Why Southern Living in Manila is Your Next Best Investment


What do you think of when you hear about southern living? Do you think of Tagaytay and its roots and lush greenery? Do you think of Santa Rosa and its great biking and jogging trails? Or do you think of the opulent luxury of an Alabang home?

North vs south has been debated multiple times. Social media has been particularly vocal about the pros and cons of the northern and the southern. Claiming that one is more than the other.

Filipino woman inside her luxury home by brittany corporation

Twitter users claim to tire of the years-long debate of north vs south | Photo by Alex Green from Pexels


Homeowners were quick to claim how living in the southern part of Manila and are far more superior to living in the north. Citing reasons like easier transportation from South to North. Mostly due to the efforts of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), headed by Mark Villar. More Southern Manila people also share that there is no Carmageddon traffic like in northerners’ experience in EDSA. They also say that living in the south is more convenient to their favorites and best restaurants, favorite cafes, events grounds, and even random weekend getaways!

But before we go into the nitty-gritty, what is considered southern living, and does an official division exist. 


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How do we define southern living? 

Earth Shaker PH, a non-profit organization, clarified the debate on division once and for all. With the information taken from the records of the National Statistics Office, they’ve made an infographic on what the official administrative districts are in Metro Manila.

Official administrative districts in Metro Manila | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The official administrative district map will supposedly end all debates about the division of north and south. | photo from @earthshakerph via twitter.com


More people even claim, in good humor, that places like Paranaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa are super south. As many jokes as we might share, we can’t deny the fact that the south seems to be piling up on reasons why the southern living lifestyle is more like home.

Alabang is the epitome of southern living

Alabang is one of the classic roots that you think of when you think of southern living. With the grand luxury mansions in Alabang that only a few could afford, what’s more, the south has been synonymous with exclusivity. Luxury houses and lots for sale in Alabang are selling and only a few units are left in master planned developments like Vista Alabang.


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The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

The luxury of exclusivity classics can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. 


Vista Alabang is more than just the only luxury master-planned community in the south and fancy dinner. With borders and barriers breaking each day despite the pandemic that is Covid-19, the definition of the south is slowly but surely expanding. Developments are rising at incredible speeds. Destinations that were once known to be far or underdeveloped are premier locations to unwind and settle down south style.

Enjoy Fresh Air in Tagaytay

Tagaytay has long been known as the premier destination of spur-of-the-moment road trips whether you’re from the northern or southern part of Manila. For the longest time, it has been known as a travel destination. People would visit open spaces for fresh air, enjoy the rustic air with dining choices in al fresco set up, and then leave. But with current developments, Tagaytay is now a coveted address with full access to picturesque mountains and outdoor activities.


Crosswinds Tagaytay’s roots boast of beautifully landscaped pine tree forests sprawling with the untouched lush greenery of the exclusive enclave. The development of Crosswinds in Tagaytay does not only offer classics like luxury houses and lots, they also offer luxury condo and luxury condominium units. This creates the perfect southern living style experience.

The untouched splendor of the rolling hills in Crosswinds Tagaytay is unparalleled in beauty. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

The resort-themed amenities fit the close proximity of the rustic air of Crosswinds Tagaytay| Photo from Brittany Corporation


The best restaurants, cafes, and more, where you can have a quick dinner, have also popped up in the last few years creating a stable economy for not only the homeowners but more importantly, the community. The heart and soul of Tagaytay is the laid-back community that perpetuates a luxury lifestyle fit for this exclusive hilltop enclave. The calm and laid-back lifestyle is a cornerstone of luxury southern living. As the younger generation would say, the south is chill. 

Easy Farm-to-Table treats in Santa Rosa

Aside from Tagaytay, there has been an increase in development in Laguna. Brittany Santa Rosa’s’s luxury properties have been at the forefront of luxury houses and lots in the area. With Promenade as the torchbearer of the luxury properties in Brittany Santa Rosa, Southern homeowners are welcomed with the nostalgic beauty of the Georgian English country-style homes of the development. 

Juxtaposed with the bright blue sky, the luxury homes of Promenade are also close to hedge mazes. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

Juxtaposed with the bright blue sky, the luxury homes of Promenade are also close to hedge mazes. | Photo from Brittany Corporation


Not only are the luxury homes of Promenade beautiful, so are the amenities. Meticulously manicured lawns and hedge mazes pepper the development creating a luxurious feel of the Southern English court. Brittany Santa Rosa also has a food street in very close proximity allowing less fuel expense and al fresco landscape areas.

Farms drop off fresh produce in the markets and dining choices are not a problem at all. Farm-to-table treats allow us to savor southern living life’s essentials in the south of Manila Philippines.

All of these are housed within Santa Rosa in Laguna. The only thing dividing Manila and Santa Rosa is the South Luzon Expressway. That’s just one thoroughfare to the heart of the metro. 

With these developments in the south, we now ask, why should we move to the south? What does the south have that the north doesn’t? Why should I consider living with a southern style?

Why Move to the South?

There are two main reasons why you should consider the south as your new normal. If you are someone that values your money in the long term, investing in luxury properties is the best investment you can make in this pandemic.


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1. The relaxed atmosphere of the south improves our physical and mental health

When the south is mentioned, people automatically think of a laidback lifestyle. A place where you can disconnect from the fast-paced world of the north to recuperate our physical and mental health. They are right. Because the south is the hub of relaxation, less carbon footprint, and style.

What makes this more interesting is that the majority of the affluent market area in the southern part of Manila from the highrise community of BGC and the old classics of Makati, southern living IS the epitome of luxury living. 

Disconnect to reconnect with the world from southern living. | Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

Disconnect to reconnect with the world from southern living. | Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels


Now, moving even further into the southern territory, the opportunities for relaxation and luxury are in Alabang, Tagaytay, and Santa Rosa. These enclaves have been master-planned with resort-themed amenities from the very beginning by Brittany Corporation to cater to the most discerning of clientele.

2. High-value appreciation

The beauty of the south does not end in the feeling you get or the aesthetics, but also from an economic standpoint, the south is simply better! 

All the luxury homes of Brittany Corporation boast a high appreciation rate. Vista Alabang’s value appreciation, in particular, has seen an increase in the past years. Despite the Covid-19 hit on all major businesses, the luxury housing market has not been hit as harshly as other markets did. 

The luxury properties of Crosswinds Tagaytay’s value appreciation see a consistent increase quarterly while Brittany Santa Rosa’s Promenade sees an initial high-value appreciation. 

The south is not just about beauty in opulence, but also for the best value money can buy.

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Southern Living is Equivalent to Luxury


Living the southern life is not just a side in an online debate. It is a serious consideration that any homeowner needs to consider. Southern Living style has been defined and redefined multiple times, but no one perfects luxury southern living as Brittany Corporation does. 

Brittany Corporation creates intricately master-planned communities to create the perfect balance of comfort and luxury. Their developments like Vista Alabang are complete. Luxury houses and lots in exclusive gated communities are surrounded by the essentials in life. They have favorites like Evia Lifestyle Center that has the essential needs of living like All Day Supermarket that offers a personal shopper program with their online delivery service. 

All Day Supermarket is the one stop shop for everything you need from skincare to medicine to food. | Photo from All Value Holdings Corp.

All Day Supermarket is the one-stop-shop for everything you need from skincare to medicine to food. | Photo from All Value Holdings Corp.


What is great about All Day Supermarket is that their items are complete. From fresh vegetables to freshly caught fish, All Day Supermarket will surely have them. Especially now when people are not allowed to go out, supermarkets that are complete are even more important now. Not only that, but All Day Supermarket offers delivery services so that you don’t have to worry about going out.

Favorites such as Mcdonalds and Coffee Project are also available for deliveries and dine-in. In fact, delivery services such as Food Panda, Grab Food, or even Lalamove are available and are ready to service homeowners in Alabang.  Whatever your style, they have it!

The days of Alabang being seen as this far-flung place is over. Everything that you will ever need is in close proximity. You have medical facilities, a food street, a personal shopper program, and you can spend outdoor activities with less carbon footprint in Alabang! Only people don’t have to go through insane traffic and heavy pollution, as compared to the south’s general air pollution quality, on a daily basis. 

This doesn’t take into consideration that having a luxury property in Crosswinds Tagaytay is like buying your personal vacation spot amidst the picturesque mountains of Tagaytay. Owning a luxury condominium there is literally a slice of heaven. The homes are beautiful, the community is exceptional, the view is majestically breathtaking, and most importantly, it’s only an hour or two away from the metro. 

As a developing community favorite, Crosswinds will surely get more beautiful and complete as time passes by so now is the perfect time to invest. You have full access to life’s essentials, medical needs, swimming pools, and is strategically located on a sprawling development with open spaces! Be the visionary of your own life and decide that today is the day that you will invest and enjoy the fresh air.

Coffee while savoring the cold air of Tagaytay is a reason in itself to invest in the south. | Photo from Pexels

Coffee while savoring the cold air of Tagaytay is a reason in itself to invest in the south. | Photo from Pexels


If you’ve been looking for a sign whether it’s a good idea or not to invest in a luxury home in Tagaytay then this is it. Imagine waking up to the open spaces and cool, crisp air wafting through your luxury condominium window. The scent of more than 35,000 pine trees mingling with the scent of freshly brewed coffee from your personal coffee station

Not to mention the classic opulence of Brittany Santa Rosa. What better place to truly feel more luxury with nature as you jog or bike around your exclusive property. Other than the beauty of the community and the houses of Promenade, we cannot forget the luxury of being active. 

The location of Promenade really makes exclusivity its highest priority. It is farther away from the bustling eco-center lifestyle that Santa Rosa is known for, the luxury houses and lots in Santa Rosa that Promenade offers truly is the height of exclusive gated communities.

This is why southern living is luxury. There may be debates on whether the north or the south is better in social media, but really, was there even really a debate, to begin with? When everything stacks up, the south is far superior. Southern Living style is your next best investment. 

Like a video game that was popular back in the 2000s, a city boy leaves everything behind for a piece of paradise in a more laidback community where everyone knows each other. There was no fear in his eyes as he decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city because everything he needs is in the south. From hospitals to supermarkets, everything was there. He even found the love of his life. 

So let’s make the right decision today and make that southern living investment with Brittany Corporation.