Festive pieces to wear this Holiday Season


It’s that time of the year again! Cool breeze, festive Christmas shopping, carols, events, Christmas parties, formal events, get-togethers, and such because the holidays are just around the corner. Bells are ringing and we can’t help but get excited as old classic Christmas carols play over the radio, you can see stalls selling Christmas pastries and delicacies such as Puto Bumbong and Bibingka, and holiday sales and discounts are visible already in your favorite shops and malls.

gifts under a christmas tree in a luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Christmas shopping is either done really early or really late! There’s no in between!


For some countries, Holidays start after Halloween but in the Philippines, it starts as soon as the 1st of September and this is what we call the “Ber Months”. People would start decorating their houses and setting up their Christmas trees. Some also start with buying presents and shopping for clothes. And now that we’ve mentioned Christmas shopping, some of us would probably have a long list of things to do before the day strikes on the 24th of December.

Now, because of the pandemic, we know that a lot of us may be leaning on the option of just ordering online but for people who are keen on details and sizes, going to malls are still the best way to go. Vista malls are now in a very Christmassy vibe and almost all shops are giving out Christmas discounts and vouchers already.

To be well prepared, it would be best to start visiting the malls now, to avoid the crowd and the Christmas traffic jams. Good thing everything is accessible in Vista Alabang to do some early or even last-minute Christmas shopping. VistaLand Communities such as Brittany is accessible to both Evia Lifestyle Center Alabang and SOMO – All home Daang Hari where we can all shop ‘till we drop. Its goal is to cater to all your needs from food, house decorations, leisure, and fashion is very much beneficial.

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evia lifestyle center | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Evia Lifestyle Center – Daang Hari


One of the best things about the Christmas season is changing out your everyday clothes to something a little grand like a festive dress to add a holiday twist to our wardrobe. We need to change everything, from dressing up the house, the tree, and ourselves! Tis the season to be jolly, and also sparkly!

Outfit Ideas and Fashion Wear to try this Season

December is supposed to be the winter season but since we’re living in a tropical country, dressing up in layers may not be a good idea. But there are still pieces of clothing and accessories that may seem to fit in winter but can still make their way onto your closet.

Now, we don’t want to be overdressed but also want to dress the part. To keep up with the winter collection but not be too layered, let’s round up some of the Christmas party outfits we need to score to prepare for this festive season:

Silk Scarf

Aside from keeping us warm during the winter season, adding a scarf to your outfit could serve as your main accessory to complete your look. Even a plain shirt or blouse would look fab with a scarf hanging on your neck as you prepare for the Christmas eve dinner downstairs by the dining room. A tie-die scarf would go best with your sleeveless dress to keep yourself from getting cold if the dinner is set up outside by the garden.

Knits are often worn during winter and colder seasons and since we are living in a relatively hot country which is the Philippines, wearing knitted tops may not even cross the minds of most people. But good thing that there is a way to wear knit tops now even though it’s humid and hot.

Lightweight knits that uses fine-gauge knits and fabrics that are not neither heavy or thick to keep you cool. Knitted halter tops and crop tops are also a way to go to pair with your denim jeans or high waist shorts.

white knit crop top sleeveless | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Knitted Cropped top – H&M



As most of us are spending time inside our houses, we tend to look for the most comfortable yet most fashionable set we could throw in to wear. A cropped sweatshirt and some high waist sweatpants are now the new trend because it’s not too warm but also not too cool to wear.

This is the best wear to get you through the early morning breakfast till the late night cuddles for movies. It gives off a look not too extra but also not too plain for a grand occasion.

Hyperglam_Crop_Crew_Sweatshirt_Black | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Hyperglam Crop Crew Sweatshirt – Adidas



To elevate your simple look, a beret is the way to go. Not just to keep your head warm for the cold season, it also transforms your outfit to a retro-like style or deceive everyone into thinking you’re a fashion nerd.

A beret makes any look timeless and would go perfectly with buttoned vests or knitted cardigans. As this usually is made of wool or knitted, it also gives off the winter vibe even though you’re just wearing plain shirt and pants. This is best fit with the ambiance in Portofino Alabang as this piece of head accessory depicts of Parisian, France, historic vibe that suits well in cabin themed Christmas decors.

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Velvet skirt

For girly women who likes skirts, a velvet fabric is a good idea to match with any top may it be oversized or fit. It works as a trick looking like part of the winter collection without it being too warm for the weather. It can be easily paired up with some boots for an evening occasion. A velvet fabric not only makes comfortable dresses but also makes any attire elegant and chic.

green vervet bodycon skirt on brown woman wearing heels | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Velvet Bodycon Midi Skirt: Amazon 


Festive themed Face masks

Be it that we are in the pandemic right now, wearing masks is already a part of what we wear in our daily lives. Though this is a small piece and may not look much, this accessory is also something that we need to give attention to. It would be nice to pair your outfit with the mask you’re wearing too. May it be by color or by the pattern, it would look good if everything is matching up instead of just wearing the plain blue surgical mask.


Ankle boots

Just because we’re living in tropical country doesn’t mean we need to keep our boots away. We know boots are the perfect pair for any dresses, skirts, and jeans to achieve a look not too casual compared to when we are wearing regular sneakers or flats. We still want to look fab in our new year’s eve dinner while wearing a body con dress.

You can also go for the boho-chic look while wearing your maxi dress and beach wave curled up hair. Wearing high knee boots may be something you’d want to save up for your travels in a much colder country, you can still opt to boots but choose Ankle type rather.

bald, nose ringed, dark skinned woman wearing brown leather boots | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Leather Heeled Ankle Boots – Zara


Festive sparkly bodycon dress

Create that drop dead, show stopping look with a sparkly bodycon dress that will hug your curves and highlight your assets. Get holiday party ready with a festive dress that is accentuated by sparkles, sequins and glitter that does well with simple heels or ankle boots. This is the easiest piece of clothing your could score if you want to look fancy, elegant, and sexy.

May it be a formal event, or a Christmas party with your gals, this is best thing to wear to stand out while keeping it comfortable and simple.

south east asian lady wearing a silver slip dress | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Pomelo – Mini Glitter Spaghetti Strap Dress 


Festive Pajamas

Now we all know that there are really people who’d rather just stay in bed and watch some festive classic romantic comedy movies while munching on some chips or dinner leftovers, dressing up may be something that they won’t even consider doing.

Getting yourself a comfortable pair of jammies for Christmas may not be a bad idea too. There are countless of new cute and elegant designs for a matching PJs that would be perfect for the season.

You could also go matchy with the rest of the family while setting up a movie night or a Christmas party to wait for the clock to strike 12. Be on your nighties but make it fab!

blue satin pajama set on dark skinned lady with fluffy slippers | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Satin Night Shirt – H&M


Good thing we are now living in the modern age and connecting with family and friends is not as hard as in the past. In one simple click, we can share the food we are about to eat, our home OOTD or outfit of the day, our Christmas eve selfies.

We can now scroll over Facebook and get updated on how families spend their Christmas and New Year’s eve. You can still dress up and show people by posting them on Instagram. You can scroll through the parks and amenity areas of your community in Brittany to do a quick shoot of your outfit.

You could also drop by nearest parks and malls as Vista Alabang is accessible to metro places and parks. But even though we’re inside our houses, prepping up, doing your make up and getting on your fab outfit is still a way to go.

family having christmas dinner in luxury home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Us Filipinos, pandemic or not, never fail to get into the festive Christmas spirit.


May it be inside our homes or outside, we will still find a way to celebrate Christmas. Having fun isn’t only limited to partying in restaurants or such, we can still be inside the house and have fun. We still find a way to draw up a smile and spend quality time with our loved ones.