Ten 30-Minute Thanksgiving Meals to try at home

The most wonderful moments in the lives of many of us usually happen in the last quarter of every year. Commenced by the Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, time flies so fast through the celebrations like Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving serves as a kickoff to an entire season of pure bliss through happy times and get-togethers. With all these said, we can agree that these holidays will never be as special as they are without the presence of the people dearest to us.

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Enjoying food with our loved ones is a beautiful experience | Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Distance, along with many other constraints in our personal and work schedules, can be very ineffable. Such can sometimes drive us into sadness whenever they come between us and our plans to spend quality time with our most favorite people. That is why, when we have the chance, we always do our best to make each moment meaningful and memorable. Laughter and fun-filled activities very much do their thing in this aspect, but with the most delectable food present on the table, everything will fall into place, making your Thanksgiving meals (and other holidays) impeccable as they all should be.

Along with choosing the best food to be served to your loved ones on holidays and special occasions, one of the wisest moves in making life and all of its moments—big and small—memorable is choosing the best homes and master-planned communities for you and your family. What kind of a good life can beat the one in a home filled with memories of special times and a splendid lifestyle?

Daang Hari is home to Vista Alabang’s master-planned communities—Amore at Portofino, Portofino Heights, and Portofino South. It is also the home of the best luxury house and lots for sale in the Philippines. Each community exudes an air of Italian elegance and artistic sophistication. Offering you more than six hundred hectares of land, Vista Alabang is a celebrated center of picturesque views and an elegant lifestyle. It is a visionary city strategically built to offer its residents high-quality services and amenities within its three hubs (and through the nearby businesses and entertainment centers in the southern cities of the National Capital Region).

An elegant mansion like yours in Portofino Alabang deserves nothing less than world-class food served on its tables. With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season already knocking on our doors, here comes the annual dilemma of deciding on the best dishes to serve our families. Along with that is the challenge to show off and flaunt our cooking skills. This can be very much of an ordeal.

We must admit that the well-prepared turkey is the star of the show at every Thanksgiving dinner. But that does not mean that we must exclude other food from the table. While we may have all the prowess to conceive the best ideas on what to serve, sometimes, the sheer number of dishes that need to be prepared is enough to make us worried and nauseous. But say no more. Here are ten 30-minute Thanksgiving meals to do at home.


Cranberry-Orange Relish

cranberry orange relish | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Cranberry-Orange relish is a sweet and sour turkey sauce that can also double as a chicken sauce!


Aside from having a turkey on the table, Thanksgiving meals have become synonymous with serving the members of the family with a dish that has to do with cranberries. Whatever that is that you are serving without a small (or any) tinge of cranberry sauce is no Thanksgiving meal. But it is a shame to use—or even to think of buying—a can of cranberries for a meal as special as this one. Love is felt from the food if the cook exerts enough care and effort while preparing it.

The good news about this is that it will not require you to undergo painstaking preparation. As simple as a small addition of orange juice and zest to your cranberry sauce can make your relish one remain in the gustatory memory of anyone who tastes it.

Caprese Tomato Tower Salad 

Your luxurious Portofino mansion takes inspiration from Italian architecture and design. And how else can you celebrate such Italian wonder other than serving Italian food? With many luxury homes for sale in Daang Hari, all you need to do is to pick the ones that match your taste and style.

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Simple as this food seems, but this tomato tower salad comes a long way from Capri, Italy. Each mouthwatering bite of fresh basil is enough to crave it even more. All you need are tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and black pepper. Follow this recipe, then poof! There you have it: a healthy taste of Italy at your fingertips.


Low-Calorie Southern-Style Biscuits 

Do you feel the need of serving biscuits but could not settle for high-calorie recipes? It is true that it is difficult to get rid of calories when you are in the Philippines. But there is no need to worry about that. Low-Calorie Southern-Style biscuits are here for you. On top of being easy to mix and prepare, it makes use of simple but healthy ingredients that do not harm your figure and compromise the texture that we all are looking for in a biscuit. A great side to your thanksgiving meals.

low-calorie-flaky-southern-biscuits | luxury homes by brittany corporation

You also have the call on how or what to fill it. Your healthy choices may include scrambled egg, orange marmalade, and grilled chicken. If you have other ideas for the biscuit’s filling, you can make new ones yourself!


Two-bean Hummus 

We all want to have a long and healthy life. Vista Alabang has everything designed for you and your family’s comfort. With its three hubs—Portofino Heights, Amore at Portofino, and Portofino South—equipped with the facilities that you need in keeping yourself fit. Portofino has an array of amenities that can help you take better care of your help and fitness.

Portofino Heights’ Monte di Portofino has its own Roman lap pool, fully equipped gym, badminton court, basketball court, tennis court, and a landscaped jogging trail. With so many luxury homes for sale in Portofino Alabang, upon moving into your new mansion, all you need to do is feel comfortable and look out for maintaining your health.

Of course, aside from getting good and regular exercise, one of the best ways to take care of your body is to eat fiber-rich food. Holidays like Thanksgiving do not have to make you anxious about the thought of gaining weight. You may serve fiber-rich food like two-bean hummus to get rid of the unnecessary stress about your health.

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When done right, your two-bean hummus can be as pleasing to your sight and taste as it does to your health.


Turkey Gravy 

True enough, sometimes, the turkey alone is not enough. Something must come with it. And if you have already experienced the Western and Mid-western American Thanksgiving tradition, there is a high chance that your dinner involved lots of gravy in it.

gravy boat with gravy mashed potatoes and turkey | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The best turkey gravy recipe entails a delicate balance between all ingredients like aromatics and starch. But just like what we already told you earlier in this article, this one does not need to make your eyebrows intersect on the thought that it might be difficult to make. There are many gravy recipes that can be as easy as 30 minutes to prepare. Your choices may range from umami, redeye, no-roux, and the like.


Butternut Squash Pasta Salad 

A good metropolitan lifestyle is not a compromise between elegance and healthfulness. If meat (or the turkey) is too much for the diet of some members of the family, this pasta is a game-changer. An easy serving of butternut squash pasta salad recipe can only give a person as low as 380 calories. Eating butternut squash is a win-win scenario. Not only is your hunger sated on Thanksgiving night; it also has fat-burning and belly-shrinking properties that can definitely help a person eat well during the thanksgiving meals but stay in good shape after it.

butternut-squash-pasta-salad | luxury homes by brittany corporation

What can be better than keeping yourself and your family fit as you enjoy the picture-perfect view of your Portofino neighborhood, from your own spot, in your very own luxury home in Daang Hari?


Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe 

No one can get enough pasta. It comes in different recipes. While it may be present on the table during American Thanksgiving—with red sauce and meatballs—or in any other form, nothing beats the healthy recipes from the Italian countryside. Enjoy these Thanksgiving meals everyday.

orecchiete-broccoli-rabe_ | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This includes the classic orecchiette recipe that combines broccoli (in the absence of broccoli rabe), lean and crumbled sausage with orecchiette and ear-shaped pasta shells that gracefully cup with them the exquisite taste of the sauce.


Ratatouille Salad 

What used to be a peasant’s food during the Middle Ages in Western Europe (France, in particular) has become one of the most acclaimed recipes in high-end restaurants all over the world. It has become a symbol of magnificence and sophistication in taste.

grilled-ratatouille-salad | luxury homes by brittany corporation

While there can be a handful of ingredients that need to be gathered on your kitchen table, cooking your ratatouille only entails slightly grilling the vegetables and combining them in a small bowl with pesto and vinegar.


Brussel Sprouts

bacon-balsamic-glazed-brussel-sprouts-recipe | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brussel sprouts take a lot of attention in preparing it for the Thanksgiving table. But thankfully, they don’t take long to cook. You have the option to cook your brussels with bacon. But if you choose to do it in a vegan-friendly way, you may cut the meat components of the recipe.


Stuffed Tomatoes 

Let’s face it. Many of us and of our loved ones are too busy to sit together in one table for dinner night. Especially in this time of the pandemic, our family members who work in the health services sector can barely stay home. But that does not mean that they can never have the chance to eat the Thanksgiving food at home even just for a quick bite.

four-cheese-stuffed-tomatoes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tomatoes prove to be very helpful in a lot of dishes from all over the world. Thanksgiving and other holidays allow us to get even more creative with ingredients as mundane as a tomato. With that said, Turkey may not be the only one in need of stuffing. Stuffed tomatoes only take twenty-five minutes to prepare. With these stuffed with cheese, garlic, and olive oil, loved ones who are not present at the dining table will definitely feel at home once they tasted it.



There is no better life than one in which we spend our special days like Thanksgiving with the people we value and love the most. But things will be even better if we spend them in homes that match the sophistication and level of comfort we need or envision in our lives.

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Daang Hari hosts the majority of the best mansions in the Philippines. Each of the three Portofino hubs offers a graceful 21st-century lifestyle.


Its strategic location allows its residents to access key services from shops and establishments like Alabang Town Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and nearby schools like De La Salle Zobel, Paref Woodrose School, and San Beda College Alabang among others for perfect thanksgiving meals.


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