How to Create the Perfect Luxury Master Suite


They say our bedroom knows all our secrets and most of us would agree. Our luxury master suite is the one place where we remove all our masks and be our own selves without minding what other people would think. It’s where we hide precious things, the place where we can feel most intimate, it has heard you cry, seen you in your morning bedroom face, after your night routine, it has kept you company in your sleepless nights, it is where you run to when you want to be alone. It knows your stories and it often shows your personality.

When we hear the word “Sanctuary”, what do we think of? It’s haven, refuge, your home, your safe place. And in what part of your house do you feel most of these things? Bet the answer is your own bedroom.

Blue themed bedroom with a queen size bed of comfortable sheets and pillows, on a patterned rug on the wooden floor perfect for fixing your sleeping habits | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Your bedroom is your sanctuary with Brittany that exudes elegance and comfort, present in each and every room.


As it has been said that it’s your safe haven, it is only right and just to keep it as pleasing to the eyes as possible because this would be the last thing you’ll see at night and the first thing in the morning. Not that it should only be satisfying for your visuals but also should be as comfortable as it can get because this would be your resting place, your last stop after your long and tiring day at work.

Everyone probably dreams of having their own master’s suite; laying down in a soft and big mattress, getting ready in your walk-in closet, prepping up in your own toilet and bath, or just drinking a cup of coffee in your own balcony as you start your day.

One of the offerings of Brittany by Vista Land is their Pietro unit with a Floor area of 264 sqm. It includes a grand master’s suite with its own walk-in closet, and toilet, and bath. Now, when we speak of the good life and luxury, how do we picture the room? What would you do with your x-sqm bedroom and how would you make it your own private sanctuary?

Here are some items you may need to check off your list that needs to score their place in your room to achieve that elegant look:

What you need to create the perfect luxury master suite

Light colored walls

Modern contemporary interior design with neutral brown color scheme in a clean double bed hotel room and in a luxury house and lot - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Light colored walls make a room bigger, more elegant, and neat.


To create a modern and vibrant look, it would be most recommended to use light-toned walls or neutral-colored wallpapers to make the room look more elegant and neat. This would help a lot in highlighting your room’s accent pieces such as paintings or your grand chandelier. It also adds upon making the room feel brighter and less humid. White painted walls also create an illusion and make the room look even larger and spacious.

Neutral-colored and white curtains or drapes for your luxury master suite

Part of the features of the houses in Brittany is that their master’s bedroom has its own balcony. People nowadays are really getting into designs with a minimalist vibe and a vibrant theme. To highlight your balcony and to give the room plenty of natural light, it would be best to use light-colored curtains as well. White curtains would allow light from the outside to filter through even when you’ve decided to shut them out for privacy. If you wanted to fully block out all outside light, you may opt to use drapes instead.  It would definitely complete off the classic and elegant look and it would blend nicely with dark-colored or patterned accent curtains as well.

Own small living space or working table

Workspace at home for those who manage a business in their luxury home - Luxury homes for sale in the Philippines - Brittany Corporation

Having a small table can be the perfect place to write down your thoughts.


Considering the new normal today brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are required to work or study from home. It has been a challenge for most workers on finding where they could work comfortably and a spot where they won’t be disturbed. Not in your own bed, not on the sofa in front of the television, and definitely not in the dining room. Which better place would that be if not for your own bedroom? It would be nice to have your own spot at your house where you can work and focus using your own ergonomic chair and work table. You can probably design it the same way your office table looks like, with a drawer beside where you can put in all your documents and supplies, a laptop stands that you can adjust to your liking, a small indoor plant in the corner of the table and probably a minimalist table lamp to complete off the look. For people who don’t want work and their personal life get mixed up, may separate their own study room. If so, the extra space in your bedroom would also be a good area to put in a small sofa set or an accent chair where one can read a book.

A luxury master suite is not complete with a room’s art piece

They said to never underestimate the power of a single statement piece. Maybe it is a sculpture, or a room wall painting, an art piece plays a very important role in setting up and maintaining the overall mood of a certain room. Selecting your room art may be a bit different from picking out one for your living room because this one’s got to be a little personal. It would be better to have a piece that has your own touch or may depict your personality. A painting of the ocean or a mixture of different colors of blue for people who love the beach would definitely be a good pick.

Good lighting

An orange-themed Italian master bedroom in a luxury house in Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Good lighting can really elevate any room!


As much as an art piece or a grand king-sized bed, lighting in your bedroom is also as important. They say lighting sets the tone of the room and completes a design. Surprising as it may seem but there is a specific type of lighting that should be used for a specific kind of theme. It has been considered by experts as the cheapest yet most influential accessory in interior design. Good thing that there are innovations nowadays like dimmable LED Lights that lets you choose what kind of lighting you would want for the night. To add up an aesthetic tool, featuring a central ceiling-mounted fixture like flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, and such, would definitely be a necessity.

A perfect luxury master suite has its own toilet and bath

As your room is your own personal sanctuary, the extension where you do your private things should also be given attention. A bathtub, or a Jacuzzi is definitely a must-have for your own toilet and bathroom. Imagine soaking yourself in warm bubbly water, drinking a glass of champagne while catching up on your go-to TV series from the wall-mounted television in your bathroom. Definitely pays off your hard day at work.

Organized walk-in closet

Part of the layout of Brittany house models is your own personal walk-in closet. Though the main objective of the room is the storage for your clothes and accessories, it would still be nice to step up your organizing skills for a bit. A tip from an expert is that for you to be able to wear everything, you need to see them. Instead of storing your purses and shoes in your cabinet and drawers, it would be nice to display them and put them on open shelves. Keeping it organized, may it be by color, size, or type, it pays off to not have a hard time looking for that pair of boots you just bought or that cute pink sweater your friend gave you in the morning as you prepare yourself to go out.

Linens and beddings

Vista Alabang | Portofino Heights | Rafaello House Model Master Bedroom | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Mix and match the linen in your luxury master suite!


They come in all different colors, prints, and sizes and it definitely can be a bit confusing what to choose. It is always best to go with white or neutral colors to get that hotel-like elegant finish. It may seem simple but it actually is a little complicated than we think it is. There are different parts of the beddings such as the top sheet, bottom sheet, bedspread, throw blanket, comforter, and different sizes of pillow covers. If you want to go with single-color bedding but don’t want it to look too plain, an accent or decorative pillow should do its job.

Room fragrances can make any room a luxury master suite

Lastly, to complete the look and experience of your warm and cozy master suite, one shouldn’t forget the room fragrance or perfume. As we say, to look nice and fancy would be great but to also smell elegant would be the cherry on top. Putting in a reed diffuser or spraying pillow/linen mists should get everything settled. Nowadays, a humidifier or an air purifier would also be essential to keep a good night’s sleep.

As we say that the bedroom is your most personal space out of all parts of your home, it is only vital to keeping it aesthetic, organized, and comfortable for you. One should make use of the space efficiently, without stuffing too many things in it to also avoid making it look suffocating. Though your room is the one place where you have a lesser audience, keeping it exquisite and elegant is still a must. As this is the place where you rest, sleep, prep up, reflect or even work, it is just as important as designing the other parts of your house.

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