New York Bridal Fashion Week: What To Expect


Fashion shows are a staple in any luxury lifestyle of people all over the world. An elite exhibition of the finest collection of international brands and designers flaunts their top-notch features, unique to their own.

Fashion shows provide a front-row seat to the latest trends in the industry and sometimes even give a sneak peek into the future of fashion. For many, attending a fashion show is an opportunity to see and be seen—a chance to meet and mingle with fashion’s elite and wear the latest designs from top designers.

But for others, fashion shows are simply a way to enjoy beautiful clothes and stunning designs. No matter your reason for attending, one thing is for sure – fashion shows are always an incredible spectacle.

A sleeveless and laced white dress found in the Peter Langner Milano Spring 2023 bridal collection presented at the NYFW: Bridal Spring/Summer 2023

One of the most popular biannual events in the fashion industry is the New York Bridal Fashion Week. This event showcases the latest trends in bridal wear from some of the top designers in the world.

Every season, new designers and established labels alike compete for the chance to show their collections at this highly coveted event. As a result, the New York Bridal Fashion Week has become one of the most important trendsetters in the world of bridal fashion.

Not only do industry insiders attend, but so do celebrities and socialites who want to see the newest collections before anyone else. With its mix of high fashion and celeb-studded glamour, it is no wonder that the New York Bridal Fashion Week has become one of the most anticipated events in the fashion calendar.

What is the New York Bridal Fashion Week?

Adored and awaited by fashion divas around the world, the New York Bridal Fashion Week is a unique event that attracts the attention of those in search of only the most high-quality bridal outfits.

Bridal Dresses present at the collections at the New York Fashion Week: Bridal 2022 held last April

Wedding days are prized moments in one’s life. One of the most famous icons that define a wedding is none other than the bride’s dress, a luxury worth its weight in gold.

A prestigious celebration such as this demands only the best bridal dress one can find. This is precisely the goal that the NY Bridal Fashion Week designers look into.

A dress with a detachable streamer, the "Nour" dress of the Ines Di Santo Spring 2022 Bridal Couture Collection

CFDA or The Council of Fashion Designers of America and The Bridal Council host the popular NY Bridal Fashion Week twice a year. Various international brands both big and small make waves as they boast their own renditions of the best dress that shall don a bride on her wedding day.

The bridal photoshoot with a modern take brought by the Rise: The New Bridal Spring 2023 Couture Collection of Galia Lahav

Guests are immersed in the vast number of collections present at the events, your eyes will definitely be glued to the most elegant and luxurious outfits out there.

This Year’s Bridal Fashion Week

The first bridal fashion week of this year was held last April 6-8 through the digital platform, RUNWAY360. An excellent adaptation to the current pandemic situation, the bridal fashion week was held both in-person and virtually.

Strapless bridal dresses "Leone" and "Yamilla" of the Ines Di Santo Spring 2022 Bridal Couture Collection

Collections were presented to select guests and designers, yet was still made available to all through the RUNWAY360 platform.

The bold and daring unveiling "Camilla" of the Dana Harel Spring 2023 "Acqua" bridal collection

Because it was a virtual event, a large number of people from all over the world were able to view the collections from the comfort of their own homes. The market has reached all these cities, modern fashion events truly have reached each and every diva both virtual and in person.

The collections

As more collections present themselves day by day, each dress harbors a unique character to them. Notable presentations include the ROMONA KEVEZA Collection’s Digital Release, the Sachin & Babi Runway Show, David’s Bridal Presentation, and many more. The three days of the event were jam-packed with activities from every corner.


A ballerina model gracefully dances while wearing one of the bridal dresses of the Bridal Spring 2023 Collection by Gemy Maalouf

The impression that dominated this event is the sign of boldness and excitement present in most collections. From lavish trains and streamers, to the exquisite bridal pants, this fashion week’s collections have gotten more daring than ever.

Dresses accessorized with elegant and extravagant trains and streamers

Classic styles were also still present at the collections. While these modern dresses might’ve taken the spotlight, you simply can’t gloss over the classic bridal dresses. The puffy sleeves dated centuries ago and worn by aristocrats has made it back with a bang.

Puffy Sleeves decorate the pure white dress present in the ROMONA KEVEZA Collection

Find Lace embroidery on the bride’s skin at the collections, a sign of prestige worn only by the privileged.

Lace Embroidery was present everywhere on this bridal dress of the Anne Barge Spring 2023 bridal collection

High-spirited brides weren’t left out at the event, festive dresses decorated the runway with their flirtatious feathers. It is a daring move akin to birds as they serenade their desired mate, a sign of interest and love.

Feather texture decorate this bridal model's dress from the Ines by Ines Di Santo Spring 2023 bridal collection

With matching shoes and accessories, these models were astounding.

The Future of Bridal Fashion Shows

The New York Bridal Fashion Week held earlier this year has definitely created a big impact in the bridal fashion industry. A fashion exhibition of the finest outfits coming at a free price, more and more designers get a close look at the most top-notch outfits – the bridal market is bound to get better and better.

A beautiful laced white dress from the Peter Langner Milano Spring 2023 bridal collection

Some designers have already prepared their collections for the second NYFW: Bridal event in October, each unmatched in terms of finesse, quality, and beauty.

A unique short bridal dre

While we can expect that each collection is only going to keep getting better and more daring as we go on with modern trends, the NYFW: Bridal will continue to give the dreamiest bridal outfits perfect for your wedding.

Life, creativity, and freedom depicted in the Dana Harel Spring 2023 "Acqua" bridal collection dresses

The Dream Lifestyle

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Crosswinds Tagaytay offers a picturesque environment for your everyday living

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The "Michelangelo" model house in Portofino Alabang

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