Eco-friendly Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home


For food lovers (basically, everyone), the kitchen is a magical portal from which food just splendidly comes out of. But to the wonderful home cooks, it’s a place of creativity.

While those four walls can be a sanctuary for your culinary dream, it can be a great way to flex your resourcefulness, and your design skills, too.

Renovating and remodeling kitchens are far from cheap, though. Statistics show that the national average for a kitchen remodel is about $18,500 in the United States. That must hurt the bank account. Plus, imagine all the natural resources it would take to get the job done.

Fortunately, with today’s innovative minds, there are a few ways you can stay eco-friendly while keeping your kitchen in your house and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna looking great. Here’s how you can start:

1) Recycled glass countertops

Okay, maybe this isn’t the best way to kickstart an “affordable” list of eco-friendly design tips; however, don’t you dismiss it just yet. Recycled materials, in this case, glass, are still a lot less pocket-heavy than a new slab of marble or granite for your kitchen countertops. Additionally, the elegant glass can add some serene atmosphere to your kitchen and make the uniqueness of your space pop.

2) Beautiful wall decor made out of recycled glass bottles

Costing nothing at all, this is the perfect way to add a little flare to your kitchen design.

How to do:
• Save some the glass bottles, e.g. from iced coffee or wine, or maybe even jars
• Clean them out thoroughly.
• Dye the glass with some color.
• Find some recycled metal and a few planks of reclaimed wood.
• Make a ring and mount with the metal, if they aren’t already shaped to be so.
• Mount the bottle onto wooden plank.
• Install the wooden frame onto a blank wall that needs some love.
• Add a small flower or plant from your garden or yard.

3) Use old jars (the mason type, or otherwise) as storage.

Perfect for sugar, nuts, cereal, and more. Whether these jars are recycled or newly store-bought, it’s still a fantastic way to keep your food fresh without keeping them in containers you can never use again. Also, look at them – simplistically stunning.

4) Plastic spoon mirror

So maybe you have kept some plastic utensils from Jollibee or McDonald’s to get away with free stuff, but will you ever really use them? And once you already have, do you think you can use them again? Since the answer is probably no to both of those questions, it’s time to look for some alternatives. Maybe use that biodegradable mass of plastic and make it something beautiful.

How to do:
• Get all plastic spoons.
• Cut off handles and collect the bowls of the spoons.
• Get a piece of round cardboard. This will serve as the base of the mirror.
• Get a small round mirror and place at the centre of the board.
• Now, with your spoon bowls, make several rings with superglue. Start from the outmost ring going inward and overlap each layer slightly. Make sure you maintain a similar distance between them all throughout.
• Spray paint the spoons. Don’t forget to cover the mirror itself with a sheet of newspaper to keep the paint from sticking onto the reflective surface.

When you’re done hang it up onto either a blank wall or a textured one. It will look great on both. Then, step back and look at the person who has just made his or her kitchen look amazing and saved the world in a small way as well.

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