Mix-up Refreshments To Make At Your Home In La Posada Sucat

The season’s great to throw a house party with your friends, or maybe spend some quality time with your kids. With all that work and study out of the way, you can finally kick back at home and hang out with the people you love. But in this weather, you’re going to need to beat the heat if you’ll survive for long. And everybody knows that you can’t beat this heat without some awesome cooling refreshments.

So you might be thinking of just grabbing a bottle of Coca-Cola or a pack of Dr. Pepper cans, but where’s the fun in that? Shake up your hang-out at your home in La Posada Sucat with these simple (and non-alcoholic) mix-up drinks:

1) Cookies N’ Chocolate Milkshake

Anyone can make any old Chocolate or Cookies N’ Cream milkshake, but put them together and you’re a pro milkshaker.

What you need:
• Oreos
• Chocolate Ice Cream
• Milk
• Chocolate Syrup
• A blender

How to make it:
• 2 cups of chocolate ice cream
• 1 cup of milk
• 2 to 3 Oreo cookies
• Blend until you’re happy with the consistency
• Top with chocolate syrup

2) Fizzy Raspberry Tea

Love tea? Spark things up with some sparkling water and you’ve got yourself something special.

What you need:
• Raspberry tea
• Sparkling water
• Sugar (optional)

How to make it:
• Place raspberry tea bag in a mug
• Add a bit of hot water, just to get the tea flavor out
• Let it cool
• Add some sparkling water
• (Optional) To sweeten things up, add a teaspoon of sugar

3) Blueberry Lemonade

They say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But when life gives you blueberries too, make this.

What you need:
• Blueberries
• Lemons
• Syrup
• Water

How to make it:
• Make lemonade the way you do:
• Juice some lemons and collect
• Add syrup and taste until you’re satisfied with the flavor
• Here’s where you change things:
• Crush some blueberries and add it to the mix

4) House Blend Mango Iced Tea

There are no beverages Filipinos can make better than mango juice and sweet iced tea. Make your own house blend and put them together!

What you need:
• Iced tea mix
• Water
• Mango puree
• Pitcher

How to make it:
• In a full pitcher of water, pour about 3 cups of mango puree (or as much as you’d prefer)
• Add the iced tea (1L) mix
• If your pitcher will allow, the best way to get the delicious foam is to shake
• But if that will cause spillage, quick stirring will do the trick

5) Spr-oke-al (The Soda Mix)

You’ve had Sprite. You’ve had Coke. And you’ve had Royal. But have you ever had them all in one cup?

What you need:
• Sodas listed above.
• A cup

How to make it:
• Pour the three sodas in a 1:1:1 ratio (but I’d suggest putting a little bit more Sprite than the other two)

Now, what are you waiting for? Call up your friends, gather up your family and get blending!

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