The Best Filipino Furniture Collections For Houses For Sale In Alabang

Filipino furniture designers are truly world-class, as proven by the mark they have made in the furniture design industry not just here in our country, but all around the world. In furniture shows and expositions, both local and international, our designers have showcased their own unique furniture collections, enabling others to discover and marvel at the talent and creativity of Filipinos, as well as in the beauty and quality of our products and materials. These furniture collections are surely the type you would find in luxurious houses in Alabang. Some of the collections that really drew raves and admiration are the following:

Voyage Collection by Kenneth Cobonpue For Your Home In Portofino Alabang

he Voyage Collection includes the prominent Voyage bed, daybed, night table, le petite voyage crib, and a pet bed. The pieces in the collection are made for indoor and outdoor use. The indoor pieces are made of abaca or buri, nylon twine, and steel. The outdoor pieces are made of polyethylene fiber, nylon twine, and steel.

The Voyage Collection pieces look like steady hammocks that evoke a feeling of comfort especially when provided with plenty of pillows. The pieces are available in different varieties of brown with perfect sizes to suit various needs. Getting one or several pieces for your home in Portofino Alabang would be a wise investment indeed.

Described as a “crazy cocoon where dreams are revealed”, the Voyage bed, which is a prominent piece in the Voyage collection of Kenneth Cobonpue, is reminiscent of ancient reed boats. This bed is available in two sizes, both constructed on steel frames.

Basilisa Collection by Ito Kish for Houses for Sale In Alabang

Following his very successful Gregoria Collection, award-winning designer Ito Kish launched his second, the Basilisa Collection. It showcases the “solihiya”, a weaving technique used to craft a vivid silhouette of shadows when casted by the light. This chiaroscuro of Filipino beauty is the centerpiece of the Basilisa Collection, perfect for houses for sale in Alabang.

Kish noted how people noticed the sunburst solihiya technique that he applied on the Gregoria lounge chair. Noting that weaving, from baskets to fabrics, is something that is innate among Filipinos, he applied the different styles of weaving in our regions into his Basilisa Collection.

Kish remembered how his grandmother Basilisa used to fix their Filipino Furniture whenever the solihiya had been broken or soiled. As a tribute to the memory of his grandmother, the Basilisa Collection showcased 12 pieces of chairs, tables, stools, lamps, bar cabinet, armoire, and bed, all of them highlighting the genuine Filipino solihiya craftsmanship. This collection would surely bedeck your home in Portofino Alabang unlike any other.


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