Brittany Modernizes its Classic Homes

Eliot at Promenade Sta Rosa Laguna

Eliot | Promenade, Santa Rosa, Laguna

SANTA ROSA, LAGUNA—In the grandiose community of Promenade, Brittany launched its new Smart Home series with the Eliot Model Home, last Saturday, November 30, 2019. True to the English Sojourn theme, homeowners, brokers, and guests were all treated to an extravagant thrill with a special property viewing and demonstration of the house and test drive of Rolls-Royce Wraith. What a best way to experience an English Sojourn, right?

Brittany Smart Homes are powered by Alexa and its “Smart Life” applications. With voice and touch activation, taking control of one’s home has never been easier. Below are some features that were demonstrated during the event.


This function enables you to control the garage door with your Smart phone. Park straight away without having to worry about waiting for someone else to open it.


Monitor all your guests with this function. The Smart Door Bell will automatically send you a photo of the person who rings it. You will receive the photo on your Smart Home via the Smart Life application.


Never worry about forgetting your keys again. The Smart Door has a keypad lock that enables you to open the door with a pin number. Also, allow your guests to come inside by opening the door using your app once you verify the person outside with the doorbell function.


Too tired to walk around your house to open all the windows, aircons, lights, and sprinklers? Ask Alexa to open them for you. With this function you will be able to rest immediately the minute you arrive home. Do you want to come home with all of these ready for you? You can also opt to turn them on through your Smart phone application.


Be able to have a peace of mind with your home’s safety and security by viewing the CCTV footages on your phone. These are real-time videos and all CCTVs have a microphone installed for you to be able to communicate with those in the house while you are away.


Did you forget to plug out your appliances on a socket? Turn the outlet off with your Smart phone. There is no need to come back home to plug them out.


This is a replacement for your traditional built-in switches that provides a seamless function to all devices connected.

With all these functions available, Brittany homes can surely provide you with a more luxurious way of living. Brittany living is definitely getting more exceptional as ever. Brittany Smart Homes will also be available soon in Portofino at Vista Alabang, Georgia Club and Augusta in Santa Rosa, Laguna and Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort in Tagaytay.

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