Top 15 Millionaire Hobbies


With everyone staying home, there is a need for new things to keep us entertained. If you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s easy to find a hobby to keep you sane. For millionaires, even aspiring ones, there are so many things to do with wealth. However, the COVID-19 pandemic puts a stop to certain activities and only a few venues can cater to your possible needs. You can try exploring these hobbies yourself or just live vicariously through them; not just anyone can adapt to life so fast-paced! Some hobbies may be suitable, some could be done once in a while. The activities may vary from person to person, depending on their priorities and lifestyle. One thing is for sure: no one knows how to have a good time quite like millionaire hobbies. Since Brittany Corporation has been providing luxurious options in the market for houses and lots in the Philippines or condo units, especially in Tagaytay, we’re also familiar with the dream lifestyle lived by most of our clients. The exclusivity is exciting, and we can’t help but admire how well time and money are spent! There’s so much to learn about the world we live in, more so through the eyes of millionaires. It’s nice to know that these activities are not just for Instagram!


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Staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary and can save lives. However, if you have the means to stay safe, life can resume even in the new normal the whole world is in. Are you tired of the same old Netflix binge-watching or mall strolls? Sometimes, we also get curious about how the wealthy spend their time, especially if it’s away from the internet! For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the top 15 hobbies that millionaires enjoy; gather inspiration or simply feel luxurious by the proximity to class.

 1. Millionaire hobbies include investing in real estate

Real estate has always been a status symbol: it’s an investment for the reason that only a few people can afford it, especially multiple properties at once. There’s a reason why it feels so good to win at Monopoly, after all! Most millionaires don’t just have one home: some have beach or vacation houses, condominium units, housing for rent, or commercial spaces; in and out of the country. In our expert opinion, one of the best places to be in the Philippines is Tagaytay; and Alpine Villas condominiums in Crosswinds is the up-and-coming hotspot for the future community of people who enjoy the unique quality of life that only Brittany Corporation is known to offer. With the closeness to Metro Manila, the 35,000 pine trees surrounding the property, proximity to quality restaurants, and Swiss-inspired homes: it’s the perfect deal! What’s more: come rain or shine, Tagaytay remains beautiful and accessible. Not quite the beach house millionaire hobbies that are only used once or twice a year, but at least another home away from home.


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The Farm at San Benito | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Farm at San Benito is a luxurious medical wellness resort in Batangas.

2. Vacationing frequently

While exploring the world sounds fun, it’s also fulfilling to go around your country first to know more of the people, food, and culture in different provinces! Believe us: there are a lot more things to discover in the 7,640 islands. We have so many beaches, the most beautiful ones at that. Most places around the Philippines are reachable by land travel, depending on where you are. As mentioned above, one of those places is Tagaytay, which is close to a lot of provinces in the south. Life in the city is exciting and fast, but even millionaires need a break from the grind once in a while. It’s definitely a dream of a hobby to go around places and take artsy photos for Instagram. It’s also a good way to have experiences that you will always bring with you when you start going around the world.


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 3. Millionaire hobbies for good: Doing volunteer or charity work

Even millionaires know the importance of giving back to the community or to those who really need the help. While these activities are often not shown by the media, philanthropy is something close to the hearts of the wealthy. It’s also a joy to see how much a place has improved or how many people were helped by an act of kindness! This is not merely a hobby for some, but also a devotion to charity work and changing people’s lives. Some even start foundations or scholarships. As the saying goes, the more you give, the more you receive!

4. Shopping trips for days

Ariana Grande said it best, “I want it, I got it.” Since luxury items are hard to come by, it’s nice to have a private viewing or exclusive passes to the most coveted items. Bargains are also welcome because some obscure vintage items are found there! Even if most physical stores are closed, online shopping has made it more convenient with online payment options. There’s no limit to how many you can shop for! Some luxury brands like Burberry have released items like luxury face masks, appropriate for use during the COVID-19 virus timeline. Other stores like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, that provide perfect luggage for traveling by the way, stay on brand by keeping their exclusivity intact and their stores reachable. Besides personal shopping, even your groceries can be done online through delivery apps! Shopping will always be a favorite pastime, no matter the circumstance. Walk-in closets and fridges don’t stock themselves.

5. Millionaire hobbies love getting into casual sports

Sometimes exclusive country club memberships encourage people to have an interest in sports like golf, yoga, pilates swimming, or tennis, allowing them to socialize with other people with the same interests. It also gives us an excuse to buy the proper clothing and equipment for these fun activities! It’s everything rolled into one: fashion, exercise, and socialization. This makes for a fun hobby that not everyone can relate to. What’s more: you don’t have to be an expert to participate, you just have to enjoy yourself and make friends.

National Museum of the Philippines in Manila

The National Museum in Manila houses some of the most expensive paintings in the Philippines.

6. Supporting the local or international art scene

Art has a way of bringing people together or allowing you to express yourself through a piece. A good hobby is going to museums to widen your art studies knowledge or openings in the hopes of acquiring a unique and expensive artwork for your home. This even translates into furniture, especially since a lot of local artists make beautiful pieces that can fit any aesthetic. Enrolling in art classes about painting, sculpture making, or pottery also seems to be the range! Making your home beautiful with art is one way to break the ice with guests.

7. Learning a new language or instrument as a millionaire hobbies

With the constant traveling or capabilities to pursue a degree abroad in countries like Japan, Paris, or the United States, it seems fitting to learn languages that will help you communicate with other people! For this hobby, sometimes private tutors are hired, or lessons at the university of their choice in a foreign place come in handy. Knowledge is everywhere for those who seek it! Our pro-tip, though: know at least another language from the Philippines! With instruments, it’s also an indication of well-bred individuals and talented ones all over the world. Lessons for languages or instruments don’t come cheap: they’re definitely for the rich!

8. Starting a collection

Another status symbol to admire is having the capacity to buy a lot of kinds of the thing you’re so interested in! It could be jewelry, cars, mugs around the world, Barbie dolls, action figures, flatware, handbags, etc. the choice is limitless! Take Jamie Chua from Singapore who has the largest collection of highly exclusive and expensive Birkin bags. Dedicating a place for your prized possessions inside your home is also an invitation for guests to admire them.

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A fresh bowl of seafood marinara served on a white platter | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Food is a great investment anywhere!

9. Wine and dine

Everyone loves good food and drinks, but some places are exclusive and hard to get into for the usual crowd! Knowing restaurants will help in making meals enjoyable. We suggest places like Cafe Voi La or Napa at Crosswinds Tagaytay that serve a wide variety of beverages and cuisine! Of course, one of life’s best offerings is delicious food, even millionaires with personal chefs like to go out once in a while to wine and dine!


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10. Sailing around the world

Have you ever dreamed of summers on a yacht somewhere in Italy? Millionaires, especially overseas, take pride in having their own boats. If not, at least a trusted friend who has a boat and can cater to the occasional swimming or fishing trips, as well as the parties. Some even join sporting events like a regatta to show of their sailing skills and expensive boats!

11. Skiing and hiking

While millionaires usually go to Europe for their skiing needs, the Philippines also has a lot of mountains you can climb for leisure and exercise. Anything to get close to nature is a good hobby for millionaires looking to have usually once-in-a-lifetime experiences turn into regular summer activities for the family. In Switzerland, for example, the high peaks of the Alps can be explored, as well as their various lakes and villages. Locally, you can get a similar experience in Crosswinds Tagaytay, sans the snow. If you own an Alpine Villas condo unit, it’s an added bonus because even your interiors feel like a Swiss wonderland!

A luxury living room filled with antique furniture | Luxury Homes by Brittany

This antique could be passed down as a family treasure if it is conserved and judged valuable.

12. It is part of millionaire hobbies to indulge in rare items

Who else would have access to rare items, clothing or food-wise, than millionaires? Whether it be the finest truffle oil, or the latest La Mer creme, or the luxury car that’s only sold to a select few all over the world, indulging in rare items will always be one of the hobbies of the rich. For jewelry, especially, they can be passed down to future generations of the family!

13. Horseback riding or going to the races

Having an interest in horseback riding requires years of training and the upkeep of horses in a stable, the same goes for going to the races or participating in them. Think Eliza Doolittle’s first outing to society in My Fair Lady (1964) to the races in her most elegant gown and new accent. Polo events are also important to millionaires, and while gowns aren’t really the proper attire nowadays, there is still pressure to look pristine even under the heat.

14. Throwing parties to expand the network as a millionaire hobbies

Whether it be in exclusive bars, restaurants, hotel or condo function rooms, beach houses, or simply the backyard or dining room at their mansions: the rich know and like to party. Their circle might seem small, but their network should be wide for business opportunities. Most millionaires would opt to host these events, bringing out their finest clothes and the best catering money can buy. It’s not exclusive to birthdays either: any regular Thursday could be a day to host a party if they wanted to. It’s a little trickier now in the pandemic, but not impossible.

Skincare facial for women beauty regimen | luxury lifestyle and home by Brittany Corporation

It’s important to always look good.

15. Making the effort to look good

From skincare, makeup, to fitness: the rich can do whatever they want or think is necessary for their perfect image! Some of them don’t even seem to age, and losing weight is easier than normal. Looking good and trying out new methods like a new facial or investing in a home gym or a personal trainer is both a fun and practical hobby for millionaires, and even the ones aspiring to be one of the lucky ones.

Whatever hobby you may like or explore, make sure you have a home you can call your own and customize to your heart’s desires! Peruse this list anytime you’re bored, do research on your favorite millionaires, and tick off the top one on the list: real estate. Contact Brittany Corporation today to explore your options and find your dream home in a beautiful place like Tagaytay. No hassle, more time to work and strategize for the lifestyle you deserve. Let us worry for you and cater to your needs! After all, you deserve it.


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