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Creating A Romantic Ambiance In Your Portofino Alabang Home
Growing up, we all had fairytale notions of getting married, buying an Alabang house for sale, starting a family, and building a home. We imagined a life filled with excitement, romance and adventure as we embarked on the wonderful journey of marriage, parenthood and home management. But when we are faced with the demands, pressures and challenges of career, marriage and children, as well as with the busyness and routine of everyday life, it’s quite difficult to think of our lives being one big romantic adventure at all.

But who says that we have to allow these things to hinder romance in our lives and in our home at Portofino Alabang? Don’t settle for less when it comes to living the life you’ve always imagined or dreamed of. Even in small ways or in the little things, dare to see or create wonder and beauty, and you can start with your home. Here are some ways you can create a romantic ambiance in your Alabang house for sale, even amidst the blur of activities or the monotony of everyday life.

Use the pretty dishes

Why save your pretty dishes only for special occasions? The truly romantic consider every day as Valentine ’s Day or* as a special occasion, so go ahead and use those pretty plates you love but reserve only for when there’s a party or visitors in your home at Portofino Alabang. Mealtimes would surely be a whole lot more romantic when your dining table is set up with your best china, especially when you add flowers or candles, and of course, with your delicious dishes served.

Make sure your house always smell good

One of the ways you can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your home is through fragrance or pleasurable smell. Did you know that smell has a strong influence on our emotions? Which, in turn, can also affect our behavior and productivity. A wonderful-smelling house could surely lift a person’s mood and energy. Smell also plays a crucial role in our memories and how we associate with places. Surely, you’ve experienced getting a whiff of something and then, suddenly, you’re taken back to an old memory. Make sure the smell of your home would trigger only beautiful memories.

Put on some music

At times, silence in the house can be deafening, but instead of just turning on the television to fill in the silence in your Alabang house for sale, it would be better to put on some inspiring or relaxing instrumental music such as piano, violin or acoustic pieces using your iPod or stereo to create a romantic mood.

Create mood lighting

Lighting creates the mood and the atmosphere in a room. An abundance of natural light in the morning will give your home in Portofino Alabang that bright, open and airy feel, while scarcity of light could also give your home more coziness and warmth. Lighting really depends on your mood preference, but don’t scrimp on your bulbs if you want to create fantastic lighting in your home.