How To Buy a Luxury House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines

Tall orange Italian classic mansion with front garden and palm trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

When looking for a luxury house and lot, you first need to consider what “luxury” means to you.


If you have taken the plunge to finally buying a luxury house and lot for sale, congratulations are in order! But as you go through tons of listings of luxury homes, have you ever wondered what a luxury home truly means? Are you wondering if you are currently on the right path, and looking at the right luxury houses and lots?

While there are obvious characteristics of a luxury home, it is important that you also consider other aspects aside from the price, location, square footage or some magic combination of all of the above. 


What Exactly Is a Luxury Home?

Inside view of the courtyard of an orange mansion, with trees, bushes, and a lanai breakfast area; with the second floor indoor veranda overlooking the courtyard | Vista Alabang | Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Contrary to public perception, “luxury” isn’t about how much cash you can shell out for the total contract price. “Luxury” is actually subjective to the buyer.


Well, for starters, “luxury” isn’t strictly about the premium price of the property. It’s much more subjective, and the target is moving as it is based on what the high-end buyer has come to expect in a particular aspect of the property.

This blog article even attempts to define luxury from ultra-luxury. According to the article, location plays a big role in defining a luxury house and lot. Aside from the definite fact that land is a finite resource, the exclusivity and orientation (i.e. marina views, scenic countryside views, city views) of the location help drive its value up. Enter “luxury house and lot in Daang Hari”, “luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa”, “luxury house and lot in Sucat”, or “luxury house and lot in Tagaytay” on a search browser or real estate listings site and you will see what we mean.

Moreover, a luxury home should also offer more square footage inside and outside the physical home. The more spacious the home and the surrounding land, the more it is considered a luxury property. A three-story house, for example, may be considered a luxury property if it is built on a vast Tagaytay lot for sale.

And then there’s the custom work. A luxury house and lot is truly considered as is, if the property has hired artisans to top architects and structural engineers to create a custom house design, which also will comes with specific architectural details and features. These details and features, and the professionals who crafted them, add to the perceived value of the property. Ultra-luxury homes for sale go above and beyond by offering extreme amenities such as a very wide driveway, regulation-size swimming pools, or basketball court, a vineyard-sized, climate-controlled wine cellar, and more.

Luxury homes at Vista Alabang, a 600-plus hectare visionary city, is a master-planned community with three residential enclaves that showcase the best examples of luxury homes in the Philippines. Each award-winning luxury home exudes classic Old World charm, opulence, and sensibilities that are beyond typical.


Orange Italian inspired classic luxury house with transparent glass area showing a modern office, and an unroofed garage | Vista Alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Antonello House is a luxury house and lot model by Brittany Corporation that has the square footage, architectural merit, bespoke and extreme features, and a prioritized location.


Things You Should Consider in a Luxury Home

body of an Asian woman with long hair, taking down notes in front of her laptop, inside her home office

There is no definite checklist on what a luxury home should have and what luxury homes should be. But there are a few common traits that most luxury homes in the Philippines share.


What else should you consider when it comes to seeking your luxury home?


1. Consider a Luxury Home With an Open Floor Plan.

The sheer square footage of luxury homes for sale allow future homeowners to capitalize on the airy, grand living spaces. Moreover, luxury homes with open floor plans often come with architectural structures that highlight the expanse of the home, like a grand staircase, for example.

2.  Think About Smart Technology.

The Internet of Things has allowed us to provide technological upgrades to homes. And as more technological innovations get introduced daily, it also helps us to automate repetitive, mundane tasks, and sometimes even help us make smarter decisions in managing our home. Remote-activated locks, climate control, automated central air conditioning and heating systems, and light and alarm systems are just some of the many smart technologies that are now installed in homes, especially luxury houses and lots. Some high-end properties go the extra mile and connect devices to the cloud for data collection and remote management, and even connect it with a smart assistant like Alexa or Siri.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some luxury homes are built with reclaimed, environmentally-friendly, or smart materials that address property management issues like mold, rust, and dust accumulation.

3.  The Kitchen Should Have Ample Storage and Other Extras.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Luxury homes take it further by offering a commercial-grade kitchen stacked with restaurant-approved appliances, a walk-in pantry or two, additional storage solutions, and extras like a wine fridge or cellar, and warming drawers.

Wealthy buyers also now demand a cozy outdoor kitchen and cooking area for them to be able to prep and cook food, especially those that need to be grilled or have a fishy or gamey smell. The outdoor kitchen should have stainless sinks and counters, a grilling station, and should also look stylish enough to be decked with outdoor furniture for al fresco dining and entertainment.

4. The Luxury Home Should Offer Water Features.

A large swimming pool (or two), jacuzzi or outdoor hot tub, and even a fountain are some of the water features a property seeker would want in a luxury home. These water features not only provide added value to the home, but will also help extend the leisure life from indoors to outdoors.

Not all luxury homes offer onsite water features. However, some are located in exclusive residential communities that offer grander versions of these water features and more.


Wide area shot of a San Franciscan inspired village with a basketball court and clubhouse with swimming pool, all in pastel colors | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

La Posada at Lakefront Sucat is a residential enclave of classic contemporary luxury homes coupled with the cool San Francisco air and atmosphere, and is supported by modern amenities, including a series of swimming pools and a gazebo overlooking them.


5.  The Luxury Home Should Be Able To Offer Unique, Exclusive Views.

cool and breezy mountainous view of pine trees and vast expanse of a spacious exclusive subdivision on the mountainside | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

An expansive, private, tree-lined vista, like this one offered at Alpine Villas, trumps any city view.


When it comes to luxuriant living, buyers desire exclusivity. One way to determine that is by its surroundings. Is it located near a busy street, or a mountain full of trees? Is your view of the surroundings uninterrupted, or blocked by another property? The more uninterrupted the views, the more clandestine the location where the luxury home is built on.


Tips in Buying a Luxury Home for Sale in the Philippines

back view of a girl looking through property listing by geographic location using her laptop

Learn tips on how to search and buy a luxury home for sale in the Philippines.


Now that you have refined the requirements and traits of your luxury home, the next step is to search and initiate the buying process. Thanks to technology, social media, and the Internet, there are many ways to go about buying a luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, luxury house and lot in Sta Rosa, luxury house and lot in Sucat, luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, or luxury house and lot in Cavite, for example.


Here are tips on how to navigate the process of buying a luxury home:


1. Understand the Search Process.

The majority of the luxury houses and lots for sale are unlisted or are rarely published as public listings. This is because real estate brokers want to protect the owner’s privacy or owner information that might be too sensitive to be shared with the casual property seeker. Real estate brokers will proactively share luxury home listings privately if the inquiries have been pre-qualified as serious or willing to go to the next stage. Moreover, not all luxury homes in the Philippines are listed or can be found in online search engines. 

2. Photos are never enough.

Just like any other real estate listing, photos will only provide you a snapshot of the property in time. Thanks to technology, visual and interactive content are now available for you to have a feel of what the property is like. From virtual property tours, 3D unit models, to live site visits, you can better appreciate luxury homes even though their photos are not that appealing or do not provide enough perspective. Some of these luxury homes can also be found on Google Maps, so you can get a better grasp of the community.

An African-American man in a black suit with a blue watch reading the Business section of the newspaper | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You get the assurance of an industry expert when you consult with the best professionals in real estate.


3. Work With an Industry Expert.

You must work with an industry expert who can give you your money’s worth (and time) when it comes to buying a luxury property. 

Brittany Corporation is a luxury homes brand by Vista Land. Brittany specializes in luxury homes for sale in the premium real estate market that stands out in terms of beauty and details. If you are in the market for a luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa, luxury house and lot in Sucat, luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, or luxury house and lot in Cavite, these high-end, designer properties offered by Brittany are supported by a bustling, themed community, economy, and exclusive amenities. Moreover, the Brittany luxury homes brand is by Vista Land, the Philippines’ largest and most accomplished homebuilder. Vista Land has been unparalleled in delivering real estate projects, including luxury homes in the Philippines with exceptional retail components in both scale and achievement.

Furthermore, an industry specialist will always be open and honest with you, especially when it comes to the community’s long-term plans and the real estate potential of your future luxury property. The Promenade, for instance, is in the heart of Laguna. It is home to eight more themed residential complexes and some of the best educational facilities, as well as three of the country’s top golf courses: Canlubang Golf and Country Club, Sta. Elena Golf Club, and The Country Club, all located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna’s educational and commercial core.

4. Secure Relationships With Your Bank.

Luxury houses and lots for sale are priced in the premium end of the real estate market and sometimes will require specific financing options. As such, you must check with your bank the available financing options you are pre-approved for, and what other documentation requirements you need to get pre-qualified for, in order to view the total contract price of the luxury home you are actually going to buy.

Your real estate broker at this point will also be able to help you look for more luxury home listings if your first choice doesn’t pan out. This way, you wouldn’t start at the very beginning again as your broker may have other luxury homes for you that you might like and qualify financing for.

5. Know What To Expect With Homeowner Associations and Property Management.

The rules that govern homeowners and their properties in residential communities are meant to ensure that the properties are on the trajectory of their future premium market valuations. As such, you need to know and understand what these rules are, including subletting or renting out your property as a vacation rental or homestay, and what you need to know to ensure property appreciation.

6. You Can Always Negotiate.

While there’s no legroom for ready-for-occupancy luxury homes for sale, you can definitely command a particular price on a custom-built luxury houses and lots. For example, the individual points and features of a custom-built, designer home by Brittany make your property one of a kind. Work with a Brittany real estate broker to help you settle on a final offer that your custom-built luxury house and lot command.

7. Document Your Buying Journey.

You are entering into a high-stake, high-return financial transaction, so it is really important for you to secure the right, legal documentation as you go through your buying journey. If possible, do away with finalizing legal agreements verbally, and insist on engaging via email or text for additional documentation. Ensure that all real estate documents are secured legally with the right authorities.


Find more luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines at Brittany Corporation.