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Recent luxury property trends suggested that homebuyers today expect more than just the typical features that luxury homes tend to have. Properties on waterfronts or in uplands are becoming more and more sought after since they offer not merely just the space, climate, and view, but also incorporate other features of what today’s home buyers and investors consider luxury.

How do you make your vacation home appear more luxurious? A true modern high-end property buyer can see right through the knock-off furnishings or faux-Van Gogh. While appearance helps, it’s not everything. There are other elements that set a luxury vacation home apart from the rest.

Are you wondering what these features are? We have listed some of the most important features that appeal to luxury property buyers. 


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The location of a luxury property such as a vacation home is as important as the home itself.


Homebuyers and investors alike value the luxury properties’ proximity to either the beach, town or both! Buying luxury vacation homes with ocean views or those that are situated in the highlands and walking distance to almost everything they could want or need is high on the list.


When we want to go on a holiday, we usually want space to breathe and relax, which is an all-important factor when it comes to luxury holiday homes. Homebuyers want to know that they are not paying high prices and fit themselves in a small space, instead, they want an open plan, wide spaces, and spacious dwellings with high ceilings and big views.


A photo of holiday home decor Christmas-themed living room, featuring green and red chairs, a fireplace, and other bright-colored holiday ornaments | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The interior styling of a property can be a huge consideration for luxury holiday homebuyers.


Since the luxury property is going to be where they will spend their holidays and weekends relaxing, they expect to do it in style and will sometimes even bend the location rules slightly just to stay in a property that they find very visually appealing.


Many homebuyers nowadays are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, their always-on and busy daily lives, thus, the increase in the number of home buyers and investors looking for luxury holiday homes that offer privacy. 

Having a secure property, safe and gated community is appealing to those home buyers wanting a place where they can relax and rejuvenate in peace and tranquillity.


Another factor in buying a luxury property is the X-factor or “wow” factor. 

Eliot Luxury Home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Promenade has the Smart home Eliot powered by Alexa. Who wouldn’t want technologically-advanced vacation homes with smart features?


When it comes to special features, think about a gym, sauna and spa, which are also highly regarded. These features are sought after among luxury holiday homes and make a residence extraordinary.

Luxury home buyers and property investors look for a special property that stands out from the crowd and is worth the investment for them or their families.

Owning a luxury holiday home is one of the big perks in life and many people are dreaming of having one. Being able to travel to a place that you love and stay in your very own stylish and secluded hideaway whenever you feel the need sounds just perfect or whenever you want to unwind on long weekends or holidays. 

Whether you are enjoying your vacation home with friends and family or if it’s a private place for you and your partner, it is also a property that can grow with you, creating a great investment for your future.

As with any addition to your luxurious lifestyle, the vacation home you buy should have an air of sophistication and glamour. Something to consider when choosing the location you buy in and the property itself. In terms of having a living space, it is not just about the layout or number of luxurious features like a gym or steam room, but how you choose to decorate and set up your new vacation home.

One of the most important aspects is the décor, which is key to achieving the look you desire so that the luxury property you buy is not only a home from home but something even more desirable.

We’ve enlisted some of the best ways to give your vacation home that five-star feel you deserve because decorating it to a luxurious standard will ensure you always want to stay on holiday.

Luxury rugs

Nothing adds that air of refined elegance like luxury rugs. Whether you choose a Turkish Kilim or a Persian number, buying a top-quality rug will certainly enhance your luxury vacation home. You can get rugs of this quality in a number of styles and colors to suit your personal style and taste. Choose designs that will bring visual interest to the room in which they are placed and add a truly luxurious feel. You’ll get surprised with how they will change the look of a room in an instant, all you have to do is just lay it down and let it work its magic.

Window shutters

Are you looking for alternative decor ideas? Then, you should consider window shutters and include them on your list. They bring a more sophisticated feel to any property, compared to regular blinds or curtains. They also come in a variety of types, range of materials, and styles so you can match them to your luxury vacation home, making it unique. 

According to home designers, shutters work well in any location but really come into their own in south-facing rooms and also seaside locations. The ability of these windows to control the light coming into the room more precisely is ideal for controlling temperature and glare, plus they look super stylish too.


Displaying artwork in your luxury vacation home offers you the perfect opportunity to reflect your own personality in your own place, thus helping to make the home seem less like a show home. 

An canvas with a painting on it and the artist's easel and paintbrushes on a table | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Instead of putting numerous pictures in every room why not carefully select a few statement pieces and place them strategically where they will have the most impact.


To really go the extra mile, you can also seek out local artists and buy artwork from them to display in your home. This will not only mean that you have totally unique décor in your holiday property but you are also taking steps to integrate within the local community. 

Maximize the outdoor space

Most vacation homes have wide spaces. With this, much attention should be focused on the outside as the inside. After all, the garden is where you and your guests will spend a lot of time. 

A stylish outdoor dining set may be considered so you can relax outside and enjoy meals there when the weather is favorable. You should also think about creating a chill-out area with beautiful patio furniture that offers up the perfect place to sip some cocktails. 

The garden should also be well-maintained and landscaped to give you a pleasing and clean environment to relax in. Make sure any grass is kept well mown and think about adding water features, statues, and colorful planting.

Use the best linen and soft furnishings

If there is one way to really get that luxury feel in your vacation home, it is through the linen and soft-furnishings you buy. You can check out the go-to materials for this in terms of sheets and pillowcases, while sumptuous velvets will add a touch of glamour in cushions with their super-soft feel if that suits your style. You can also add some luxury quality cushions onto the beds and around all rooms and you will certainly achieve the decadent look you are after.

Masters bedroom of a luxury home for sale in the Philippines | Brittany Corporation

Luxury homebuyers are unlike ordinary property owners. They’re looking for a deeper sense of authenticity, privacy, personalization, and, most importantly, quality.


Brittany Corporation is the country’s pioneer in luxury-themed developments with proven expertise in developing residential communities inspired by the world’s premium destinations. It offers Old European and American-themed projects and creates masterpieces of upscale living for luxury homebuyers with a taste for artful living. 

It has a fine selection of luxury holiday home designs in excellent locations: Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, Augusta, Georgia Club, and Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

Brittany Corporation’s communities continue to offer luxury properties that are rich in character and sophisticated in thematic appeal. 

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The luxury real estate market often has an air of “exclusivity and privacy” that feels impenetrable if you’ve never bought a property within the upper-tier price points. 

Meanwhile, when investing in luxury properties, it is recommended to work with a luxury real estate sales professional who has a proven track record and experience in successfully navigating the luxury real estate market. You have to know that all real estate sales professionals have their expertise and it is necessary that you understand the ins and outs as well as the trends in luxury real estate. 

Without a luxury real estate expert, you could see your house sitting, price dropping, with no prospective buyers or you could be led to lesser quality properties in the market. 

Brittany Salesforce, the official selling arm of Villar-led Brittany Corporation, is composed of real estate sales professionals with vast experience in luxury real estate and a proven track record in handling and servicing the most prestigious clientele in the country. 

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