The Raffaello Luxury House Model in Portofino Heights


         According to an insightful remark by Nazmiyal, “architecture feeds the imagination of what has been and what could be.” It is an expression. An ongoing project of echoing the designs and innovations of previous cultures to embodying the boldness and aspiration of new trends and interests. For architecture, although very methodical and mathematical, is also wholly artistic, cultural, and progressive. In a way, it is an attempt to capture how we, as a people, express ourselves—one that has been done over many centuries. See the beautiful architecture of the Raffaello Model Home.

         This is a truth not so distant from Brittany’s vision of creating an affluent and luxurious community bespoke in the Philippines. In the South, Vista Alabang stands as one of the most luxurious developments in Daang Hari. Vista Alabang or Portofino exudes an intricate Italian living lifestyle close to nature. It offers homeowners a wide range of exclusive world-class amenities and properties that not only make Vista Alabang the convenient, comfortable, and practical choice, but also the ideal one. It is Brittany’s confident stride towards localizing a precious cultural gem in Europe; giving affluent families and business owners the opportunity to live in Italian luxury in the Philippines.


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luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Pietro is one of Portofino’s luxury houses for sale designed with Italian features and colorful vibrancy that would definitely leave an impression.


The Pietro is one of Portofino’s luxury houses for sale designed with Italian features and colorful vibrancy that would definitely leave an impression.

         Through the properties’ thematic Italian-inspired architectural design, Portofino combines artistic sophistication with practicality. Brittany carefully designed every luxury home to cater to all tastes and preferences, offering a selection of luxury houses and lots that may interest buyers who may be searching for meek and simple homes to grandiose and towering houses. Moreover, these luxury houses are finely designed with all the features of a luxury house, but also giving the homeowner the freedom to customize and layout the home.


Our Homes as Reflections


         The robust, accented, and functional structural design and integrity of our homes is a testament to how well-founded our social and economic status is. It may exemplify our philosophical perspective and approach to life, such as that of a minimalist outlook or that of a pragmatic or practical point of view. In many other instances, our homes are the physical manifestation of our interests and personality, it is the flare that gives every home its unique feel and design.

         The major defining features of any house that leave its first impression on anyone is the size and façade, with the interior design adding more to the awe-factor and impact. Surely, having guests over to see the grandiose exterior of your house would surely be a great topic to break the ice, especially once you share how you have infused it with your own style.

         So, if you are looking to start an Italian lifestyle perfect for you and your family, one that is sure to leave a strong impression, then the Raffaello Model Home in Portofino is the perfect one for you.


The Raffaello Model Home


Luxury home pietro by brittany corporation

The Raffaello Model Home is a 292 square meter (floor area) Italian-inspired luxury house distinguished for its old-world-inspired tower, lush landscapes, and grandiose stature.


         The Raffaello Model Home is one of Portofino’s grandiose luxury properties with a lot area of 264 square meters and 292 square meters of floor area. It is a ready-for-occupancy property that is perfect for a large family. major activities, and gatherings whether for personal or business reasons.

From the façade of the property, one cannot help but be in awe at how defined, unique, and impressive the three-story structure is paired with its fine entry way and landscape. The house is architecturally designed to maximize interior space and let in natural light through the installation of numerous pane windows. It also features a two-car parking space with a convenient roll-up garage door for ease.

The overall layout of the first floor features an entry porch that could be entered through two different routes: (1) through the pathway leading to the main door of the house, and (2) through the 2-car garage for ease after parking. From there the main hallway connects all the major rooms of the house such as the main stairways, living room, courtyard, dining room, and kitchen. Other features of the first floor include a maid’s room, a driver’s room, a utility room, as well as storage underneath the stairs.

green interior design of a luxury home in portofino | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Ready for Occupancy homes are the best.


The second floor of the Raffaello Model Home has multiple rooms perfect for big families or guests. It is designed with four rooms namely the master’s bedroom fitted with its own walk-in closet and restroom, and three bedrooms with their own toilet and bath. The second floor also has a linen storage space located at the center of the house and a balcony perfectly located above the courtyard.

         The most unique touch to the Raffaello Model Home is its attic floor that functions as a family hall where family and friends could bond and spend meaningful time together. Of course, it can also be used as office space and serve other functions such as a mini-movie theater or a small function room.

The Raffaello Model Home’s attic space is the tower that could be viewed from outside.

The Raffaello Model Home’s attic space is the tower that could be viewed from outside.


         The Raffaello Model Home is indeed the perfect space for luxe living fitted with numerous functionalities and spaces that make luxury not only a statement about affluence but also comfort and refinement.

You may freely explore the bespoke design of the Raffaello Model Home through our three-dimensional render of the property. Here, you can view every internal and external feature, design, and layout of the furnished property—all accessible at the palm of your hand. You may also preview the ready-for-occupancy build of the Raffaello through our video tour.

A detailed floor plan of the Raffaello Model Home.

A detailed floor plan of the Raffaello Model Home.


If you are interested in viewing Portofino’s nonpareil development and its other luxury houses and lots for sale, you may visit our website or remotely view it through our virtual tour of Vista Alabang.

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