Portofino: Italian-Themed Luxury Houses

If parents have a choice as to where they will raise a family they would definitely not pick a cramped apartment in the middle of the polluted metropolis or a room in a basement of a commercial establishment; in fact, if finances are not an issue all would rather live in a luxury house for sale in the Philippines. The mere mention of a luxury house is enough to evoke visions of elegant and charming houses with surroundings that can melt all stresses away.

Filipino family of a mother, father, and toddler enoying the comfort and safety of a luxury home at Brittany

The greatest satisfaction is being able to enjoy your luxury home in Portofino with your family.


Why luxury houses are perfect for families

It is natural for parents to want the best for their children and one of the more important needs that they have to provide them is a good home, built in a good environment where they can learn how to socialize, make friends, and co-exist with others without being harmed or threatened. This particular need would be taken care of to the fullest if the parents would acquire one of the real estate developments of Brittany Corporation, the top luxury real estate developer in the country today. Crosswinds in Tagaytay, Portofino in Alabang, and Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa Laguna have established a standard for what luxurious living truly means.

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There’s more to just the luxury house having Italian-inspired architecture. The landscape and community surrounding it adds up to the overall value of the house and lot investment.


Brittany Corporation and its Luxury Properties

The luxury communities developed by Brittany are based on some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, known for their architecture, elegance, charm, and sophistication, such as Italy, Switzerland, and the United States of America. Stepping into one of Brittany’s communities is like being transported into another part of the world. For instance, Portofino in Alabang was developed with an Italian theme, the architecture, colors, design, and even the model names of the homes are all Italian-inspired.

The surroundings even look and feel like a place straight from the pages of an Italian travelogue; and since the community is built in a location that is accessible but relatively quiet part of the metro, families who live here get the chance to experience the best of both worlds: cosmopolitan city life amid a suburban, family-friendly atmosphere. You can work the whole day, absorb all the stress and problems in the workplace and still be able to go back the following day refreshed more than ever because you were able to recharge in a home that is soothing and restful in an elegant and charming community.

Raising a family and living in a community developed by Brittany Corporation is the most satisfying and rewarding experience you can give to yourself. Enjoy all the benefits of living in a most beautiful community, with the most beautiful houses in the Philippines that complement and create beautiful vistas, a fabulous neighborhood, and a prestigious address.



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