Luxury Collectibles: Luxurious Scents for Your Home

Luxury is all about good fragrance

Isn’t it amazing how a luxurious scent can tell stories, emotions, and even places? People have discovered a way to express the season, the weather, a person, a color, a texture, all through the sense of smell. A spray of luxurious scents and you would already be in Italy, in the woods, in a rainforest or that you already smell like your favorite Hollywood actor.

To have a luxurious interior for your home is one thing, but to also have a scent that gives off an expensive ambience is another. The smell of your home plays a very big role on the kind of aura you want your home to give off. May it be bohemian, light and airy, warm and cozy, fun and vibrant, modern, or even minimalist; you may need to find that one specific scent that would finish off the look you are aiming for to portray.

A ready-for-occupancy house and lot unit with a large backyard and Italian-inspired architecture in Portofino Heights by Vista Alabang

Any luxury house in Brittany displays a spacious exterior and exudes an elegant interior that hits the right spot for business, fun, relaxation, and everything in between.


Living in an exclusive property development such as Brittany by Vista Land, aims to give you a comfortable yet sophisticated kind of community. With the name itself, Brittany, it already gives you the feel of luxury and an elegant vibe it. From the entrance itself, a secured community with round the clock security, 24/7 roving patrols, and CCTV at all entry and exit points, its lush landscapes and green open spaces, amenities and services, lifestyle centers, thematic houses; it really gives you the feel of the high end and classy kind of lifestyle that deserves a fresh scent from a scented candle and a home that smells great that most people desire.

Even as you enter Hotel lobbies, high-end malls, and stores, five-star restaurants, or even museums, they always look and smell fancy. All these establishments have researched well to get the signature scents of their candle displays so their guests and customers can remember them even with their eyes closed.

man fixing the bed | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Any 5-star hotel always smell so delightfully rich! | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


To complete off the experience, one should top it all off with a nice scent of the candle display because what would be more satisfying than coming home to a house that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also smells nice? Eyes closed, feet rested, a glass of red wine, some jazz music, and scented candles, after a long day of meetings at work.

It has almost become a necessity for interior designs to have a space for home fragrances and candle displays with luxurious scents. Most people tend to complete the look of their living rooms, bedrooms, and even comfort rooms with these.

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If your goal is to get that luxe-scented atmosphere, here are the lovely addition to your luxury house that you need to check off your list to elevate your home:

Luxurious Scents from Scented Candles

A scented candle is one of the best home fragrance buys to give that dramatic lighting in your bathroom and smaller room while soaking your body in the bathtub, or to just have something put in your open cabinet along with the picture frames, a scented candle is the way to go.

A number of small businesses have been boosting up selling unique scents using raw soy wax and essential oils lately. Scents of wood, rain, flowers, and even freshly baked cookies give a good balance of sweet floral scents and relaxing scents that you must consider if you are living in communities such as Brittany, to go along with its theme.

Light up some “Kape candle” that you can score from the shop 23rd Street Candle Co., a small online business that sells scented candles, to get that coffee grounded fragrance while calmly staring outside your neighborhood from your window while the candle burns as it gives that fresh perfect scent.

Scented candle | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Scented candles last long. | Photo taken from 23rd Street Candle Co.’s Instagram account @23rdstreetcandleco


Lighting up an incense with luxurious scents, some says may also light up one’s mood and spirit. Imagine putting these up in beautiful jars or vases in the corner of your living room. You may go back to the traditional way of putting in aroma in a room by getting yourself these scented sticks to make you luxury home smell and feel fresh.

incense smoking in a luxury house and lot mansion brown circular incense pot | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Incense gives a strong smokey scent to any house. | Image from Pexels


Reed Diffusers and Luxurious Scents

A much-needed aesthetic substitute of room fragrance for scented candle is Reed diffuser. People have been shifting to diffusers as this can add scent to your room without using electricity nor heat and flame. A single 150 ML reed diffuser can last up to 4 months with consistently giving you its scent 24/7. It also comes in classy bottles that would definitely fit your home office and give off an elegant look for your side table or on your wall mounted shelf.

Make your home smell fresh with MindScent MNL’s variety of home fragrance. It is one of the best shops to check out that offer the best prices. From Room and Linen sprays, Reed diffusers, and Oil for humidifiers.

Reed diffusers | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A reed diffuser could be what you need if you don’t want the fire hazard of a candle. | Photo taken from MindScent MNL’s Instagram account @mindscentmnl


Room and Linen spray

We can’t avoid instances where unexpected guests may visit us for a Saturday brunch or an unwanted smell that has just spread off the whole house. It would be essential to get yourself some linen and room spray to give a sophisticated scent to your luxury home and freshen up your fabrics, curtains, and towels.

It gives you the same satisfaction and effect as diffusers and candles but in one single spray. It also allows you to have a lot more options as Linen sprays have wider varieties of scentto choose from. A linen and room spray also works well in toilets and bathrooms as it helps eliminate foul smell.

One of the most popular brands, The Body Shop, has multiple products for linen and room sprays like Spa Of The World French Lavender give the best scent which best suits the vibe most Vista Land communities want to manifest.

reed diffuser strawberry flavor for your luxury home in the philippines red without smoke luxurious scent | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Body Shop’s reed diffusers come in different scents.

Humidifier and Air purifiers give Luxurious Scents

While smelling good through a sweet floral candle and such may be a good idea, some people opt to use humidifiers and air purifiers as a home fragrance. Humidifiers work as the device that can help you moisturize the air to help prevent dryness and other respiratory problems. This best fits your home located in Crosswinds Tagaytay as the weather may be inconsistent and sometimes maybe dry if it’s the winter season.

Also considering the Covid-19 risks, relatively warm living space can help combat the possibility of cold and flu symptoms which is beneficial for both adults and children. Humidifiers also give you the option whether if you want to use water-scented or oil-based essence in your device for that resort-like scent.

Vista Alabang | Portofino Heights | Rafaello House Model Main Living Room Green | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Any room should be complemented with a luxurious scent.

Not only that it helps as an aesthetic feature and that it adds the best home fragrance to your luxury house, these can also now pass as a hobby. Adding the items mentioned to your cart may be a convenient of getting it but considering the new normal today brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and that most people have to stay at home, making your own perfect scent and essentials such as soaps, oils, and candles is definitely an idea to keep you busy during your days off and leisure time.

BC Fragrance provides the best home fragrances, essential oils and other materials for perfumery, personal care (soaps, hair care, skin care), and home care (home scents, candles, detergents, and fabric softeners) making. This has been getting a lot of people’s attention now as it can be a good idea for a lovely gift or a small business to venture on.

The olfactory sensations and visual satisfaction these give off would definitely turn and transform your room into something else. To look nice and fancy would be good, but adding some home fragrance for your home to smell elegant would be the cherry on top.

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

Living in a community that gives you the complete experience of peace and serenity like Brittany by Vista Land from the moment you enter the gates, with the scene of pine trees, green landscape, Southern-American thematic neighborhood then as you enter your doorstep, the lighting, the interior, and the smell would really give you the feel of “The good life”



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