Modern Style Meets Traditional Design


Modern meets traditional interior design

Mixing Modern Style and Traditional Design (; Modern Mediterranean (


Imagine finally owning your dream home. You’ve decided what color the exterior should be, and what type of plants to put in your garden – whether it should be Dahlias or Geraniums. And now the next step is to decide on your interior design. Are you going traditional? Solid color accents, regal furniture, and a timeless display that never goes out of style. Or should you go modern? With neutral colors, and fixtures that give off a light and cozy atmosphere.

Both modern and traditional interior designing has their own distinguished style and it might be hard to choose one and have to forgo the other. So, why not both? The transitional style combines the two types of interior design and blends them to show a unique aesthetic to complete your perfect home. The same goes for a quirky style and uses modern design for the living room and traditional for the kitchen, while others use simple fixtures for their bedroom and add bold or printed accents to give it a hint of traditional design.

Portofino, Brittany’s upscale subdivision located at Vista Alabang, near Muntinlupa – Cavite Expressway and Evia Lifestyle Center, is a community where you can showcase transitional interior style amidst elegant, traditional Italian-inspired residential homes. Whether you choose to go for traditional, modern, or transitional style, nothing beats going back to a warm and cozy home.

Check out this video on the Italian Masterpieces of Portofino in Alabang. Virtual tours are the gateway to seeing the properties within the safety of our homes. See how Brittany mixes the traditional design of Italian Classics while having an overall modern style.

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