Filling Your House and Lot in Alabang With Romance


Valentine’s day may be over, but who says that romance is reserved or designated only to a specific day, or on certain special occasions such as anniversaries, proposals or weddings? We can (and should) celebrate romance everyday, and there’s no need to have a special someone to be able to do so. With or without a love life, you can still celebrate romance everyday in your house and lot in Alabang.

But first of all, let us define what romance is. According to Merriam-Webster, romance is an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity. It is also defined as a love affair, which in turn is defined as a lively enthusiasm. What do you have a lively enthusiasm for? For girls, it may be accessories or pretty dresses; for boys, it may be cars or sports. For mothers, it may be baking or gardening; for fathers, a box of tools or fishing. It may be partying and traveling for yuppies, or books, music and movies for a teenager. Whatever it may be, if you have a lively enthusiasm for it, then it can be said that you have a love affair with it. A group of women may be united by their love affair with shopping, or a group of musicians by their love affair with music. As the owner of a Portofino Alabang house for sale, you may also have a love affair with gardening, DIY-ing or interior decorating.

Indeed, romance is always associated with love – may it be for a person, object, hobby or experience. But there are actually four types of love, and romance is just one of them. According to the Greek, the four types of love are:

Eros – romantic love

Phileo – enjoyment, fondness, friendship

Storge – family loyalty

Agape – unconditional love with stick-ability, sacrificial love

Beyond a love affair with things, hobbies, adventure or any activity though, what’s even more important is that you celebrate friendship and love for family at your Portofino Alabang house for sale, every single day as you give them the greatest expression of your love, which is time.