Top 10 Investment Opportunities for the Wealthy


With the COVID-19 pandemic still not reaching its end, knowing how to manage your finances can be the difference between life and death; aside from getting the vaccine and adhering to strict health protocols for maximum safety. There are a lot of investment opportunities for the wealthy. Since Brittany Corporation has taken care of their clients for years, they know more than anyone in the field about making sure customers get their money’s worth for years to come; with timeless offerings in the real estate scene of the Philippines. However, there is no one right way to invest your hard-earned money so it is best to find what suits you and the lifestyle you chose to live. Investments don’t always mean profits, they can also be things that bring more meaning to your life! The wealthy stay the way they are because of smart decisions made in the most crucial times. With the situation at hand, it’s easy to give up and just spend money on whatever you want: while this is okay, it’s time to treat yourself to the good things in life. 

Are you getting tired of Googling the ways and getting distracted from the grind? Worry not, we got you. Use your time wisely! 


The ten investment opportunities for the wealthy


luxury houses and lots of Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Alpine Villas, the luxury houses and lots of Crosswinds Tagaytay


 1. A condo unit at Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay is one of the greatest investment opportunities

Quarantine protocols are ever-changing, but Tagaytay remains to be an accessible place for anyone in the Metro as well as nearby provinces in the South. With its marvelous view, weather, reputation, and convenience; it’s easily one of the best places to own a house and lot or at least a place you can call your own in the Philippines. It has the perfect balance between city and provincial life, there are a lot of places to explore and activities to do without the stress of busy streets and high-rise buildings that fill the skyline. Imagine waking up and overlooking 35,000 pine trees on your balcony? Being in Alpine Villas is as close as you can get to a Swiss wonderland at a luxurious yet more affordable price. Owning a condo in Tagaytay, especially one by Brittany Corporation, comes with extraordinary perks: nearby establishments with quality products, a secure living space, and amenities that are exclusive to tenants and their guests only. Your “new normal” doesn’t have to be repetitive, you can take charge of your reality!

There are three low-rise buildings at Alpine Villas inspired by the Alps: Bernese, Blanc, and Brienz. By December 2021, Bernese will be the first one to rise and the search for investors is on! Having a condominium is not something new to Filipinos, but Alpine Villas not only sells a unit but a lifestyle. The proximity to nature and the sense of community adds a personal touch to the experience. It’s surely the best investment even in a pandemic because having a home is an extraordinary blessing and it has to be your sanctuary. Real estate will never go out of style.

 A bonus: Brittany Corporation under Vista Land is a lead player in the real estate market of the Philippines with a good reputation: you (and your investment opportunities) will be taken care of. Inquiring is as simple as a click of a button, a testament to their service!

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silhouette of girl meditating and doing a yoga pose in an island | luxury lifestyle and homes by brittany corporation

Get healthy for the future!


2. Getting health insurance for your safety and security

You never know it’s too late until something unexpected happens: secure your and your family’s health and well-being by finding health insurance packages that work for everyone and can be flexible to your needs as a client! Make sure to study the inclusions and payment terms for the full effect of your investment. For a small price to pay every month, you get a good night’s rest knowing you are secured. With a global pandemic, any help you can get for your health is beneficial and should be taken with gratitude.

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3. A secret among investment opportunities: opening an emergency fund

Most banks offer different types of accounts for savings, and your money has an opportunity to be kept safe and grow with interest over time if you choose correctly! You can opt to have this account for emergencies or maybe even a trust fund that may be opened in the future. It requires minimal effort, especially with online banking being a thing. This type of investment is no-fail since you don’t have to rely on luck or skill: you just need time to do your job.

4. Learning about bitcoins and stocks

It sounds intimidating but most investors of bitcoins and the stock market are self-taught! Since not everyone can go out a lot, this is also convenient because you just need a simple gadget to keep things rolling. Some invest in high-end monitors or laptops just to participate daily in trading! The best part is even a student can learn with the various materials online or even social media groups with Filipino traders.


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Business partners in a high end firm - Brittany Corporation

Businesses are great investment opportunities


5. Starting an essential side business as one of your investment opportunities

Since online shopping is the new normal, there are also more opportunities for potential investments in small businesses on any platform. Easier payment transactions can be made as well! However, competition can be tricky…it’s best to invest in a business that is essential even in a pandemic, like food or disinfecting materials. This is an optimal option since shipping can also be easy, affordable, and door-to-door.

6. Purchasing the only quality items

Being in your house a lot can inevitably lead to costly repairs or desires for renovation. A prime investment tip is making sure of the quality of your food and things so that they serve you better and last longer! Get your furniture from AllHome, get groceries from AllDay, and even make it a part of your routine to get coffee at Coffee Project while getting some work done! The convenience also lies in the proximity of these places to each other! Did you know that AllDay carries furniture for any theme you might want to explore in your home, as well as ones that go viral or get posted on Home Buddies? AllDay also has locations and comes in supermarkets or convenience stores. It’s also a great place for quick and affordable snacks. Coffee Project can also get your creative juices flowing with each branch giving you visual aesthetics. You deserve only the best that your money can buy.


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7. There are investment opportunities in supporting local artists, athletes, or students

Sometimes investments can be for bigger things, even if they don’t really benefit you directly! Since Filipinos are highly talented, supporting young artists, athletes, or students has always been a great way to give back to the community. Following Hidilyn Diaz’s historic Olympic gold medal win, it’s evident that given enough resources and investments, the Filipino name will be elevated in the international scene. A global pandemic is tough on everyone, and a lot of people need support! If there’s extra money in the bank, sponsoring a deserving group or individual will not only feel rewarding, it will also change lives.

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8. Learning a practical hobby

With enough time in your hands, a new hobby in quarantine is something you can invest in, especially with materials so readily available! Whether it’s a hobby you want to do for yourself or with your family, no time is wasted in this endeavor. More so if it’s a hobby that’s practical and can be used for income one day like cooking, sewing, crocheting, baking, and a lot more! Having hobbies will also ensure that you spend less time on toxic interactions on social media and bring more positive energy to your home. Your life has just become more fulfilling and worthwhile! A new skill is the kind of investment that only comes with your passion!

Portofino Heights italian inspired clubhouse | brittany corporation luxury homes

Portofino Heights offers the Italian culture of beauty in everything.

9. Learning about other cultures and adapting to their lifestyle

We’re sure you miss traveling as often as you did before the pandemic, but how about bringing the lifestyle and culture of your preferred country to your doorstep? May we suggest: Switzerland! It’s a beautiful, luxurious country that only a few lucky people get to experience. Their food is one of a kind, their weather perfect, and their culture even more interesting! Luckily, the Philippines has Crosswinds at Tagaytay with their Swiss-inspired houses and lots, as well as condominiums. The entire area itself looks like a page out of a travel book!

10. The best of the investment opportunities on our list is having weekend getaways once in a while

Working efficiently will also require you to be in your best shape and state of mind: if you’ve made it here, you’d know that the best investment opportunity in this pandemic is real estate, specifically by Alpine Villas in Tagaytay! If you had made the big leap (or want to know more about the place!) then dedicating a weekend to going to Crosswinds might be the start of something new! What’s more: in Tagaytay, there are many things to discover and good food to eat from breakfast to dinner. Get your investment in experiences!

Of course, the best investment opportunity in these times is taking care of yourself and your family: your health is important! Other than that, making sure you live the best life despite challenges is what separates you from the rest. If you’re looking into following our #1 tip, don’t hesitate to drop Brittany Corporation a line today and expect fast results!  


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