Alabang Houses for Sale And The Best Italian Beaches

Alabang Houses For Sale Inspired by The Beauty Of Italy

Just like how Brittany Properties offers breathtaking Alabang houses for sale, Italy also offers breathtaking sights, as many of us well know. But one thing quite surprising about Italy is that it has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer as well.

Italy is surrounded by water on all sides, providing it with a unique coastline that has quiet swimming coves and unmatched seascapes. Both the locals and foreign tourists head to the beaches during summer. There is a resort or a secluded seaside village for everyone who wants to find a refuge from the summer heat.

Italian beaches are the places to go to after tourists are done with their shopping spree in places such as Milan or after the adventurous ones scale mountains or volcanoes such as Mt. Vesuvius. A visit to Italy will never be complete without a visit to any one of the many famous beaches that dot the country’s long and picturesque coastline.

Beaches, Beaches

The best beach is the one that will satisfy what a beach-goer is craving for. One can be looking for white talc or black sand, an oceanfront nestled on high cliffs, or simply a place to enjoy the sea and sun. Some beaches offer pristine and calm water as their main attraction while some offer secluded and private coves for swimming and sunbathing.

Tourists, both foreign and local, can choose from among the best and popular beaches in Italy such as:

The Beaches on Elba Island

There are over 150 beaches in the coastline of Elba Island, not counting the bays and inlets which are accessible only from the sea. Some of the Elba beaches are surrounded by cliffs or immersed in vegetation but many of them are equipped with well-appointed amenities that may be comparable to the famous beaches of the Caribbean.

Staying in the Elba Island for a number of days will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy different beaches each day. The island has a lot to offer its visitors, such as the golden sand of the Cottoncello, the white sands at Capo Bianco, the red sands or the black pebbles of the Tombe, or the Caribbean style beach at Sansone that boasts of its crystalline sea bed and the white sands. Forno offers its beach with the backdrop of seaside villages while the beach at Lacona offers various campsites.

The beautiful beaches and the blue sea of Elba are the main attractions for beach lovers who visit Tuscany.

Levanto, Liguria

The small resort of Levanto may not quite meet the sophisticated standards of Liguria, similar to the sophistication of Alabang houses for sale by Brittany Properties, but the sandy beach has attracted a lot of visitors. Levanto is more exciting than the villages of Cinque Terre partly because of its big number of quality shops and restaurants. The unpretentious Levanto resort offers a nice sandy beach which is the best retreat after long hours in the town’s high quality restaurants and many shops. A small town with a population of about 5,000 keeps its intimacy and charm to all Italians and foreigners who stop by for a visit.

Cefalù, Sicily

Cefalù is the busiest international beach resort in Sicily. It is an hour’s drive from Palermo, situated between the natural bay and the rocky granite mass of La Rocca. The long and curvy sandy beaches of Cefalù are the best the small town offers its visitors. In addition to the beautiful beaches and the clear blue sea, the town also has a small-scale fishing port.

Cefalù dates back to the Greek times; its name is the Greek word for “Cape” but the present-day town was built following the wish of the Norman King Roger II. The town is a showcase of winding medieval streets flanked by restaurants and different kinds of shops but the most famous attraction is the unique Norman cathedral that started construction in 1131 in a style famously known as the Sicilian Romanesque.

The Beaches of Positano in the Amalfi Coast

Positano is famously referred to as the “Jewel of the Amalfi Coast” because of its unique setting on the Italian seaside – a long stretch of beach backed by beautiful cliffs with green patches here and there. The precariously-perched pastel houses, which has inspired some of Brittany’s Alabang houses for sale (minus the precariousness), and the gleaming dome of its church has charmed the visitors on the Amalfi Coast for years.

Positano does not offer its guests sandy beaches because there is none. Positano’s beaches are pebbled but nobody cares. People are attracted not by the sand but by the beautiful, crystal-clear water and the setting that you will not be able to find elsewhere, such as the setting of Portofino Alabang houses for sale. Spiaggia Grande, lined with bars and restaurants, is the beach to see and to be seen in. From Spiaggia Grande, visitors can take the entire breathtaking view of Positano.

The beaches in Positano are operated by private establishments that offer lounges and other facilities for a fee. Those who are looking for more quiet and laidback beaches can go to the off-beaten path beaches such as the Spiaggia del Fornillo where sun lounges and umbrellas cost comparatively lower than what they charge at Spiaggia Grande. The waters at Fornillo are perfect not only for swimming but also for kayaking.

San Domino, Tremeti Islands

The Isole Tremeti, an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, is part of the Province of Foggia and is also a part of the Gargano National Park. Tremeti Islands attract a huge number of visitors especially during the summer because of the clear water surrounding the archipelago.

San Domino is the most popular among the Tremeti Islands because it is a lot greener due to its pine cover that provides shade from the heat. San Domino also boasts of its sandy beach, Calla delle Arene that gets really packed during summer. Calla dello Spido is one of the quieter coves in the west side of San Domino.

Torre Guaceto, Puglia

Torre Guaceto is a nature reserve and protected marine area that has remained free from development, unlike most of the Italian coastline that has been dotted by hotels, restaurants, bars, and other similar establishments. Torre Guaceto is a beautiful spot for scuba diving over its coral reefs and sea grass or to simply enjoy the sandy beach. Being a natural reserve makes Torre Guaceto a place to observe rare or scarce plants and animals.

Other famous beaches to visit in Italy include the black-sand beach of Rinella in the Aeolian Islands; the Maratea, a brief stretch of Basilicata’s Tyrrhenian coast with its tall cliffs that rise above the rocky coves and high-end beaches; and other beaches and coves along the breathtaking shoreline of the country.

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