Brittany Properties Traveling Tips

Traveling In Style by Brittany Properties

When you say first class, luxury and excellence definitely come to mind. That’s why when it comes to first class real estate investment, Brittany Properties is the name of the game. And if you’d like to experience the same type of extravagance and comfort when traveling, then there’s no other way but to travel first class. First class seats in many airlines are tagged “suites” because they are not simply airline seats. They are indeed suites with privacy dividers and with a full-length lay-flat bed. Etihad Airlines, for example, has redefined luxury travel with individual suites, higher levels of personal comfort and an added personal space. This Middle Eastern airline offers 6 ft 8 inch perfectly flat beds, a personal chef that will whip up a taste of Arabian cuisine, a 23-inch widescreen tv, a changing room, a personal mini bar, and a sliding door for complete privacy. The airline is also planning to introduce a 3-room suite as part of its luxury class.

Other airlines are not left behind. While most airlines have phased out their first class sections in favor of premium business class, plenty of airlines are re-introducing the first class section and they go further by making it a real luxury class.

Luxury class on the ground

Aside from enjoying the luxury of owning a home at Brittany Properties, first class travelers also enjoy the luxury of travel not only in the air but on the ground as well. Most airlines that offer fist class or luxury class services offer special lounges in the airport terminal. First class passengers need not wait for their flight with the regular Tom, Dick, and Harry of the coach section. The special lounge welcomes first class, and in many instances, business class flyers as well, into the luxury of a high-end wait, complete with sumptuous meals and fine drinks, access to computer terminals and other electronic devices to do their business and personal transactions.

Fashion Statement

During the early years of air travel, flying was such a big event that travelers were expected to wear their best outfits. Flying then was like a walk on the red carpet with designer clothes and matching jewelry. But with almost everybody flying to their destinations instead of driving, flying has become a day-to-day function that flyers wear their most comfortable outfits.

Flying in comfort, however, does not mean ditching your fashion consciousness. Flyers can still travel in style while being comfortable and fashionable. Look around the airport terminals and there will be travelers in their casual but high-end jeans and shirts. The same travelers in jeans and shirts are sporting state-of-the-art electronics and other gadgets, plus high-end accessories and simple but expensive jewelry.

Fashion Tips

One need not be like a movie star when traveling but he must not also be mistaken as a bum who breached airport security. A flyer can dress simply but with class and finesse. Plain designer jeans, a designer shirt, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a sports jacket make traveling simple but fashionable. This outfit may not invite admiring stares from people around you but will not merit smirks of condemnation as well.

The following tips will make your travel comfortable and stylish at the same time:

● Wear a good watch – Both male and female travelers must wear a watch so they don’t become disoriented as to time. Traveling will bring you to a different time zone and at times you might be confused as to the time difference between your origin and destination. A watch with multiple time zone features will make travel less confusing.
● Bring a nice pen – Frequent travelers are aware that pen is necessary for filling up forms and writing on baggage tags and other things. You might be wearing designer clothes and carrying a designer bag. It will be very out of place pulling out a cheap plastic pen from your designer bag or from the breast pocket of your designer suit the moment you need to sign a form or write something.
● Noise canceling headphones – The plane is always full of all kinds of aural distractions that will make your travel unpleasant despite a comfortable seat in the first class section. Top of the line noise canceling headphones can eliminate most of the unnecessary noise and let you enjoy a quiet flight listening to your favorite music while enjoying the book of your favorite author.

Traveling Light

A traveler could be stylishly dressed but he will look funny if he will be lugging around overweight and oversized suitcases like a tired workhorse. Travelers are always advised to pack light for various reasons, such as:

● Avoid long waits at the carousels – Even if you fly first class with the assurance that your baggage will come out first, it is now always a given. Things could happen in the unloading docks and it may take longer before your stuff shows up.
● Avoid leaving stuff behind – Carrying several bags or suitcases will have the ever-present risk of leaving behind something in the plane, in the airport, in the cab, or in the hotel. This is a common risk in traveling because you do not always count the number of items you check out. Traveling light, one or two bags or suitcases, has limited possibility of forgetting something behind.


With the airlines imposing a strict weight limit on carry on and checked luggage, it is important to bring bags or luggage that will not go over the allowable weight and size limit. It is important to always check with your airline the size and weight limit of the luggage allowed for the trip. Typically, first class travelers are given a higher weight and size limit than the other passengers but checking will help travelers avoid unnecessary extra charges for going over such limits.