Quick Guide: Buying Property During ECQ


The best time to showcase a property’s bustling greenery and the color is under the warm glow of sunshine. These are unusual times, however, the world grapples with easing into the new normal while businesses and social calendars are driven to a standstill, along with buying property, because of a pandemic.

Even if your homebuying plans are halted at the moment, there may be a silver lining when savvy sellers and astute buyers converge. Whether it’s a new home or an investment, it is worthwhile to evaluate real estate opportunities as far as your risk appetite and liquidity would allow. As Warren Buffet said: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”


Plan with a Purpose When Buying Property

Everyone has different priorities at the moment, and that’s okay. Once the essentials have been comfortably dealt with, time is at your disposal to prepare for a possible lifestyle shift. There is no time like the present, and now is a good time to start familiarizing yourself with the market. Evaluate your finances, monitor interest rates, and ask your agent about their buying property deals. Purchasing a real estate asset is a major decision, but planning today for the right time to buy in the future will be worth it.


The Cyber Change

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Move transactions online safely. Brittany has the E-Suite Seller’s Portal for all your broker needs!


As social distancing carries on, social media platforms become more relevant for clients and brokers to keep in touch. Facebook and YouTube abound with virtual property tours, and you will find property listings on the web with interior and exterior shots. Digital presence is crucial more than ever for developers because walkthroughs, unit viewing, and all pertinent information must be available to buyers and brokers anytime, anywhere.


Your Next Move

After careful consideration of your options, are you ready to settle down in one of our properties? Contact your seller now for access to virtual property tours, accessible to you 24/7.

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