Celebrate Luxury in Palazzo Verde

Since your childhood, you have already been dreaming about the milestones of your life. What happens on your eighteenth birthday? Where do you get to celebrate it? What if it is already your turn to get married? How do you wish to hold it? Will it be at Palazzo verde? Or what if it is already you throwing a party for your little girl? Where do you wish to hold to celebrate the success of the company that you founded? What if you are already celebrating your birthday in your golden year? What will you do on your golden anniversary?

For most people, the answers to these questions are found as they go along the way. But you do not have to wait until you are days apart from your big days before you make the move to plan things out. Celebrations of your life’s milestones do not have to drive you crazy busy or, worse, into lightheadedness. Planning out your events sometimes entails a lot of thinking and decision-making. Hence, it is best to trust the most established people and companies for such needs.

Vista Alabang’s Palazzo Verde is a one-stop solution for your venue needs with the right blend of modern technology, intricate Western design and architecture, and commendable culinary artistry.

With a land area of 600 hectares allowing you to transcend the benchmarks of the contemporary metropolitan lifestyle, Vista Alabang offers a prime center of services and scenic views on the Southern edge of the National Capital Region. It is a visionary city situated near the shops, food places, entertainment centers, and other elements necessary to the lives of individuals, families, groups, and businesses. It houses diverse and lively communities in its three hubs—uptown, midtown, and downtown—that underscore the exact interests of all of its residents.

Palazzo Verde (also known as Fernbrook Gardens) is the country’s premier venue for golden moments and special occasions. It offers an air of elegance and luxury through the feel of its Victorian landscape and architecture. Palazzo is perfect for couples who want to hold their weddings in the place’s picture-perfect scenery with a church already built inside it. It allows people to see a myriad of the world’s most meaningful historical symbols in one place. Moreover, it has amenities like horse-drawn carriages, gardens, ponds, and a waterway that will definitely leave a beholder amazed and in love with such beauties.

With an elaborate blend of event-organizing originality, gastronomic creativity, and Caviteño hospitality, Palazzo Verde has become a go-to place for an ever-growing community of loyal clients. For 45 years, it has become a place where dreams and dream events do come true.

Why Celebrate Your Golden Moments in Palazzo Verde?

Milestones are life’s golden moments: they do not happen on a day-to-day basis. Hence, it is best to make each one a magical and memorable episode to look back on as you wade through life. Palazzo Verde offers a whole lot more than you could ever think of. Through its venues and various amenities, you can create memories of the golden moments that you can relive over and over.

celebration in a luxury home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Celebrate your life events in Palazzo Verde. | Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Golden Moments to Celebrate in Palazzo Verde

Occasions like weddings, debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, product launching, company events, etc., deserve to be in places that exude nothing more but sophistication and elegance. Don’t settle for less if you can celebrate your golden moments the best way possible.

Be carried away in love through Palazzo’s Venetian Gondola Rides.

The Canals of Italy | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Feel the luxury of Italian gondolas in Palazzo Verde. | Photo by Emily Geibel from Pexels


You and your partner will undoubtedly be swept by the tides of love as you course through the natural waterway that surrounds the venue. Inspired by the romantic scenes in the Venetian canals, Palazzo Verde allows you to enjoy the country’s first Venetian Gondola Rides. By then, all you will be needing are the calming sounds of barcarolles and arias of Italian tenors and sopranos.

Palazzo’s Horse-Drawn Carriages are better than that of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Palazzo Verde’s horse-drawn carriage ride lets you enjoy an uninterrupted magical moment with your partner. Unlike Cinderella and Prince Charming, your moments together do not have to be time-bound. The ride spares the lady from worrying about slipping from her own footwear. Meanwhile, the gentleman does not have to be saddened for missing the love of his life. No one has to run towards the fountain before 12 midnight, as the spell cast to create the pumpkin carriage will not be reversed. Instead, you and your partner can just sit back and enjoy as you smoothly glide through the pavements in your tour around the venue.

Palazzo’s Bridal Car will bring you to your journey’s beginnings.

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The bridal car is one of the most important parts of an entourage. | Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels


Stepping down gracefully from your bridal car is probably your dream since you were still a young girl. Turning the heads of your family, friends, and guests will be an understatement once they see you make your way out of the chauffeured Mercedes Benz and towards the church doors. Not only is your bridal car going to carry you to an unforgettable commencement of your life’s journey. But the golden moment of your wedding will be worth remembering.

Enjoy Luxury Suite Rooms.

Palazzo offers almost everything you need for your wedding. Memories of your golden moment will never be complete nor as good without magnificent suite rooms. Palazzo Verde’s staff is always delighted to serve accommodations to guests before their significant events.

Dances are made magical.

Luxury home starts with a wedding |

The first dance is a magical event that needs to be remembered forever. | Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels


Are you celebrating your debut? Or do you want an impeccable place for your wedding’s first dance? Not only does Palazzo Verde make weddings more unforgettable. Its very own atmosphere of glamor also makes your memoirs of coming of age more fondly. You’ll want every single one of your family, friends, and guests dancing and having a good time on your very special day. With that, Palazzo Verde’s lighted dance panels will do the magic. If you can’t simply watch everyone enjoy the party, hop into the platform, take your partner’s hand, then glide through the rhythm of the melody.

It’s not just a Photobooth!

Are you looking for a new flavor in the way you capture your photos? There is no better way to keep a memory than to capture a perfect photograph. Palazzo Verde has both framed and red carpet photo walls that will definitely make exquisite feels of the shots you capture in your golden moment. Now, are you ready? Just walk on the carpet, beam that smile, and strike that pose.

The lights are on; get noticed!

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You don’t have to look for your lights and sounds supplier when you have one in house. | Photo by Hendrik B from Pexels


No need to worry about the absence of real-world sparks fly in your debut or wedding. Palazzo Verde has in-house light and sound facilities and operators that will help you hold a flawless event. It has state-of-the-art equipment that will set the magical mood of mystic elegance and luxury in your happy moment.

Weddings have never been better in Palazzo’s Gazebo Garden. Lush gardens certainly make good backdrops for wedding ceremonies, outdoor parties, wedding receptions, and other special occasions. The place ornamented with vines and flowers makes a perfect venue for holding ceremonies that involve people’s union in love and life. Palazzo Verde’s Garden Gazebo can accommodate up to 200 pax.

This dome keeps the love and amazement. The glamorous atmosphere of the Victorian era in the one-hundred-foot dome of Palazzo Verde’s Grand Conservatory will leave everyone in love and in awe. This glass-and-steel wonder is decorated by vines and buzzing specs of light. In it also are waterfalls and gardens of temperate plants. Moreover, this function hall can house up to 300 pax for special indoor events.

Celebrate life’s victories in the Byzantine Gardens.

Do you need a place for your birthday? Romantic—or even just milestone—moments are so good when you can appreciate the astonishing view of your surroundings. The beautiful interiors of Palazzo’s Byzantine Gardens 1 and 2 will offer a tranquil and refreshing ambiance perfect for 200-230 pax indoor occasions. Both have a well-maintained landscape that invokes admiration for both natural and man-made beauties. Most definitely, these will make you better appreciate and be more thankful for the gift of life.

Begin your journey or come of age at the Victorian Gardens.

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The Victorian garden is timeless elegance. | Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels


Palazzo Verde has two Victorian Gardens that radiate a feel of royalty without compromising the relaxing effects of nature. Victorian Garden 1 is every girl’s dream for her debut or a fairytale wedding. On the other hand, Victorian Garden 2 makes significant events and indoor parties impossible to be left in oblivion. While Garden 1 can host 200 people, Garden 2 can seat up to 300 pax.

Palazzo Verde is situated along Daang Hari, Las Piñas City. Vista Alabang’s master-planned communities are along this street: Amore at Portofino, Portofino Heights, and Portofino South. While each is designed for quality metropolitan life, Amore at Portofino offers an intricate series of striking landscapes for inspiring living. On the other hand, Portofino Heights is notable for the

mixture of artistic sophistication that exudes an aura of an incomparable oasis. Meanwhile, Portofino South, the Italian-inspired masterpiece that greets everyone with splendor in every facet of its structure, is located in the breathtaking expanse of Vista Alabang.


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