Become a Burden

The numbers are loud: 75% of the country’s workforce struggle in commuting to work, and SWS (Social Weather Stations) survey showed. Because business districts are often located in the big city, the majority of suburban-dwellers drive long distances to work. And it’s no surprise, but spending too much time on the road can take a toll on your mental and physical health. These include increased stress, heart disease, and pollution-related illnesses. Don’t forget to add up the long hours commuting takes from your day. You could have used these valuable hours for your personal goals or with your loved ones instead of sitting in traffic for extended hours. 

Simply put,it’s time to relocate. Long and stressful commutes become a burden when it begins compromising your health and harming your social life. If you see yourself reaching this point, consider checking out luxury houses or luxury condominiums close to your workplace or finding a job within your area.


You’re Looking for Better Universities/Educational Opportunities for Yourself or for Your Family


If you have an opportunity to build your goals from an exclusive educational program or send your kids to a premiere university several miles away from your current luxury home, it is not a bad idea to consider relocating or leasing somewhere near. 

There is no doubt that education is one of the most important investments there is in life. It helps people learn the knowledge and develop the skills they need to make rational choices, decisions, and innovations. Subsequently, these capabilities will help them find the right career path and gain financial security. While there are many schools available in the country, there are certain degrees and learning experiences that are only available in certain areas. For instance, Brent International School Manila is one of the exclusive schools that offer international education facilities to their students. It is located in the South of Manila and is recognized as one of the premier colleges in Laguna.  


Have You Spotted Any of these Tell-Tale Signs It’s time to relocate?

If any of the abovementioned signs resonate with you, do not worry – acknowledging your needs does not necessarily mean that you would jump into action and relocate right away. Moving to a new luxury house is a monumental life decision that needs thorough consideration. Take this time to build your plan. Get clear with your house preference, budget, location preference, and other relevant matters. This will help you in finding relevant luxury real estate listings and find promising options for you. 


BSF-Recommended Luxury Properties for Various Types of Homeowners

Every homebuyer has specific preferences and needs for their new home. The role of real estate professionals like the BSF is to find the best choices of luxury house or luxury condominiums that will fit the unique requirements of property seekers. Working under the premiere wing of Brittany, a subsidiary of the real estate giant Vista Land & Lifescapes, real estate professionals from BSF have access to a wide range of luxury properties for sale that will help various types of homebuyers. 


For Solo-Dwellers or Small (Usually Starting) Families

The type of buyers typically consists of young professionals who recently moved out, newly-weds, small families, or people who simply want to enjoy their own company and privacy. An ideal luxury for them would be a starter home – not too small but not too spacious either, efficient, and convenient. 


Photo of One Bedroom Unit Condo at Alpine Villas | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This cozy one-bedroom luxury condo unit at Alpine Villas is perfect for solo-dwellers.


For Big or Growing Families

A growing household requires bigger spaces or additional rooms to accommodate. Homebuyers from this group typically consist of those who begin with starter homes and assess that their needs, priorities, or lifestyles have changed. Perhaps, baby number four is on the way or they are planning to live with their extended family members. That being said, they fit best on luxury properties with bigger floor and lot areas. Most buyers from this group are also starting to prepare for their children’s education. If this is the case, it is best to find luxury houses located near universities and relevant learning institutions.


Ghiberti Luxury House Model | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Ghiberti on Vista Alabang offers a very spacious 349 square-meter floor area.


For Retirees, Vacation-House Seekers, or Business Investors

Luxury properties located on vacation hotspots are perfect for homebuyers who highly prioritize leisure and comfort. The same goes for business investors who are planning to start and grow a rental business. Houses located in premium locations like Tagaytay mean a higher appeal to tenants and a higher chance of generating profit. 


Photo of Luxury condominiums at Crosswinds Tagaytay at daylight | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Nestled in the highlands of Tagaytay and standing among 35,000 pine trees, Crosswinds Tagaytay offers unmatched comfort, leisure, and profit potential.


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