2022 Recommended Child Friendly Places


Everyone is fully aware of the effect of the pandemic on most people especially the elders, the working people, and the adults. They were said to be the most affected individuals because the burden was on them. They are working their butts out to survive their businesses, losing jobs to those who are not lucky enough to be retained by their companies, and thinking of ways to provide food to the table for their families. They were obviously and directly affected big time, but a portion of the society that had been overlooked and unnoticed in this difficult season was the children. 

kids playing in the sand | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The innocents are also affected by the pandemic| Photo from Unsplash Website


Children in the Pandemic

Anyone who is under 18 years of age, or under adulthood is considered a child. In this manner, there is a wide range of children of ages affected by the pandemic, and the effects may vary on the age of the child where it belongs. 

Toddlers and children below that age range are active little humans. They are easily bored that’s why during the pandemic, making them busy with home-based activities needs to be more creative.

kids doing arts and craft with colorful papers | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Giving kids to do during the pandemic will help them| Photo from Unsplash Website


To children who are already studying, the pandemic became a challenge. There had been a huge transition in their learning system making it harder for them to focus and study. The change in the learning style made it more exhausting and difficult for the child. Online learning and modular learning are both a challenge in their own ways.

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Some children were transitioned to online learning| Photo from Unsplash Website


Apart from these effects on the children, health-wise, children are considered part of the most vulnerable people during this time. Making them safe is the priority of society. Keeping them at home was the temporary solution to keeping them away from the virus. But staying at home for almost two years now is dragging for children. Parents said that it was very difficult for them to see their children just stay at home and not able to explore the beauty of nature. But this is the best for them at this time. 

Fortunately, things are better now than last year. Face shields are no longer part of the get-up, and restrictions are quite loosened up because of the recorded decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases. Children are now allowed to go out and even visit malls. 

Children are Now Free to Go

After the break of news that says children are now allowed to the malls, a huge flock of children instantly occupied different malls, especially in Metro Manila. To some, it was a big mistake to bring the children outdoor but to some, it was kind of a relief to bring their children outside and to see other people. For them, it is a kind of refreshment for their children. Though double health precautions are a must as you bring your children outside because even if children are already allowed to go to malls, the COVID-19 virus is still around. The DOH and the government caution parents as they take their children inside malls. Child-Friendly Places to Visit 

The pandemic may not be over soon, but it is better now, and as people are moving forward and expectant for a better situation, planning is very helpful. 

One of the many things you can plan during this time is places you can visit with your kids. Child-friendly places are with additional points because they will give parents safer and more relaxed moments with their kids. 

Spending time with children is a rewarding experience as you create and build memories with them. It is far more worthy than any toy or item you could give them.

kids sitting | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Playing outside is healthy for kids| Photo from Unsplash Website


Here are some child-friendly places you can consider as you go out of your luxury homes and go outdoor: 


Open-air spaces are still the best in this kind of situation. As you go out of your luxury homes, going to beaches is a great idea. The child-friendly beaches you can visit are Boracay, Blue Lagoon in Pagudgpud, Laiya Batangas, Cowrie Island in Palawan, Luli Island in Puerto Princesa and a lot more.

kid splashing around in the water | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Child playing in the water is helpful in their development| Photo from Unsplash Website


Ocean Adventure Subic 

Not pricey as a house and lot for sale, but worth it to visit this child-friendly place. Kids can play with the dolphins and sea lions as long as accompanied by an adult. 



Intramuros is also a good place to visit. More than the open spaces, it is filled has activities that your kids can try like the kalesa. Museums may not be opened but by visiting this child-friendly place you can also share the history of the country by just walking around. Enjoyment and additional information as you take your kids to this place. 


Dinosaur Island

If your kids are into dinosaurs, this is a good place. Surrounded by dinosaur size displays this is also a good time to learn about the prehistoric world. Be ready to walk because this child-friendly place is too big as you roam around. 


Playground/ Parks

Other recommended child-friendly places are parks and playgrounds like the one in QC Circle. The most affordable place to bring your children plus they will enjoy it because they can also see other kids playing around. This is less crowded also compared to malls.

kid friendly place to play | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Connecting with other kids are beneficial for a child’s growth| Photo form Unsplash Website


Zoori Tagaytay 

As your family enjoys the beauty and fresh air of Tagaytay, you can also stop by Zoori Tagaytay for your kids. Tagaytay is known for its beautiful location where the most beautiful houses and properties for sale are found like those in Brittany Corporation, it also has a fun and child-friend place you can consider like the Zoori Tagaytay. It is rarely crowded because of its big spaces like the luxury house and lot for sale of Brittany Corporation. In this place, your children can enjoy different activities like ziplining, horseback riding, and other things. 

There are more places you can visit as you bring your children outside. There are famous and not familiar faces you can check online. But another child-friendly place to bring your children is  Airbnb or luxury homes staycations that are surely disinfected. 

Brittany Corporation doesn’t just offer properties for sale like a condo for sale or a house and lot for sale, but they also provide spaces for vacation. This is not just a well-built house and lot, but they are beautifully made for a more relaxing experience. 

If you are not just interested in vacation but also interested to acquire luxury homes or house and lot, Brittany Corporation is a must-check real estate company. It has the properties for sale that you are looking for.

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