Hairstyle Trends of 2022


The pandemic, for some reason, taught people to be more fashionable. They learned the value of facing life’s challenges with some flair and confidence, because things just get easier when someone is feeling and looking right. And one thing that should never be forgotten when prepping for the day is one’s crowning glory. 

lady with curly hair looking at laptop | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Having a great hair day can definitely help you get through that Zoom meeting. | Photo from iStock via CafeMom


One’s hair will definitely reflect the kind of day she is having, and this is important when it comes to attending long and stressful Zoom meetings, for example. Everybody is having a hard time coping with the pandemic, but this does not have to show. In fact, having a colleague who looks calm and fashionable is refreshing, after hearing a lot of people complaining about their workload. Another reason why hair became more of an important part of daily fashion is because people have to wear face masks. Wearing face masks definitely blocks a huge portion of someone’s face, so others just won’t see one’s lipstick, blush, and pearly white smile. This, then, brings the attention of the looker to one’s other assets, such as the hair. Instead of hiding behind one’s mask, a person can instead take advantage of this by going all-out on her uncovered parts. 

People have come up with creative ways to look great in Zoom meetings. They invest in good lighting, makeup, and even fashionable clothes. Imagine being fabulous from hair to neckline, while having a gorgeous home as a background. This is one of the perks of living in mansions in the Philippines. Check out Brittany Corporation for luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and luxury homes for sale. They offer the most beautiful houses in the Philippines and the most expensive houses in the Philippines. 

Different people can achieve different fashionable hairstyles, so this list aims to include a diverse set of hairstyle trends of 2022. You may be able to swing some of these, but probably not the others, so just focus on the ones that you think may suit you and your style. 

Strong Bob

lady looking at camera with orange hair and bangs | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A strong bob paired with bangs to give a not-so-casual smart casual look. | Photo from @spokeandweal Instagram via Glamour


The strong bob is a classic hairstyle for women who want to look all-business and no-nonsense, although the one in the picture looks a little more carefree with her unmade-up do. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it looks great whether it is sharp or windblown. There is no need to be strict with this kind of hairstyle, and one can even go shorter than shoulder length. With bangs, this hairdo looks carefree and casual. Sans bangs, it looks sharp and cool. This style is versatile and very easy to pull off. 

Asymmetrical Cut

face-framing-asymmetrical-bob-with-bangs-haircut-for-women | luxury homes by brittany corporation

An asymmetrical bob with bangs for a fierce, artistic, and fashionable look. | Photo from @firawulf_fit Instagram via Latest Hairstyles


Going asymmetrical is one thing older women can do to look younger and more carefree. Younger women can do this to look more mature and sophisticated. This is a modern look that is definitely be one of the best hairstyle trends of 2022. This look will never get boring and one can achieve the same appeal even if the hair grows a bit wild, because neatness and orderliness are not really the goals of asymmetrical cuts. One can also have fun experimenting with such hair. She can go crazy with her hair and it will still look like a statement. 

Long Curls

lady adding garlic to dish with big curls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Long curls with short bangs for an exotic appeal. | Photo from @sophia_roe Instagram via Glamour


This one is for women with unashamedly curly hair. Letting those curls out is a good way to take pride in diversity and offers a refreshing change from seeing straight and overly manicured hair. This hair is not very hard to maintain, but it may require more than the usual hair products, so make sure to find the right shampoo for your curly hair and other products that will make your curls shine. Also, be careful not to let this hair get too unruly. If done right, this hairstyle can make one a standout, so it is definitely one of the hairstyle trends of 2022

Modern Diana

messy blonde hair style trend 2022 | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A modern Diana bob for a classy, carefree, and fresh look. | Photo from @kaiagerber Instagram via Glamour


This is a classic take on a bob hairstyle, popularized by Princess Diana. She was such a fashion icon that she made a carefree hairdo look regal and admirable. For some reason, this hairstyle looks appropriate for a lot of occasions, from meeting some friends for coffee to attending a business meeting. It is versatile in a sense that with the right styling, it can look playful, serious, or artsy – the choice is yours. With the modern Diana, one can look like she has “important” hair. 

Attending a meeting with this hairdo can make one look like she lives in one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines. This look is worthy of being invited to parties in mansions in the Philippines, and if you happen to be looking for luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and luxury homes for sale, make sure to visit the Brittany Corporation website so you can select just among the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. 

Buzz Cut

shaved-heads-feminism-entity 2022 | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A buzz cut for a very strong and independent appeal. | Photo from Alicia Holliday from Entity Mag


Women are done being all prim and dainty, and they have been experimenting with hairstyles that will never get approved of in religious schools. The buzz cut is the shortest that one can go without having to go bald, and a buzz cut has a much stronger appeal than a skinhead. This is a simple yet unconventional look on women and it is definitely a statement, so this is one of the strongest hairstyle trends of 2022. This trumps the usual beauty standards and the pressure to be soft and feminine all the time. This can look great on any face shape and any hair color. Needless to say, it requires very little effort to maintain. Also, it looks particularly great on plus-size women. 

Effortless Waves

wavy blonde curls on woman with blue top | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Easy waves for a carefree good-girl look. | Photo from @hairbyaviva Instagram via Glamour


This one is for women who have wavy hair. Women have been subjecting their own precious hair to various degrees of torture with hair irons, and gone are the days wherein this behavior is considered healthy. The hairstyle trends of 2022 should only include styles that do not require someone taking drastic measures to change something about herself, so these effortless waves are perfect for women whose hair are not straight, but not quite curly either. 

This just requires the right length for it to look fashionable and the layering has to be done right by the stylist, and then it will look good however you choose to wear it – tied or loose. This hairstyle looks practical yet very pretty without taking a lot of time to achieve. It will look great as an everyday hairstyle, or as a hairdo for some special event at one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines. Check out Brittany Corporation for luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and luxury homes for sale. Have a party with your fabulous friends in mansions in the Philippines and the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. 


Being fashion-forward is as important as ever, given the circumstances. One pivotal part of somebody’s overall look is her hair. It completely changes someone’s silhouette and complements whatever she chooses to wear, so people have to carefully consider what hairstyle they are going to rock in the next year. Also, there is more to having great hair than just looking great. It can help someone with her mental health and even build her image.

These hairstyle trends of 2022 did not become popular for nothing. These styles require little effort to maintain for the modern woman who has important things to do, and they can make strong impressions anywhere they are worn.

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