Luxury Living in Laguna


If you’re looking for accessibility without compromising exclusivity, living in Laguna is the perfect place to settle for you and your family. Having access to the most luxurious amenities and establishments is what you will be able to enjoy inside this hidden gem of the south. Santa Rosa Laguna has the most luxurious residential properties that guarantee a life filled with grandeur.

Luxury House and Lot for sale by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Santa Rosa brings the Southern American charm to life!


Brittany Corporation has pioneered in offering beautiful thematic luxury homes, from classic South American charm to Old English mansions. Choosing Brittany Santa Rosa provides you with living in a luxury home without having to worry about access to the best schools, commercial establishments, and hospitals, everything you need is just a few minute’s drive from you and another good thing about that is you won’t be struggling from traffic.

Promenade is an exclusive residential property located at Santa Rosa Laguna that offers English mansions and big cuts of lot that range from 700 sqm up to 1000sqm. The Eliot Smart Home is a ready for occupancy mansion located at Promenade, Santa Rosa Laguna. This beautiful luxury home is powered by Alexa, incorporating smart home features that can make your home convenient and at the same time entertaining, which is just a few words away, you don’t have to lift a finger to close the lights or even play the music.

Aside from oozing with sophistication, it has outright elegance that will surely have you feeling like you just traveled across the world to witness such beauty of an English country manor home. With so much space to utilize, you won’t run out of ideas to be creative when it comes to designing your home, from turning your attic into an office, library, a fitness room, or even a playroom for your kids to enjoy.               

Another luxury house model from Promenade is the Lawrence mansion which is designed with spacious chambers and a kitchen with a quartz-built countertop and an inviting courtyard. There’s nothing more exciting than having a luxury home with so much space for you and your family to enjoy, and another luxury that Promenade provides is the peaceful environment you will wake up to, like the sound of birds chirping and the swaying of the trees from the fresh breeze, free from any pollution.

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Why travel far to look for a place filled with beauty and unicity, when it can be your own home. These days it is important for us to stay safe, and that is something Brittany can offer its investors and clients, all their residential properties are properly secured, which guarantees safety. Whether it be going for a morning jog or an afternoon walk with your kids you won’t have to worry about fast vehicles passing by or putting your health at risk from crowded places. Luxury living in Laguna is everything above and beyond people expect, from elite craftsmanship to prime locations that give off spectacular opulence.

There’s a high percentage of migration to the south these days, from people living in cities now finding themselves investing in luxury properties in Laguna because of the great lifestyle and comfort these residences provide to their clients, contributing to the influx of sales in luxury homes. So, if you are looking for safety, comfort, and opulent amenities, investing in luxury living provides you all of these packages that come with your luxury home.

Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Santa Rosa, Laguna is dubbed Lion City of the south for good reason! Its beauty is unparalleled!


The City of Santa Rosa is a hidden gem in Laguna, known for its inevitable growth which is why it is referred to as the “Lion City” because it is roaring with constant opportunities and economic flourish which brings the city alive and known for its developments. Investing in luxury properties in a location with an easily accessible address such as Santa Rosa Laguna is a great place for investment because as time goes by, each month all properties appreciate their value which is a profitable investment as luxury homes are always in demand in the market neither does it get affected because its value does not fluctuate or crash, it has constant growth which in the long term creates a multitude of returns.

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Not only can you invest through buying a luxury home for yourself, with developments rising at every corner, surrounded by a good community with great facilities for running a business, but you can also open your own restaurant or any shop of your liking nearby at Nuvali Sta. Rosa, where most commercial establishments are located, it’s where you can find residents within the area flocking to whether it be weekdays or weekends, you’ll find them dining or shopping for their needs, from groceries, clothing store, pharmacies and bakeshops, everything is available.

Time is another Luxury which you can have when you’re living in Laguna because you have convenient access to establishments which provides ease of life, you won’t be wasting your time stuck in traffic when you have to run quick errands to the mall, each of your time is valued thus why these properties not only provide comfort and security but also saves your time which is beneficial to those who have hectic schedules or prefer to spend time with their family.  Upgrading your lifestyle with spacious luxury homes is also good for building a family, you can customize each space to your own liking and needs.  From tall ceilings to intricate details of every corner and façade, these features certainly give your home a touch of luxury that you can’t just easily find in other places.

luxury home in Brittany Santa Rosa | luxury homes by brittany santa rosa

Brittany Santa Rosa offers a truly exclusive community a little further away from the noisy main street.


 Exclusivity is something you can also enjoy when you invest in a luxury home in Laguna because it comes with recreational spaces which you certainly will enjoy with your family enjoy exclusively; with the amenities your luxury home comes with, you can have access to swimming pools, clubhouse or a park, all of these are benefits of investing in luxurious residential properties. There’s also a lot of places in Laguna where you can enjoy activities such as playing Golf like the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club, The Country Club Philippines, and Canlubang Golf & Country Club.

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If you are looking into enrolling your kids in a good school, you are surrounded by the best schools like the new campus of the University of Sto. Tomas, Xavier, St. Scholastica, and De La Salle Canlubang, all these prestigious schools will provide great education to your kids which makes a great investment for your child’s future. There’s a lot of things you can enjoy when you live in luxury, it enables you to indulge in a lavish lifestyle with your privacy kept unharmed and around-the-clock security.

Brittany Santa Rosa is a developer in Laguna that focuses on providing value and luxury to the life of its investors. It is also important for a developer to make sure that their clients get what they pay for and catering to their needs like providing a community that helps aspects of their lives such as physical and mental health. When building a luxury community, Brittany Santa Rosa aims to make sure its environment has positive relations, from the luxury of time, nature, and exclusivity.

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Gaining trust from buyers is also a part of their priority, another reason why they take care of their investors is that they want to make sure their clients won’t have to worry about jeopardizing their safety amidst the luxury. Investing in luxury homes along with a great developer that takes good care of its properties that can last up to your future with great value is an investment that you won’t regret when you’re living in Laguna.

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Brittany Santa Rosa is the definition of luxury living in Laguna.


Invest now and join Brittany Santa Rosa’s community and experience luxury living in Laguna, where everything you need is just within and outside of your doorstep, with endless opportunities, a lavish lifestyle, and accessibility without compromising exclusivity. Live in a 29-hectare estate where English mansions are set within lush forests at Promenade, or build your own luxury home in a Southern American themed community amongst a landscape of greens at Georgia Club and Augusta Santa Rosa with exclusive amenities such as a swimming pool where you can cool down with your family during a hot afternoon, take your furry friend at the park for a walk or create memories with your kids at Daisy Park’s playground, Georgia Club and Augusta also offers a safe path for jogging and walking to help you keep active and healthy lifestyle benefits for your physical and mental health, its community is perfect for those looking into a lifetime investment for building a family or creating a feasible financial growth through luxury property investment.

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