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The pandemic has changed a big part of our lifestyle. This is especially true for the school activities of our children. They’ll be missing out on some of the best moments of their lives. Remember when hanging out at lunchtime with our friends was one of the things we look forward to or attending our extracurricular activities? Now, our children’s experience of lunch and an afterschool activity comes from a one-hour break of not staring at a screen.

Mother helping daughter with online school learning | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

School activities are such a different experience and we’re trying our best to make our children’s experiences as rich as ours. | Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels


It’s a totally different experience and I’m sure that our children are most likely having video call fatigue and they can’t really do anything about it because classes are still not in session. It’s like never-ending private lessons. A year and a half of this will surely affect our kids’ growth and development. They may be stimulated from school, but are they stimulated enough?

Do children need to have an afterschool activity?

Children don’t need to have an afterschool activity, but having an afterschool activity can really bring in benefits that a normal school doesn’t. This is even more important today where our children are cooped up at home, and class for then is a screen. It takes away so much from them especially those that actually came from real-life school.

Panoramic view of a village or subdivision property showing dainty colorful houses and mansions; and amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball court, open space grassy park, and gazebo | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Luxury homes in a premium residential enclave have exclusive access to premium amenities and facilities such as a standard regulation-sized basketball court, prominent water features, and outdoor fixtures like a veranda.


Playing around in your luxury home is not enough anymore. Running around your large, spacious backyard is lacking purpose. Maybe your luxury home has a pool? Brittany corporation’s luxury homes have these features and you can find their luxury properties in Alabang, Santa Rosa, Sucat, and Tagaytay. These are great for afterschool activities, but we can elevate it and make it more stimulating by joining an afterschool activity class.

With the debate that school might come back in session, we ask ourselves, are we ready for that? Or do we want to stay at home? If we do stay at home, how can he help our kids to stay motivated or interested in things outside of school? That would be the role of an afterschool activity.

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What are the benefits of having an afterschool activity?

We always want what is best for our kids. The extracurricular activities that we let them join should have a positive effect on them. Afterschool activities have so much to offer, just like the luxury homes of Brittany corporation, in terms of growth and advancement. Some of the benefits of afterschool activities are:

It encourages positive habits

Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a habit? Because afterschool activities are usually structured and scheduled, it encourages positive habits. For example, a person that is doing football as their afterschool activity can attain the positive habit of discipline. Have a rigorous and fun physical activity can help our bodies maintain a healthy lifestyle. As they say, start them young!


It teaches time management skills

Time management is one of the most important skills that we will need once we reach adulthood. It is something that we never really thought of as kids because time does not work the same when we are younger. Our perception of time was slower. Let’s introduce the idea of time management to our children early so that they can obtain the much-needed skill.

Sometimes our kids can be overwhelmed with the number of activities they want to do. What we can do is let our kids try different afterschool activities and let them try if they can manage their time properly. Some parents shared that their children would try and finish their homework faster because they would want to join their afterschool activity.


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It develops new skills and interests

Because afterschool activities are done outside of school, children can freely explore the activities that they are interested in without the pressure of grades or performing well. They may be able to find out what they want to do or they may even find their passions.

Building problem-solving skills are important, but building interests and hobbies are also some things that we need in our lives. Hobbies are activities that bring us joy or relaxation. If our kids can find their hobby at an early age, they may be able to regulate or control their emotions better.

So we now ask the question, should our kids do afterschool activities?


Should my kids do an afterschool activity?

Definitely. Studies by the Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education in Washington DC showed that afterschool programs do affect and promote child and adolescent development. When choosing a space for your family, it is best to consider a luxury home that would be able to support afterschool activities.

Moving to an exclusive community with a master-planned development would not only affect your lifestyle, but it would also affect our children’s growth and development. Paying for the premium price amounts to nothing when we’re doing it out of love and for the extra space and safety and development of our children.

Wide angle shot of a small bedroom with unique and colorful patterns on the wall, the rug, and the bedsheets | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany’s luxury homes are spacious and design for that extracurricular our children might want to do.


This is why Brittany Corporation really takes these things into consideration when designing our ready for occupancy luxury homes. Brittany considers that extra space for online dancing classes or that taekwondo class our kids have always wanted!

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What is, then the best type of afterschool activity for our kids? Especially now that we are still stuck at home, what can we make our kids do?

What is the best afterschool activity for kids in the Philippines?


Art Smart Manila

From the Portfolio of Art Smart Manila where kids can do an afterschool activity | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

From the Portfolio of Art Smart Manila | Photo from Art Smart Manila


Lifted directly from the about page of Art Smart Manila: “Art Smart has been offering art classes for kids and adults since 2009. Art Smart art studios are located in Marikina and 500 Shaw Zentrum in Manila. Founded by Aubrey Rose Bea-Decloedt, a cum laude graduate of UP Fine Arts, major in Painting and Art History, and an art mentor since 1999, Art Smart has played a major role in enhancing the creativity and artistic talents of its students. It’s all about the works of art that the kids themselves create. They take pride in calling their masterpieces their very own works of art. Aside from art, the kids also develop their concentration, discipline, creativity, and even the ability to work productively in a group with other kids.”


Telephone: (02) 6160305

Mobile: 0995-260 8927, 0917-8784766 or 0928-1515353

​Email: [email protected]


Young Artists’ Studio

Works of the students of Young Artists’s Studios | Luxury Homes by Brittany Coproration

Works of the students of Young Artists’s Studios | Photo from Young Artists’ Studios


Lifted directly from the about page of Young Artists’ Studio: “Young Artists’ Studio started with imagining a culture of creativity in an environment where ideas are respected and encouraged to be visualized into tangible art objects… The result of this imagination is knowing that the gift of art is inherent in individuals in different forms and capacities. To realize this gift proves to have great effects on an individual’s success, provided that the approach taps into the strengths and knowledge of each learner. As a major component in holistic human development, a sustainable profession, and a catalyst for social transformation, art is a powerful tool to influence communities, improve lives, maximize individualities and transform the society.”


Telephone:(02) 8824-9454

Mobile: 09178378897 / 09175800974


Storywriting School

Joem Antonio from the Storywriting School where kids can enjoy an afterschool activity | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Joem Antonio, the person behind Storywriting School | Photo from Storywriting School


Lifted directly from the about page of Storywriting School: “You’re not one of those naturally-gifted writers you say? We aren’t, either. But we’ve come up with story writing methods that have, through the years, helped demolish many a writer’s blocks. We believe that while some people might have the inherent knack for writing stories, the rest of us can still learn it—and with practice, create great stories that uplift our readers. Get unstuck. Write now.”


Contact them here: Writing workshops and online courses in the Philippines – Contact (storywritingschool.com)


Polecats Manila

Lifted directly from the about page of Polecats Manila: “We believe that every trick, climb, and spin can become strength, grace, and art. As teachers, we aim to show every student that no matter their size, height, or history, they are still capable of defying gravity. What we offer are not only classes but also a community of encouraging and engaging students who bloom into their own brand of beauty. Polecats Manila aspires to elevate every individual to a level they never thought they could reach—on the pole or off of it.”


Check out their online class schedule here.

Telephone: [02] 8631 08 18

Mobile:  +63917 700 7653

Email: [email protected]



The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab 

Directly lifted from the about page of The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab: “Today, The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab endeavors to be the premier institution that will give more Filipinos a chance to experience the joy, the exuberance, and the exhilaration that a musical experience can bring, through properly guided lessons and effective programs taught by professional mentors coming from the academe and the music and performing industry; through master classes led by outstanding artists and music gurus; through exciting seminars and workshops by top local and visiting artists and lecturers; and also through ensemble and group musical encounters for professionals, enthusiasts, and hobbyists to further deepen their appreciation for the musical art.”


You may contact The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab here.


Performing Arts

Philippine Educational Theater Association

Directly lifted from the about page of PETA: “Cecile Guidote-Alvarez founded the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) on April 7, 1967, with the vision of a Philippine Theater engaged in the development of people and society. In 1971, PETA became the UNESCO-ITI (International Theater Institute) Center in the Philippines, and in the same year it organized the first Third World Theater Festival, held in the 400th year of the foundation of the City of Manila.”

Performing arts programs as extracurricular activities can really help develop and support the life of any student. Clubs encourage learning from a teacher and develop a sense of community.


You may contact PETA here.



Milo Sports Interactive Online Classes

Directly lifted from the Milo website: “Sports, already having several health benefits, can also be an excellent platform for kids to develop their physical abilities and their leadership skills. Sports can benefit more than just the physical development of kids. Through sports, kids are able to foster a champion mindset that hones their determination, discipline, and self-confidence. Development doesn’t stop there. Sports also teaches kids to work well with others in a team, helping them strengthen their social skills.”



Check out their online sports programs here.



We might define luxury differently, but we can all agree that our children can be the greatest luxury that we can have. They are our pride and joy. We would do anything to make our children’s lives the best they can live. That is why with Brittany Corporation, you are assured that the community you are in is a community where our children can grow holistically.


We are willing to make sacrifices and changes for them to be able to be the best they can be. Know more about what Brittany has to offer and what properties are best for a family of your size. Talk to us, tell us what you need and we will be there every step of the way. We want you to live out your definition of luxury. We want you to live in your luxury.



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