Ideas to make your home cozier this rainy season

As we transition from hot summer days to the rainy season, our lifestyle, as well as our houses and lots, calls for a few changes here and there. Just like the summer sale in your favorite boutique, summer items must be put aside to make way for cozier and warmer things. In the name of beauty and comfort, our homes too should adjust.

Usually, in pre-pandemic times, these are the days we would dread driving to work on slippery roads and end up canceling outdoor activities due to bad weather. These are days of umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots. These are days children actually monitor the news for class suspensions. Now that we’ve shifted to a home office setup and most of our activities are done online, we no longer worry about the unforeseen circumstances that may come with the rain when we’re outdoors. Back then, the rainy season only meant bad weather.

The rainy season is different when spent at home. It means cooler days and relaxing nights. It’s no longer needing to water the plants or wash the cars parked outdoors. It’s keeping your pets indoors with you. It’s watching movies under the comforter. It’s having a hearty soup for dinner and hot chocolate right before bedtime. This rainy season, we get to spend it cozying up in loungewear with our family members, partners, and pets. This rainy season, the home is warmer than in summer.

Outdoor porch chill cozy vibe setup with hanging fairy lights and boho furniture perfect for the rainy season | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You can cozy up even your garden or back porch by incorporating our family-friendly tips.


Ideas to Make your Home Cozier this Rainy Season


There are many ways to experience a cozy day during the rainy season. In fact, people around the world are obsessing over cozy living. Here are some great family-friendly ideas to match a perfectly cozy vibe.

Brown haired Scandinavian woman looking at magazines and her phone in comfortable clothes, sitting on the living room floor during the rainy season

Adding texture to your living room, such as fleece blankets and faux fur rugs, will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Add Texture to Everything 

A cozy room is one with textured elements. From velvet sofas and throw pillows to fur rugs and fuzzy blankets—everything that you have the most contact with should be textured. People generally like plunging themselves in a mess of textured comfortable things, so make sure that anything you sit or lean on has texture. 

If you’re planning a movie night with the entire household, a great trick to make the living room feel cozier is to add bedroom elements. Throw in some thick blankets and comforters for everyone to enjoy on the floor or while sitting on the sofas. The children are definitely going to love this.

A spacious and warmly lit living room of a classic modern mansion

Family members and guests will gravitate towards warmly lit areas of the house, because of its positive effects on the mood.


Warm Lighting for Warm Feelings

There’s a reason why romantic dinners are usually candlelit or set up under warm lights. This is because warm light psychologically affects people’s moods. Although it’s known for being an element of romance, warm light actually suggests the feeling of comfort. On the contrary, harsh white light suggests alertness and productivity. Hence, people tend to open up and feel more comfortable in dim, warm lights. 

If you want a truly relaxing night with your loved ones but already have white light installed permanently in your common area, you can purchase LED fairy lights or warm-toned Christmas lights instead. Decorate your walls or ceiling with these lights that your children will surely love. Suddenly, it’s Christmas again!

Branded scented lit candles with simple packaging, next to a sign that says be kind

Choose a scented candle that will make you and your loved ones remember good times.


Scents that Remind you of Beautiful Memories

It is scientifically proven that scents trigger memories and emotions stronger and faster compared to other senses. This is why we usually think of the person who uses a specific cologne or perfume when we smell the same exact scent elsewhere. Similarly, the aroma of home-cooked food makes us miss family and our childhood house and lot. Even the smell of rain gives off a nostalgic feeling of wanting to be close to someone we love.

Surround your home with cozy warm feelings by the scents of soy candles. You may also light other non-toxic candles as alternatives to paraffin wax candles, and they also come in delicious scents. We recommend the following relaxing scents: cinnamon, gingerbread, cedarwood, vanilla, and lavender. Holiday candles are also a safe bet since they’re made specifically for the cold season.

Asian women chatting in the living room, wearing loungewear and sipping water as one holds a book

Soothing music will stimulate conversations and family bonding.


Surround Jazz or Classical Music

The cozy rainy season experience wouldn’t be complete without music. To ensure that everyone is enjoying the music, invest in the best soundbars. After all, these will come in handy for future holidays, gatherings, and celebrations—especially after the pandemic. Most importantly, your movie nights will be taken to the next level with these speakers. Cinemas won’t stand a chance against your home cinema, where you can personalize everything for your family. 

Even during the day, playing a playlist for home activities with the sound of rain in the background will make your home feel like a cafe that you would want to work at during the rainy season. This will not only make your home feel cozy but also boost work and school productivity. 

Flatlay of bowls of cream of mushroom soup, bread, croutons, and golden spoons are perfect for the rainy season

Thick and creamy soups are easy to make, yet perfect for cold days.


Meals that are Best Served Hot

The rainy season calls for hearty hot meals throughout the day. For breakfast, the children will love a thick Champorado and a hot chocolate or homemade Taho. Start your lunch with a creamy pumpkin soup or any thick vegetable soup you can easily whip up in your kitchen—and make it gourmet with some croutons. For dinner, everyone will love a brothy Bulalo, a Filipino favorite. These classic Filipino comfort foods will definitely keep everyone feeling warm inside during the cold rainy season. 

The rainy season is also perfect for hot drinks, whether it be coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Coffee is a morning staple, but we can now enjoy our favorite beverage in the cool afternoons as well. We can also enjoy more than one cup of healthy green tea in the evenings. For the children, hot chocolate will be in demand the whole day. Top hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon and some marshmallows, and you’ll keep the children tame for at least an hour.

Italian mansion that’s well lit during sunset | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

This Italian-inspired mansion at Portofino is beaming with warmth.


Bonus Tip: Invest in a Cozy Luxury House and Lot

A cozy living environment that fosters holistic wellness and security is hard to find, especially in the city—a luxury home close to nature. Brittany Corporation, the luxury arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, offers the most luxurious themed properties in the most convenient locations. In addition, its themed master-planned developments are inspired by the world’s most scenic destinations. Portofino’s Italian-inspired houses and lots in Daang Hari, for example, feel like you’ve stepped into a totally different era of classic romance.

Rows of colorful Swiss chalets surrounded by pine trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay offers Swiss chalets on lush terrains of pine trees, in one of the breeziest and highest points of Tagaytay.


If you are looking for a comfortable and cozy home in a cool and breezy climate all year round, then a house and lot in Tagaytay at Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort is the symbol of beauty for you. Yes, you can invest in a luxury home in Tagaytay amidst a pandemic! This mix of retail and residential components makes it a popular destination for vacationers and homeowners alike. Matched with the crisp Tagaytay air and the scent of 35,000 pine trees, Crosswinds brings you a refreshing living experience just a drive away from the Metro. You won’t even have to wait for the rainy season anymore!

Brittany also offers houses and lots in Sta. Rosa near Nuvali, houses and lots in Sucat, and other properties for sale. Each one is made perfect for the family, no matter the weather.


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