The Most In-Demand Interior Designers For Alabang Houses For Sale

Interior Design For Your Portofino Alabang Home

Interior design is a multi-faceted discipline that includes conceptual development and communication with the different stakeholders of a project, as well as the management and execution of the design. It involves various and related projects aimed at turning an interior space, such as Alabang houses for sale, into an effective setting for a range of human activities. The interior designer is a person who coordinates and manages such projects.

In the past, interior design was not part of the building process as interiors were instinctively put together during the progress of the construction. But the development of complex architecture resulting from the rise of industrial processes gave rise to the profession of interior design. Builders and owners saw the need for the effective use of space coupled with functional design. Out of this need, the profession of interior design was born.

Interior Design in the Philippines

The building and housing boom in the Philippines necessitated emphasis on the planning and functional design of spaces. A bigger construction budget and an ownership demanding a topnotch product required having a designer who will arrange the basic space layout in the building. The designer also took charge of other projects that involved technical expertise on issues such as temperature, lighting, and acoustics.

Filipino interior designers work in collaboration with a building’s architect. While the designer may come up with the best layout of space for your house in Portofino Alabang, for instance, he is not allowed to alter any load-bearing structure without the consent of the architect. For that purpose, it is very common to find interior designers working in tandem with architectural firms.

Major Players

Interior design includes commercial design, residential design, healthcare design, hospitality design, and spatial branding. The profession of interior design is relatively new in the Philippines. Many interior designers entered the field after spending time in areas related to interior decoration or furniture designing. In some cases, professionals branched out into interior designing in addition to architectural design.

The field of interior design in the Philippines is not yet crowded but there is a continuous entry of numerous professionals into the industry. These professional interior designers bring their specialty into the field, making it easy for any builder or owner to choose a designer based on the theme or motif of the construction.

Following are some of the major players in the Philippine interior design industry:

Adefuin Design Studio

Jigs Ranada Adefuin, an active member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, has been in the business for more than a decade. He is an in-demand designer known for his unique creations and designs where he blend the client’s personality with the interiors. He combines his acquired knowledge with updates from current trends, making every project an improvement of his previous one. His space planning is the product of his keen eye for details and proportions. Because of this, he has a solid following in the industry resulting in multi-million design projects from a diverse clientele.

Adefuin’s trademark is the elegant and classic look, employing lines derived from the Classic with a touch of contemporary flair, instead of relying on complex structures. He introduced the concept of creating diverse and unique designs that will fit his line of clientele. His designs endure the test of time. Adefuin is based in Makati City.

Budji Layug + Royal Pineda Design Architects

Antonio “Budji” Layug, a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, and Architect Royal Pineda established the now famous Budji Layug + Royal Pineda Design Architects. The joint venture had set the standard of performance in the field of interior design, turning each work into a masterpiece. The company refrains from repeating a design because it places respect on each of the projects they accept. The company always emphasizes innovation and harmonious blending of the different design elements.
The company adheres to the vision that celebrates a total approach to design – putting together the demands of architecture, interior design, furniture and accessories, and landscaping. The previous experience of Layug as a furniture designer plays well in his newfound field of interior designing. Added to this is the architectural training of his partner, Pineda.

J-Designs, Philippines

With many years of experience in a range of projects from residential homes in Portofino Alabang and high-rise condominium units, to commercial spaces, Jennifer Soliman is a sought-after interior designer who made a name for herself through her design/consultancy work that caters to the good taste of every client.

Her style ranges from classic to modern contemporary, driven by a commitment and passion to design excellence beginning from a project’s concept up to its quality-controlled completion.

Soliman finished BS in Interior Design at the De La Salle – College of St. Benilde in consortium with the Philippine School of Interior Design.

Design HQ

Established in 2000 by Hisako Hirayama and Frenjick Quesada, Design HQ has a dynamic and interesting slew of projects with a wide range of design styles. The company had designed over 100 stores for over 25 brands, restaurants, residential projects, and model units. Their work has been featured in international publications and several TV shows. They always aim to make their design modern, fresh, and relevant for each client.

Arkhi Interior Design and Builders Inc.

Arkhi is a full-service architecture, interior design, and construction management company that combines creativity, passion, and technical skills to every project they handle. The company’s vision is to deliver top-notch design and construction jobs that are high quality, functional, and attractive to their clients.
Arkhi is based in Makati City where a big number of employees and consultants with vast experience in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, interior design, and construction management collaborate to deliver projects that will more than meet the expectations of its clients.

Steven J. Leach, Jr. + Associates

SL + A Manila is part of the Steven Leach Group that was established in 1976. It is headed by Mr. Benjamin E. Hughes II. Throughout the company’s over three decades of serving the Philippine market, the company has served a long list of reputable major Philippine corporations, including multinational firms. They have done a wide range of projects, from small renovations to major corporate installations. The company continuously provides its clients with solutions that will more than satisfy their requirements and expectations. They always complete projects within the allocated budget and time frame.

Entry of More Players

The field of interior design is a robust and growing field. Residences, such as Alabang houses for sale, as well as buildings are continuously built while existing ones are subject to periodic renovations and re-design to keep tune with the changing demands and trends. It can be expected, therefore, that as the demand grows, more and more interior designers will be entering the industry.