Premier Colleges In Laguna


Before going into the action of the outside world and looking for colleges in Laguna, all of us went through the toughest times in school. All the knowledge that we gained through years of studying is essential to what we do, most especially if we are currently at work. Being educated is important because this is what prepares an individual for the future. The more things you know, the better chance you’ll succeed in life.

Of course, knowledge alone won’t bring you up to the pinnacle of your goals because you need to be wise and skillful as well. But education plays a big role as it gets you a step closer to the dreams you want to achieve when you finish your studies from elementary to collegiate level. For the younger generation, they must see its importance and not take it for granted because it is the greatest gift that they can give to themselves or anyone else.

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The pandemic may have changed the way we go to class, but the premier colleges in Laguna offer online classes. | Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Education is crucial especially nowadays, because of too much misinformation and fake news that can spread quickly due to technology. If you are educated, you know how to research and react accordingly to a certain issue and topic which is a good thing because it also prevents you from committing false actions that you might regret soon.

When it comes to education, most of us look for an academy that has prestigious and top-quality services. The majority of the people know some schools, but most are in the Metro. There are excellent universities and colleges that can be found elsewhere and don’t look further because some are here in the south, specifically Laguna. Laguna is near to numerous college institutions, that offer great quality education.

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Having a home near colleges and universities is beneficial as it brings students closer to their learning ground and Brittany Corporation, being a company that offers residential properties here in Laguna is a nice one to look at because houses and lots are all within reach to different educational institutions.

We are aware of the fact that as of today, schools are still not allowed to operate face-to-face classes. Most of the children need to cope and adapt to the new normal which is the online class arrangement. Yes, it is tough but hopefully, things would get better soon. If you are looking for somewhere to live here in Laguna, then some properties are perfect for you as it has easy access to some of the biggest and prestigious colleges here. Investing in houses and lots here in Laguna is not a bad thing as this will help not only students but also people who are interested in pursuing another degree to finish. In this article, we will enumerate the different premier colleges and universities in Laguna and where they are located.


University of Philippines Los Baños Laguna

Probably the most famous or well-known university for most people. UP Los Baños is known for its excellence in the following program courses: agricultural engineering, agriculture, biology, chemistry, development communication, forestry, information technology, mathematics, and veterinary medicine. The university also has some notable alumni. What makes UP Los Baños stand out is its excellent programs when it comes to agricultural programs. They were once recognized for being a major contributor to the development of Asian agriculture and technology.

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The University of the Philippines is one of the best universities in the Philippines. | Image from WikiCommons


Aside from being known to be one of the best universities here in the country, you cannot deny the fact that UP Los Baños is a nice spot to take a breather from all the hassle and stress. The environment inside the campus is peaceful, a go-to place where you and your friends or family can unwind and walk around the vicinity feeling the fresh air.

Moreover, one trademark of the University of the Philippines is giving its students freedom. Freedom in terms of clothing because UP Los Baños also doesn’t practice wearing a uniform. Additionally, freedom in terms of learning, students can for what they want as long as they pass the subject, some alumni testimonies stated that they skip class sometimes but still pass the subject. Of course, skipping classes is not right but what UP is teaching its students is the responsibility for their actions, which will lead them on how to deal with problems in real life.


The University of Sto. Tomas

UST | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The University of Sto. Tomas is about to have a new campus in Laguna. | Image from Wikipedia


For those who do not know, there is a UST campus in Sta. Rosa Laguna. It is said to be its first campus outside Metro Manila. The construction date began in the later part of 2020. Despite the delays because of the pandemic, it is believed that the UST campus will still open its gates by the year of 2022. Hopefully, the situation has gone a lot better so that students can experience the thrill and excitement of going into their college buildings once again.

One interesting detail about UST Sta. Rosa is that its size is bigger than that of UST Manila. Doubling the size of the main campus, UST Sta. Rosa sits on a 40-hectare land. As mentioned earlier, some of the colleges and Universities have easy access not only to different projects by Brittany but also connecting roads, hospitals, malls, and other leisure activity places.

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The exclusivity and quality of education that UST provides show why it is one of the top colleges here in Laguna. The school is known for engineering, law, medical, and pharmacy programs. UST Sta. Rosa is expected to welcome 20,000 Thomasians once it begins its operation.

One developing news for this university is that they started developing the innovation hub back in February. The Groundbreaking was actually done last year in the month of December, other UST officials attended the ceremony as well. The buildings were named after UST Faculty of Engineering alumnus Tony Tan Caktiong. There was a photo of the officials burying the time capsule that contained a copy of the building’s plans and they expect the hub to operate in the first quarter of the year 2022.


De La Salle University Campus Colleges in Laguna

De La Salle Binan Campus | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

This is the DLSU IS Building in the Binan Campus. | Image from De La Salle University Website


Another university that is well known to most of the people in the country, De La Salle University also has its campus here in Laguna. DLSU Biñan does not only offer college courses but also kindergarten up to the secondary level as well. The 50-hectare land of this campus is the home of the students that are trying to pursue degrees in scientific and technological-related courses.

In terms of accessibility, DLSU Biñan is a nearby commercial district as well, only minutes away from Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa. If you are coming from the metro, the travel is convenient as well. Going back and forth from Manila to Laguna and vice versa is no hassle because of connecting roads and improving road infrastructures.

De La Salle University is recognized by many not only because of the teaching quality but also the moral practices that the school is instilling in the students’ minds and hearts. Being a Lasallian is having the commitment to live the gospel values even if you are outside the campus.

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Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Ateneo de Manila | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Ateneo grad school has a campus in Laguna! | Image from Ateneo de Manila Website


Located in Paseo mall in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Ateneo Graduate school of Business offers top-notch education with regards to entrepreneurship. Some of the courses that they are offering are Master of Business Administration, MBA in Health, Master in Entrepreneurship, and Master in Corporate Entrepreneurship.

This is the perfect training ground for aspiring businessmen. AGSB is a leader when it comes to helping the business practitioners become a professional. Despite being a satellite school, AGSB delivers excellent education just as an Ateneo school should be.

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Brent International School

brent International school | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brent International School may not be a college, but it has an amazing K-12 system! | Image from Brent International School Website


Speaking of premier colleges, of course, Brent International School is another academy that is recognized for its exclusivity. It has been always branded as the school that the children of rich and famous personalities go to. But the school is more than that, Brent aspires to be the home not only for Filipino students but other nationalities as well.

Additionally, being a Christian school, helps the students to become more open to learning new ideas. The university encourages the kids to pursue their talents and guides them in developing their interests. The tuition fee is really high priced but that is because the market of the school includes the international community. Brent International School is located in Mamplasan, Biñan Laguna.

Highly accessible to all people because it is near Cavite-Laguna Expressway and South Luzon Expressway.

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Malayan Colleges in Laguna

Malayan Colleges Laguna | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Malayan Colleges Laguna recently opened its K-12 doors to people. | Image from Manila Bulletin Website


Malayan Colleges or also known as MCL is a subsidiary of Mapua. The academe has been tagged as one of the best performing schools in the south, this is because the board examination and other certification passing rates are extremely high. They also have a great track record when it comes to school competitions.

Adapting to the new normal wasn’t much of a challenge to the University as they practiced it before the pandemic even began. MCL utilizes blended learning so that the students can practice flexibility, of learning online and in an actual class.

Extracurricular activities are also regularly happening in MCL to showcase each students’ talents and skills.