What to See in Florence, Italy


Florence, or Firenze in Italian, is one of the historical places to visit in the Tuscany region of Italy. It was the center of trade and finance and became one of the richest cities during the medieval European era. It was the place where Renaissance began, and was even called “the Athens of the Middle Ages”. Being a historical city famous for its architecture, Florence attracts many Filipino architects and interior designers who want to get ideas and inspiration, especially for designing a luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines.

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Some of Florence’s popular tourist haunts include the following:

1. Il Duomo or the “Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
This is the most significant piece of Renaissance architecture in Florence. The huge cathedral can hold up to 20,000 people, and tourists pay a fee to climb the 463 steps to enjoy the breathtaking views of Florence.

2. Piazza della Signoria E Palazzo Vecchio
The most famous square or plaza in Florence. Piazza della Signora is famous for its open-air sculpture exhibit and is the heart of this historic place. During the middle ages, the Piazza was Florence’s political center and town hall. The Palazzo Vecchio is within the piazza grounds. Inside it are different decorated public rooms and private apartments that tourists are allowed to see.

3. The Baptistery of John the Baptist
One of Florence’s oldest buildings. It has been there since the 11th century, with its original green and white marble exterior and three sets of bronze doors that have been reproduced. The original doors are in the Duomo Museum. Inside this memorable attraction are mosaics and a marble.

4. Ponte Vecchio
The first bridge built in Florence in 1345. Situated across the Arno River, it is the last surviving bridge from the medieval days. It was previously made of wood, but was rebuilt with stone. Blacksmiths and butchers used to line the Ponte Vecchio with their wares and merchandise. These days, vendors can still be found there selling gold jewelry to tourists.

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