How to Create a Cozier Bedroom

by Anna Lucas

It is recommended that adults should have seven (7) to nine (9) hours of sleep every day to strengthen the body and restore the mind. Therefore, when you reach the age of 60, you would have spent 18 years or more in your bedroom. This means the bedroom is probably the place in your home where you spent most of your life in.

It, therefore, makes sense to make your bedroom the coziest room in your house. Adding some simple touches to your Brittany Italian-inspired home in Portofino Heights in Alabang can give your personal space that uplift to coziness. Here are tips on how to achieve luxurious comfort in your bedroom.

How to Create a Cozier Bedroom 1

Add Touches of Wood

Studies show that wood produces a calming effect on people and thereby reduces stress. It not only makes the room warmer and more welcoming, but it also brings out positive emotional energies. It is therefore ideal to include wood in your bedroom where you spend time to rejuvenate.

To add wood in your bedroom, you may want to consider board cladding to create a statement wall. Alternatively, you can change your bedroom furniture to wood choices. You may even choose accent pieces in wood like a lamp or an artwork.


How to Create a Cozier Bedroom 1

Choose Calming Colors

The colors of your room greatly affect your mood. If you have been feeling drained or have trouble sleeping lately, it may be time to change your room color.  Blue has always been known to be a calming color, while green is soothing since it is usually related to nature. Morning people find yellow to be calming since it reminds them of the joy and happiness of the sun. Grey creates a zen-like atmosphere as it exudes peace and balance, while Black radiates strength and confidence.


How to Create a Cozier Bedroom 3

Secure your Comfy Bed

On average, a mattress needs to be replaced after 8 years. Of course, this depends on the manufacturer and the quality of your bed. A lot of people procrastinate in changing the mattress simply because it feels like such a big effort to do it. But the mattress is the biggest factor that contributes to better sleep at night. Therefore, be conscious of signs when your mattress needs to be replaced, and do not delay in doing so.


How to Create a Cozier Bedroom 4

Accentuate with Area Rugs

Area rugs add texture to your room. The right area rug can provide your room with a touch of gentle elegance and warmth.   Imagine having your feet touch the softness of a plush sheepskin rug when you wake up in the morning. It evokes a feeling of pampered joy.


How to Create a Cozier Bedroom 5

Create the Best Lighting Design

Lighting contributes significantly to the ambiance of your bedroom. You can hire lighting advisors to ensure that your room is well-lit with no dark spots. The lighting advisors will help you utilize an assortment of lighting options to cater to the various activities and moods you have inside your room.

The bedroom is your personal space where you can retreat and hibernate. It should be homely, cozy, but most of all suit your taste. Enhance your luxurious living by having the best private hideaway in the beautiful communities of Brittany.

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