Key Home Features in Post-Pandemic Homes


On the first midnight of the year 2020, nobody could have foreseen a global pandemic changing the course of life that everyone knew. As stay-at-home orders and lockdown restrictions entered the big picture of everybody’s lives, many changes punched the outside world in the gut. Such changes are prominent to the way people travel, the working conditions of the present workforce, home features, social events, and daily outdoor activities. 


A wide shot of a clean and elegant living room decorated with a brown leather couch, indoor plants, wooden flooring, and good light fixtures. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Covid-19 pandemic nudged most people to overhaul their houses for a life-work lifestyle that are dramatically different pre-pandemic | Photo via Kara Eads, Unsplash


Unsurprisingly, many people are also experiencing several shifts inside their households. 

Now that a big slice of the population is staying indoors longer than usual, homeowners are starting to reevaluate how they use the spaces in their luxury houses. Room upgrades or even major overhauls are happening here and there as people begin to adjust their spaces to the new normal and to the lifestyle it had created. And while the long-term effects of the pandemic are yet to unfold, it is easy to see how the new trends it had brought along are set to shape people’s standard of living and preferences when they buy premium residential properties in the Philippines.

The future of post-Covid luxury houses and lots paints a clear picture: personal, functional, and comfortable. 

In other words, homeowners are looking for flexible home features on modern luxury houses, as they began to use their comfort places not only for rest and play, but also for work, school, and beyond. Ahead are the notable top-runners:


1. The Spacious “Mudroom” or Safe Fortress Home Feature


A landscape photo of a clean and spacious mudroom with white paintwork, wooden floor and cubbies, and a clear, glass door. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The appeal of sanitation spaces or mudrooms are on the rise as luxury homeowners realize the importance of a transition space from outdoors to indoors | Photo via Yasmina H, Unsplash


Can you believe that mudrooms are once the afterthought of many luxury home designs? The tables have turned. This lifesaver of a room is now on top of everyone’s list of desirable home features as people focused more on sanitation, germ prevention, and isolation.   

A mudroom is your home’s secondary entrance. This is where you disinfect yourself, clean your pet’s paws, and do the customary Pinoy culture of leaving your shoes behind before entering the rest of your living space. Mudrooms are also the perfect spots for a touch-free acquisition of your parcels, as well as for sanitation of groceries and other stuff you are bringing inside your luxury home.   

Now more than ever, cleanliness is king. As homeowners do their best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 inside living spaces, it is crystal clear that sanitation fortresses are here to stay. The future of home design and luxury living will likely highlight the separation of “home” and the “outside world” by including spacious mudrooms or fully-furnished decontamination zones, all equipped with sanitation tools: touchless faucets (for hand washing), disinfectant soaps, face masks cubbies, indoor slippers, and the likes.

And no need to worry about the mudroom being too utilitarian. Brittany’s upscale house and lots in Portofino Heights by Brittany Vista Alabang wow homeowners and guests alike with grandiose and spacious home features that perfectly capture the spacious and chic vibe of Cosmopolitan Italy. Rest assured that every corner of this luxury house exudes world-class details without overpowering its homely embrace. 


2. A Must-Have Designated Home Office


A back-view photo of a man wearing a gray sweater; the backdrop consists of an outdoor view of an indoor home office.

Home offices with top-notch furnishings and lightings provide an ideal and effective workspace inside every luxury home | Photo via Yasmina H, Unsplash


Many are compelled to follow a work-from-home arrangement nowadays for health and safety reasons. As such, makeshift workspaces are becoming the norm in many luxury households. Others convert their posh dining tables or comfy sofas into temporary workstations during the day, and some find their Zoom-meeting-spot right on the bed or on their communal entertainment rooms. 

As more and more people steadily adapt to the remote work setting, the demand for home offices and other work-friendly home features are skyrocketing during the pandemic and well likely afterward. This is because although makeshift work-from-home offices are convenient, they are not distraction-proof. A dedicated home office is more suitable for the long-term hustle and bustle. 

As you know, a good workspace does wonders for one’s productivity and well-being. As such, a pleasant home office gives you the ultimate privacy and the fuss-free environment you need for homework. The goal of a separate home office is to capture the work-friendliness of a real office setting by providing a clear division between “work” and “home.” It is a meditative retrieve from the noise of everyday life—something that is especially important when you are living with kids or other family members. Of course, even those who live alone will be delighted to close the door, focus on their to-do lists for the day, and stand up when all is set and done. 


3. The Great Outdoor Space


A landscape view of a hardwood house porch home features, surrounded by lush pine trees.

A wide outdoor space is becoming a must-have for luxury house owners as it doubles as relaxation and recreational fortress and as an open place to safely host guests during the pandemic | Photo via Im3rd Media, Unsplash


To say that everyone was always on the go before the pandemic happened is not an overstatement. As social beings, people are wired to be outside. A step into nature induces a sense of calm and relaxation to the brain, improving mood and overall wellness. So when lockdown restrictions slashed weekend getaways, closed communal parks, and pinched social hangouts in the four corners of video chats, the appeal for private, outdoor spaces inside luxury houses plummets. 

People are pouring more attention to external home features like patios, backyards, and well-ventilated porches, and use them for enjoying a coffee break, basking under the morning sun, or even for residential gardening. These fresh-air havens also work for hosting precious life events safely and luxuriously indoors and other recreational activities like outdoor cooking with your family, exercise, and meditation.  

Needless to say, private alfresco areas add a refreshing charm to every home. Much as these spaces are pleasing to the eyes, they also help homeowners take a break from the hyper-engaging modern life. So long as people seek a closer connection between their living spaces and nature, upscale house and lots and luxury condominiums with outdoor home features remain evergreen. 


Brittany Home Features are the Perfect Fit for Luxurious, Fun, and Functional Living


A ready-for-occupancy house and lot unit with a large backyard and Italian-inspired architecture in Portofino Heights by Vista Alabang

Any ready-for-occupancy luxury house in Brittany is an architectural honeypot that displays a spacious exterior and exudes an elegant interior that hits the right spot for business, fun, relaxation, and everything in between.


Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed everyone’s living space into a place for simultaneous work, rest, and play. This quick shift relays the importance of flexibility when it comes to home design—one that promotes connectivity without sacrificing functional privacy and relaxation. Such experience sends a message that your home is an important investment for your health, relationships, career, and peace of mind, rather than just a mere living space. 

We are seeing a hopeful glimpse of things returning to normal nowadays, but the way people value certain home features and evaluate luxury houses is here to stay. That being said, premiere residential properties like the luxury houses and lots for sale at Brittany, definitely deliver the luxurious and functional lifestyle that appeals to today’s affluent homeowners. On top of exceptional and thematic home features, the prime and strategic locations of Brittany’s upscale properties also hit the right spot, whether you are looking for a great outdoor sanctuary or an inner-city fortress. 

For instance, working from home in the premium residential enclaves of Crosswinds Tagaytay lets you enjoy a distraction-free space to work while you enjoy the lush greeneries and quiet landscapes of the Southern suburbs. Meanwhile, the prime inner-city location of The Luxury Homes at Vista Alabang conveniently places you closer to shopping, dining, and entertainment amenities if you want to take a quick break from being homebound. 


Post-Pandemic Home Features: The Takeaway

Flexible interiors, sanitized entryways, and access to pleasant outdoor home spaces are essential attributes of a luxury house outfitted to the new normal and beyond. But making the most out of your living space and enjoying the meaningful connections it fosters are equally important, no matter the circumstances. In a positive light, today’s unprecedented times invited people to truly ponder about how they want to live and how that realization reflects on the type of house they want to live in. 

Luxury home features and residential designs have always been evolving since the beginning of time. But one thing remains unfazed: Brittany homes are the perfect fit for life in all forms—business, adventure, relaxation, and all points in between. 


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