Luxury Houses In Alabang

The Privileges of Owners of Luxury Houses in Alabang
Portofino by Brittany Alabang is composed of different enclaves, where each enclave is endowed with features and amenities that enhance the lives of its homeowners. One enclave of Portofino is Portofino Heights, which boasts of a world-class amenity center, Monte di Portofino. Serving as a luxurious and stylish backyard/playground for homeowners, here they get to enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle, with features that include the following:

Roman-inspired lap pool and children’s pool. Being an owner of one of Portofino’s luxury houses in Alabang is already a privilege in itself, but to have a grand clubhouse nearby makes things even better. Even if you can afford to have a swimming pool installed in your home, you won’t have to if you have a clubhouse with a pool looking like this. There won’t be a need for you to think about its maintenance, and there’s also no need for you to travel far for some relaxation, fun, and/or exercise in the water.

Basketball court and tennis court. Your boys, or even you and your girls, will surely need this one, so even if you can’t install either one in your home, or choose not to, you can still head to these courts to practice your moves and skills, or even gather with friends for a game.

Function rooms convertible to badminton court. If there are events you can’t really hold in your home, you can rely on the function rooms available at Monte di Portofino. When they’re not being used as function rooms, you can also head there for a fun game of badminton with your family or friends!

Grand ballroom for 300 heads. Holding a party? No need to look further than Monte di Portofino’s grand ballroom for your child’s birthday party, baptism, graduation party, parents’ anniversary, or even your batch reunion or company’s Christmas party!

Fully-equipped gym. For private people like yourself, sweating it out at a commercial gym alongside others may not be an appealing option, so heading to the gym at Monti de Portofino would be a good alternative, where the facility and equipment is just as good, minus the crowd.

Colonnade and pool terrace. Enjoy the luxurious Brittany Alabang surroundings of Monte di Portofino while taking a dip or doing laps in the pool, or while reading a good book or just relaxing by the lounge area. Here, the good life is definitely within your reach.

Nature jogging trails. There’s nothing more inspiring than spending time outdoors while taking in the beauty of nature. As the community of Portofino is enveloped by amazing scenery, have a great and inspiring time jogging indeed!

Luxurious and romantic homes await you.
Brittany, a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the Philippines’ largest and most successful homebuilder and pioneer in themed real estate development, is the leading name in luxury residences in Alabang and real estate investment in the Philippines. Brittany develops masterpieces of premium living for sophisticated home purchasers with a love for beautiful living with its Old World European and American-themed projects. Portofino in Brittany Alabang, Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, La Posada in Sucat, and Crosswinds in Tagaytay are among the many home designs available in Brittany.