Cooking the Perfect Steak Each and Every Time


Steaks are food that are carefully cooked to perfection for guests to indulge in. It is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious food that will be served in selected casual and fine dining restaurants that will eventually capture your attention. Just like these perfectly cooked steaks, luxury homes are built with care and elegance to perfect its whole appearance and capture the eyes and hearts of every possible clients that will visit. But it’s not just the appearance that will attract people, make sure that the ambiance is also good to satisfy them.

When entertaining at your Grand Quartier home in Tagaytay City, steaks are a good food option to serve. Steaks need to be prepared for special people during special occasions.

Steaks can either be grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. It is considered as the fast-cooking cuts for beef. Sometimes, it is marinated for a long time before cooking. Other times, it is cooked together with other ingredients to let other taste be infused in the meat. Cooking steaks is carefully done by making sure that you have the exact temperature for your cooking together with the idea of how long it would take to be cooked. There are also different types of high-quality steaks for you to use in your specialty meals during small gathering occasions. These types of steaks can be found in some grocery stores so no need to worry on finding them. Here are some of the high-quality steaks available:

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Rib eye steak – it is the kind of beef steak sliced from the rib primal with a rib bone attached. It is best by slow oven roasting it or grilling, making it both flavorful and tender due to its marbling fat.

Prime rib – it is one of the prime cuts on beef. It is also called as “standing rib roast” because whenever it is cooked, the meat are roasted standing on its rib bones to avoid direct contact to the pan. This kind of cut has most fat and less muscles removed.

Wagyu steak – it originated in Japan and is known for its quality that is sold for a high price. This kind of steak matches the sophisticated nature of your luxury home. Your guests will love it for its very tender texture. Its intense marbling results to producing high percentage of unsaturated fat.

In cooking steaks, knowing the size and the thickness are important details to know how long it will take to cook. It is to avoid undercooking or overcooking this precious piece of meat. You can choose whether you would want it to be cooked blue, rare, medium-rare, medium, or well done. To check if your steak is cooked perfectly, you can either use your fingers and lightly touch and push the steak to check if if is soft (for rare), a bit bouncy (for medium-rare), or firmer (for well-done). You can also slice a portion to check the color of the steak.

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Letting steaks rest is also important so that its meat juices will be absorbed by the meat.