5 Spooky Films To Binge-Watch on Halloween


Although we can always watch spine-chilling Halloween spooky films at any time during the year, nothing beats the thrill and fun of the tradition of watching them in the month of October. Not to mention the exciting new releases of Halloween-themed films during this season, there’s just something about the chilly air at this time of the year that just makes you want to indulge in watching them—either by yourself or with friends and family.

As Metro Manila eases its restrictions regarding health and safety protocols, cinemas and movie houses started to reopen beginning last October 16. A maximum 30% capacity for indoor movie theaters is now allowed, which definitely excites film enthusiasts and casual moviegoers alike.

However, the comfort of watching films at home is simply unbeatable. You can binge on as many Halloween movies as you’d like, pause the film during the inevitable bathroom breaks in between, and of course, unlimited drinks and popcorn. Just imagine yourself, either alone or with your family, all curled up in the comfort of your own home theater. There’s just no better way to spend the Halloween season. Trick or treating is out, binge-watching spooky films at home is in!

As you are gearing up for your chilling spooky film night with freshly popped popcorn, your choice of a hot beverage, wine, or soda, coupled with thick blankets and maybe even a couple of pillows, here’s a list of five must-watch thrilling movies perfect for Halloween season. You now won’t have to spend so much time scrolling through your streaming apps figuring out which ones to watch!

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No Treats, Just Tricks, and Chills from the Spooky Films: The Candyman

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this sequel takes place thirty years after the original.


Taking on an updated twist to the 90s cult classic horror film featuring the chilling story of Candyman. It follows Anthony, a young artist who stumbled upon the terrifying legend of Candyman as he was looking for new inspiration for his work. The horrors begin when they see the victims in the art gallery right in front of Anthony’s artwork entitled “Say My Name”.

Mirrors have long been tools in horror flicks, but this film takes a new spin on it. It’s also an instrument for the viewers to catch a glimpse of the ominous Candyman. Without it, we just see the victims getting attacked by an invisible force.

Candyman (2021) is not your typical spooky films, as it has complex sociological layers to it. Once you take a deeper dive into its story, you’ll discover that it aims to bring the focus back to the black community, where the roots of the legend belong. It fills in the gaps from the original spooky film, where it mainly centered on the main character who was a white woman, ultimately failing to pay homage to the ominous “creature” that is the Candyman who is born out of generations of racial injustice.

If you’re up for a truly frightening movie night but enjoy a meaningful, mind-boggling storyline, Candyman is your top pick. You can watch Candyman conveniently at your own home theater through Amazon Prime Video. The film will surely have you at the edge of your seat.

Nightbooks: Outwitting a Conniving Witch With Pen and Paper

spooky film nightbooks poster watch in italian themed home portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Who says you can’t watch horror flicks with the young ones?


Nightbooks (2021) follows the adventure of a young boy named Alex who has a knack for writing scary stories. Imprisoned by a conniving young witch in her whimsical and spell-ridden New York City apartment, he must find a way to escape with the help of Yasmin who has been the witch’s prisoner long before him.

This film is akin to the classic children’s story Hansel and Gretel, but with a contemporary spin to it. Kids, tweens, and even the young ones at heart can learn a thing or two from the thrilling twist and turns of Nightbooks. The film can be watched through Netflix, so you may now want to add this movie to your upcoming Halloween movie binge.

Corpse Bride, Spooky Films that has us Wedded to the Dead

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If you’re looking for a more fantastical movie night with Halloween themes, Corpse Bride (2005) is the perfect film for everyone in the family to enjoy.


A classic Tim Burton stop-animation film, even the adults will appreciate the film along with the kids, if not more than them.

Set in an unnamed Victorian town, the spooky films’ focus on Victor’s story of unexpectedly getting wedded to Emily, the skeleton-like “corpse bride” who leads him to the land of the dead. This unexpectedly ensues after Victor shamefully flees his own wedding ceremony with Victoria after messing up his vows and clumsily setting his future mother-in-law’s dress.

The twist and turns of the film’s story beautifully lead to its emotionally bittersweet ending. This is heightened by the movie’s enchanting and vividly imaginative visuals. Voiced by renowned icons Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, it’s exciting to know that it is also a musical film, something you don’t see as often anymore with horror flicks. Corpse Bride would definitely be a wonderfully unique addition to your Netflix horror movie binge.

Ghostbusting Girl Power

all female ghost busters in front of ghost buster truck parked in luxury italian themed homes in daang hari | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A remake of the classic 1984 horror movie of the same name and the third one in its franchise.


Ghostbusters (2016) takes on the supernatural in a hilariously thrilling way. In contrast to the original, this version’s main characters are composed of four women: physicists Erin and Abby, nuclear engineer Jillian, and subway worker Patty.

They band together with the use of their different skills to stop a great ghost invasion in Manhattan orchestrated by a mad scientist. What’s interesting is Erin and Abby are physicists second, and paranormal enthusiasts first. The movie touches on the thin line between the scientific and the otherworldly.

Also available on Netflix, this is a great addition to your Halloween movie binge. There’s thrilling suspense, the right amount of spooks, and an addicting dose of comedy.

Goosebumps: Revisiting Your Childhood Favorite through Spooky Films

goosebumbs movie poster three caucasians running to their luxury house and lot in portofino alabang from monsters | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

If you grew up reading R.L. Stine’s series of children’s novels, ‘Goosebumps’, you’ll surely enjoy seeing the ghouls and monsters come to life in this fun Halloween-themed movie.


Its story revolves around exactly just that, as R.L. Stine himself, played by the iconic Jack Black, together with his young daughter and their new neighbor aim to save the day. They do this by trying to bring the monsters back inside the manuscripts of his books.

However, when one of the monsters accidentally escapes from his imprisonment in one of the books, he burns the manuscript, making the situation more difficult and trickier for them. The film, like Corpse Bride, features an unexpected and bittersweet ending enhanced by its amazing visual effects.

Available both on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Goosebumps (2015) would surely be your next go-to film on a Halloween movie binge with your family.

The Psychology of Why We Like Spooky Films

Whether you’re a fan of watching spooky films or not, it will always be puzzling as to why people love giving themselves the chills and the intense feeling of being petrified from viewing such movies with horrifying scenes or Halloween-esque themes.

It can be the fascination of an unknown world like the land of the dead in Corpse Bride. It can also be the amazing creativity movie writers weave into these horror movies that it also teaches you a thing or two about life like friendship and wisdom in Nightbooks while still getting the Halloween chills.

couple eating popcorn while watching a spooky film in their luxury house and lot portofino alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany corporation

Why do we like watching horror films so much?


It may well be an instrument to make you revisit old but gold childhood memories like in Goosebumps, or a vehicle for feministic ideals from the power trio of women in Ghostbusters. Other times, spooking yourself with plainly terrifying films like the Candyman together with your loved ones is just simply a good tradition to have every time Halloween comes around. Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely better watching these spine-chilling movies in the comfort and safety of your own home, to gasp and maybe even scream to your heart’s delight (or rather, fright) with your family.


Luxury is Comfort Redefined

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Living in Portofino Alabang is what luxury is.


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines luxury as “a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort”. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, comfort should be your top priority for yourself and your family, whatever the season may be. With the new normalcy, we all had to adapt to as we faced a global pandemic, we started to give more attention to improving our homes to cope better. It may be moving to a safer and better location, or a simple redoing of the interiors and exteriors of your home to adapt to the new lifestyle. You recently may have had to pay more attention to revamping your home office space, or in the landscaping of your home to cater to a new gardening hobby. And with the upcoming Halloween season, it’s the perfect time to focus on upgrading your home theater to take the meaning of home entertainment up a notch for the whole family.

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Luxury real estate offered by Brittany redefines comfort.


They provide luxury properties in Daang Hari,a prime location in Metro Manila’s South. The prime community it’s situated in is sprawling with world-class themed subdivisions, business hubs, essential establishments, and the most sought-after recreational spots, encouraging a healthy and well-balanced life no matter the season.

Their luxury homes for sale give you more than enough space for all of life’s demands and comfort you’d ever need. Pietro, which is Portofino’s most premium ready home, features an open family room where you can set up your own home theater that can double as a lounge. There’s also the Rafaello in Portofino Heights, which features a unique spot of its family hall, is located in its attic that’s open to the floor below.

Having an upgraded home theater is just one of the must-have key home features in post-pandemic homes, where you can easily provide a space for each in one of Brittany’s luxury homes for sale. With Brittany’s luxury real estate properties, you’re sure to live in comfort in every season of life—may it be in a Halloween movie binge in October, an enchanting Christmas Eve dinner in a spacious dining room, a magical New Year’s Eve with the family in the garden, and so much more. The chills, thrills, comfort, and wonder of life’s adventure await.

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