A Taste of Luxury Living


Brittany Corporation, Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc.’s high-end income segment real estate arm, and people’s minds conjure images of the finest houses built within and near the metro. Manila, Tagaytay, and Laguna are cities full of life that feature immaculate houses that feature beautiful themes from all over the globe. Each luxury houses affords residents an opportunity to live in a laidback environment, perfect for all families who delight in the peaceful way of life not far off from the city, while enjoying the scenic vistas set for them when they look outside their windows.

Image of a world-class house inside the luxury community of Portofino alabang

Brittany Corporation truly is the definition of luxury living


These luxury houses in the Philippines feature exquisite details, top of the line finishes, and generously proportioned rooms, accentuated with gabled roofs for Southern American feel, or sleek iron lamp posts for true Tuscan lifestyle and luxury living.

As well as a sprawling land of greens for those who want to get in touch with nature. Each luxury house and lot are presented with a wealth of amenities and opportunities each family member can enjoy, ranging from commercial hubs to business districts all the way to nature parks and swimming pools just within the neighborhood.

Whether it’s a short stay for the weekend with the family or a long one, you must see to believe the beauty of Brittany’s luxury houses in the Philippines situated in the heart of the Laguna, Metro Manila, or Tagaytay.



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