On Silverware and Champagne Glasses


You try to be the best host possible when throwing a party or dinner for a group of people you want to impress so much. You will not allow yourself to get caught unprepared with the best courses and the most vintage bottle of wine. You know that your reputation is at stake the moment your guests sit down at the dinner table or when they hold high a champagne flute for the toasts inside your lavishly decorated luxury home.

This is the reason why a host will spend long hours choosing the best silverware and stemware for any party.

Choosing Silverware
The selection of silverware for party, especially formal ones is very important if the host wants to impress his guests. The host may have a very impressive selection of china but if he will just use any silverware set that is of inferior quality or does not match the exquisite china, the guests may be disappointed at the lack of attention given to the silverware.

The rule of thumb is to get a silverware set that will match the quality and style of the china to be used in the party. One must not mix a classical set of china and a contemporary set of silverware. The disparity in style will definitely be noticeable. Classic goes with classic and contemporary goes with contemporary.

In addition to the style, the selection of silverware must give strong emphasis on quality. One has to remember that in silverware selection, weight equals quality. A box of inexpensive silverware will be noticeably light. A nice set must be quite heavy. An individual piece of silverware will be a lot heavier than the less expensive brand.

The silverware must be one solid piece. One that is made from several pieces or parts will always fall apart after a period of use.

Find a silverware style that will last for years. Usually, a trendy set will not be popular after a few years. Get a set that will last at least two decades; something that you’d want to pass on to your daughter when she gets married.

Choosing Stemware
A good party host must be knowledgeable about wines, especially pairing the right one with the food being served. In addition, a good host must have the correct wine glasses for the different kinds of wine. One does not pour a vintage chardonnay in a stemware that is designed for a different kind of wine. A wrong stemware will not bring the natural aroma and taste of the wine. For example, Bordeaux will require a large-bowled and steep-sided stemware.

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