How to Celebrate Life Events Luxuriously at Home

From the earliest human civilizations to today’s modern world, we have always celebrated important events. While ancient people used to hold city-wide festivities for important religious occasions, we now unite to celebrate worldwide feasts such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. From this, we can see that fun and festivities all have a universal goal: to celebrate life.

And that shouldn’t change today, even though we are beset by uncertain times. In this article, we will discuss the importance of celebrating life amidst the pandemic and give you a few examples of how you might celebrate life luxuriously even while at home.

Celebrating Life Events At Home

We live in a world severely changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only are previously unthought-of concepts such as country-wide physical distancing measures and social isolation the new norm, but we’re also feeling the ill effects brought about by the pandemic.

A lot of people are feeling the various impacts of this crisis. Some incomes have been so affected that families are forced to move and put up their house and lot for sale. Some, meanwhile, are dealing with the huge stress and grief caused by Covid-19.

Evidently, there seem to be dark economic times ahead. Looking out into the greater world, economic and social realities are severely warped. Inequality is highlighted, perhaps more than ever, and we see widespread suffering and injustice.

In times like this, holding celebrations might seem trite, inconsiderate, and just plain selfish.

But don’t worry, we’re here to tell you otherwise. We will even argue that we must take joy in even the smallest things, more so in times where life throws hardships our way. As long as what we’re doing harms no one and doesn’t go against the law, we’re allowed to celebrate the good things in life–even in a pandemic.

How to Have Luxurious Celebrations at Home

When celebrating life at home amidst the pandemic, here is a list of things you should do to make sure your celebration is classy and luxurious.

1. Put Up the Right Decorations

The blue, yellow, and white-themed living room at Audrey, a luxury house model in Augusta, Brittany Sta. Rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The blue, yellow, and white-themed living room at Audrey, a luxury house model in Augusta, Brittany Sta. Rosa


Choosing the right kind of decoration can make any home luxurious–luxury homes more so. To celebrate life, regardless if you’re living in a small studio apartment or in one of the best luxury homes in the Philippines, the right decorations can invoke positive feelings and help you distinguish this special day from the rest.

So pull out all the stops and don’t be afraid to display your luxurious decorations. Fill your house with the bright and vivid colors of a lively party, or decorate your space with more subdued but still celebratory flowers and greenery.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you make the day truly special–bonus points if you heighten up the level of luxury in your home.

2. Be Sure to Dress Up

The lockdowns brought about by the pandemic have severely restricted our outdoor activities. To some–and dare we say, most–of us, this meant a departure from a beloved daily hobby: dressing up in style.

Even if you don’t specifically think that fashion is your hobby, you undoubtedly have some clothes that you truly love. Just the very act of busting out and dusting off your feel-good clothes is already worth it.

Dressing up in clothing that makes us feel good is a powerful confidence booster – and it’s a refreshing change from the sweats and baggy shirts that we might have all adopted in our work from home setting.

3. Choose Foods that Suit the Occasion

Celebrate life through sumptuous feasts in your green kitchen at Raffaello, a luxury house model at Portofino, Vista Alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The green kitchen at Raffaello, a luxury house model at Portofino, Vista Alabang.


Aside from the great decor, the other staple of a top-notch celebration is good food. Meals are fundamentally pleasing to us humans, but the experience is brought to a whole new level by the special preparations that we do when it’s time to celebrate.

Perhaps one benefit of the pandemic, if you can call it that, is the digitization of services. Thanks to technology and the bravery of the riders and delivery people, it’s now much easier to order food without having to go out of the house.

Whether it’s a classy wine or Western steak or a traditional Filipino dish like Kare-Kare, you can order from your favorite restaurant with the tap of a button. Alternatively, you can also order just the ingredients so that you can prepare the dishes yourself at the convenience of your luxury home’s own kitchen.

Up the tempo and celebrate luxuriously by enjoying your favorite dishes, not just by yourself but with your loved ones as well, regardless if it’s virtually or in person.

4. Think of Fun Activities

Speaking of digitization and party essentials, there’s one other thing that you shouldn’t be forgetting: the activities. As much fun as it is to eat great food in a well-decorated space, there’s only so much food you can stuff in your stomach and so much time to fill.

Activities must occupy this void. Pre-covid, these used to be fun games or social events such as bar-hopping. Although we can’t do those things anymore, some alternatives can be just as engaging and fulfilling.

For example, you can design and host a virtual game for your friends and family who can’t make it to your in-house celebration. There are a variety of free and easy-to-use conferencing platforms that have exploded in use ever since the pandemic began, like Zoom and Google Meet. These platforms help people connect and still have fun together, right in the comfort of their own living rooms.

To spice things up and celebrate life, make sure to include exciting (and maybe even astounding!) prizes for the winners.

5. Give Back to the Community

An aerial image showing the area around The Grand Quartier in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

An aerial image showing the area around The Grand Quartier in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Although celebrations are all about making ourselves and those closest to us happy, there’s no fault in recognizing that practically everyone needs a little bit of happiness nowadays.

While you can’t exactly help everyone out, there are steps that you can take to give without going through legal hoops and dodging restrictions in these troubled times.

For example, when decorating your luxury home, choose to patronize local shops over big brands. Buy flowers from your local vendors, and look for party shops in your area that can provide you with the equipment and decorations you need. Although their selection might be a little smaller, the quality is often just as good and they often have better service, as well.

The same is true when buying or ordering ingredients for your food. Whenever you can, buy from local vendors and local restaurants. Not only will you get high-quality service, but you’ll also be helping out local businesses that may be struggling due to the pandemic. A win-win for everyone involved.

Aside from that, be sure to tip delivery people generously, and make sure to show your appreciation for what they do. After all, they’re risking their health to make their customer’s lives easier even during the lockdowns.

It’s a no-brainer that giving makes us feel much better than receiving, and in these troubled times, anything that we can give will go a long way.

The Importance of Celebrating Life Events Right Now

The Italian-inspired space at Leandro, a luxury house model at Amore, Vista Alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Italian-inspired space at Leandro, a luxury house model at Amore, Vista Alabang.


In this section, we’ll go a little bit deeper into the reasons why we should still celebrate important events in life, despite what’s happening around us.

Cultivating Belongingness in a Time of Isolation

Celebrations have always been one of the most ideal times to bond with friends and family. Before Covid (and hopefully after!), families would cross countries to be together in special events like Christmas and New Years’. 

We can even go as far as to say that for most of us, this kind of bond is the primary reason for these celebrations, irrespective of faith or nationality.

Today, the lockdowns that are brought by the pandemic are forcing us to be away from one another, and we can’t help but feel a strong sense of isolation. For many of us, it’s not easy to go a whole year without seeing our loved ones, or without being able to simply hang out with friends. Indeed, isolation can take a toll on our emotional well-being.

Celebrations can help alleviate these stressors. In times of uncertainty and isolation, it’s more important than ever to feel a sense of belonging, to feel as though you’re not alone no matter what kind of challenges you may be facing.

Gives Meaning and Significance to Our Times of Hardships

Stuck at home, it’s easy to feel like the days are already blending into one another. Restricted from going out and truly enjoying ourselves the way we used to, the drudgery of our day-to-day existence seems to be much more pronounced.

Everything we do might seem meaningless within the confines of the four corners of our bedrooms. At times, even living in a luxury home may not be enough to alleviate these feelings.

Celebrations can change that. After all, they’re fun events where we can reconnect with those who are important to us and give us something to look forward to for the week. The anticipation of a respite from the limited areas of our lives can help give our day-to-day routines meaning and allow us to focus on the positives even amidst the hardships.

Celebrations can bolster our morale, lending us inspiration to do better in the coming days. Every bit of these internal motivations count during times like these.

Helps Us Create Fond Memories that Will Last Through Time

Time has passed in the blink of an eye and we are now well past our second year of covid, of the quarantines and restrictions, and most of all, of the anxiousness and worries. These are two years of our lives that we can never get back–and it’s looking as though the end won’t be happening any time soon.

Even when things go back to normal, it will certainly be a gradual, cautious change. A bit of restriction lifted here, a few limitations removed there, until society can finally crawl back to the normalcy that we once enjoyed before the pandemic.

Here’s a question for you. In the foreseeable future, do you want to look back and see that every memory was dull and dark, and gray? Hopefully not.

That’s a significant portion of our life that we can’t get back, so we should fight to have pleasant memories inserted somewhere in there, like little candles lighting up the dark. Celebrations can help us reclaim the years, in a sense, and remind us that no matter how difficult things got, we were strong enough to be happy for a little bit.

Allows Us to Have Good, Clean Fun

There’s something exciting about friends and family getting together to celebrate an occasion joyously.

Maybe it’s something that we’ve grown to expect from the numerous fun-filled birthday parties that we’ve had as children, maybe it’s something hardwired into our human DNA. What matters is that celebrations are good fun. When people set aside time and plan out activities specifically designed for enjoyment, it’s always wonderfully easy to have fun.

Fun can help us momentarily forget the pandemic that’s currently ravaging the world, postpone worrying about the future for a few hours, and aid us to celebrate life. After everything is said and done, our capacity for happiness is a powerful tool to staying positive amidst trials.

Encourages Us to Take Part in Tradition

The drive to celebrate life is practically universal. Although it appears in different forms, celebrations can be seen in every place of the Earth, throughout different generations.

When we celebrate something, we aren’t just having fun and goofing off. We’re also doing something that our ancestors used to do–something that our future descendants will continue to do so as well.

It’s a powerful feeling to be a part of something greater than yourself. And now, more than ever, we need to feel that we have some connection to the past–and the future–by celebrating the present.

Celebrating Life Luxuriously

Joyous occasions help remind us that we should celebrate life no matter how troubling things get. Events like these are an anchor, a motivator, and a time-honored tradition, all in one. As long as one does not break rules or celebrate in excess, one can celebrate events, and even celebrate them luxuriously.

Decorate your luxury homes to reflect the occasion, make and serve good food, even if it’s just for yourself and or a few others, have lockdown-friendly activities, dress up, and give back to the community. These are the secrets to celebrating events luxuriously, even as we’re all battling the hardships and trials that life is throwing unto us.

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